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Nancy Grace Blasts 2 Chainz On Legalizing Marijuana! The Two Have An Epic Battle Over The Controversial Issue!

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We don't think we'll ever tire of hearing Nancy Grace uttering the words, "big fat doobie."

On Tuesday night, Nancy got into a HEATED argument with 2 Chainz over the legalization of marijuana.

If you haven't guessed it already, the rapper is pro-legalization while Grace is NOT.

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While the conversation was intended to be serious, there were A LOT of hilarious moments in the clip, especially when the talk show host tried to casually use nicknames for marijuana.

All in all, we're impressed by the singer's well-constructed argument that legalizing the drug could "cut out certain things in the criminal justice system like the over crowding of prisons." The rapper also did a fab job of maintaining his composure while Grace touted tragic cases of marijuana related deaths to plead her case.

Check out the entire argument (above)!

So, what side are YOU on?!

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24 comments to “Nancy Grace Blasts 2 Chainz On Legalizing Marijuana! The Two Have An Epic Battle Over The Controversial Issue!”

  1. Jess says – reply to this


    Listen, my side of the story is that Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. I do not believe that it should be legalized for recreational use because it is a hallucinogenic. It causes people to bug out, it causes people to hallucinate, to freak out. I think that it's a bad idea to legalize it and I don't agree with legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Yes, I am a liberal.

  2. Pill says – reply to this


    2 Chainz thank you for your intelligence! Nancy kids die from parents neglect daily…not to mention I read every day about parents beating their kids to death…women letting their boyfriends molest their children. Your reasoning for NOT wanting marijane legal is baseless

  3. 3

    Re: Jess – …have you ever smoked weed? I've NEVER known anyone to actually hallucinate anything. At all. Ever.

  4. Jess says – reply to this


    What do child molestors have anything to do with the legalization of the recreational use of Marijauana. You make no fucking sense, you idiot.

  5. Billy says – reply to this



  6. Rob says – reply to this


    The liberals in this country should just move to canada.

  7. 7

    Duh - the side of common sense. Nancy Grace has no fucking clue what she is talking about, which is completely obvious to anyone familiar with the subject. Some people are gonna hate no matter what pesky facts happen to disprove their lunacy. Ever notice how conservative media heads just spew the same bullshit year after year, decade after decade? They are completely incapable of learning anything new, and are obstinately sticking to an agenda that was outdated long before this century began. So much for progress…

  8. Cabotine says – reply to this


    I think both of these individuals missed the point and I was frankly shocked that 2 Chainz did not have better arguments to support his pro cannabis stance. Yes, giving drugs of ANY KIND to children that has not been prescribed for a specific health problem by a doctor or giving your child over the counter medication needlessly is not only wrong but morally reprehensible and criminal. Whether that substance be cannabis, prescriptions or cough medicine. Abusive parents who give drugs to their children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I do not think cannabis can be blamed when it is the parents who are at fault. Many substances are dangerous for children - that is why children have parents to protect them. If their parents fail to protect them from harmful substances such as medications, or cleaning supplies found under the sink should these things be banned even though many people use them responsibly?

  9. 9

    Re: Billy
    Marijuana is the only substance that can be classified as a stimulant, depressant, or
    hallucinogen. Why? Because they don't really know how to classify it - it simply doesn't meet the criteria in any typical fashion. It is considered a mild hallucinogen because it can "change the way you perceive things". It doesn't mean the walls are going to melt or peoples faces are going to turn into cartoons like you seem to think it will. People familiar with real hallucinogenics know the difference, and you never will - so please stop trying to correct those who's opinion were based on firsthand knowledge and experience.

  10. Gennifer says – reply to this


    This is a JOKE. Why do people think drinking alcohol is ok because its legal. It kills people every day. There's a ton of parents that let their kids drink alcohol and that's WRONG. . Legalizing marijuana isnt going to help kids get their hands on it. DRUG DEALERS don't card people and don't care who or what there selling to people. And who is hallucinating when they smoking weed… COME ON

  11. Chu says – reply to this


    Nancy Grace already had a preconception of the drug before even going into the debate. She brings up these examples of kids smoking pot. Well, I've been to some backyard BBQs where fathers will give their kids some beer, "Don't tell your mother." Stupid people exist. Just because she found some video of stupid people giving pot to their kids doesn't mean only pot heads will do that. There are plenty of videos out there of stupid people doing other stupid stuff.

    Marijuana is on the same level as Alcohol as far as scale goes. They both can be recreational…but they both can cause dependencies. So if Alcohol can be legal then Marijuana should be.

    I say legalize it, treat it like alcohol. DUI, age limits, and tax the shit out of it for the $$$. If you are going to keep Marijuana illegal then start taking away Nancy's wine and make that illegal…. I am sure she goes home and pours a glass for dinner.

  12. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    But what about Natalie Holloway ?

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    The jails are crowded with people because they had incompetent asshat lawyers like Nasty Grace. She's as much a lawyer as Dr. Phil is a doctor. They pissed away their credentials to be media whores.

  14. . says – reply to this


    I completely agree that it needs to be legalized for medical purposes, but the reason you don't hear of any marijuana related car crashes in the news is because in 99% of crashes they only do breathalyzers. They do blood tests ONLY if the person refuses to take a breathalyzer test and they have to take them to the police station to do it. That's why I think it's so funny when stoners argue that only alcohol causes car accidents. Everyone who has been high as fuck on weed knows it slows your reactions SIGNIFICANTLY. I've driven high before and it was scary as hell, I knew 100% that I was not in my right mind to be driving a vehicle. I can't believe stoners act like weed does nothing to affect their brain function severely, YES IT DOES! Have any of you ever been sober while talking to someone stoned off their ass? They sound mentally challenged! I wouldn't even care if it was legalized for recreational use, but most stoners don't use it recreationally, they smoke it all day every day just to function. It's really pathetic.

  15. haha says – reply to this


    Which idiot decided 2 Chainz would be the best person to represent the legalization of marijuana? They could at least TRY to find someone with an education, unlike 2 Chainz who's highest point in his career was rapping about a "big booty hoe"

  16. RJ says – reply to this


    Where did 2 Chainz get that outfit from? Goodwill?

  17. 17

    So pathetic. Thank god that's not my issue. Ha!!!!!

  18. ru says – reply to this


    alcohol is legal and leads to way more diseases than pot does. if you get stoned at a party, you'll laugh and eat and have impaired judgment. if you get drunk at a party, theres a chance you could get raped. thats a fucked up thing to say, i know, but it's true. nancy is a bone head.

  19. Izaa says – reply to this


    Re: Jess – LOL you clearly never used marijuana or you just haven't got a clue. It's not hallucinogenic.

  20. 20

    Sounds like Nancy is bored because she has not had a good high profile criminal trial on TV in awhile.
    Here in California you can get marijuana with a medical license. I got one awhile back for my back pains but never used it and gave the license to a relative. Was told the MJ now is much stronger than I smoked a few times in college in the 60's.

  21. THUMBALINA says – reply to this


    There has been zero, nada, zilch deaths, scientifically tied to marijuana use. For an educated woman, you have it all wrong.

  22. kristina says – reply to this


    Nancy has to be the most frustrating person to argue with. She's constantly interrupting 2chainz when he starts proving her wrong.

  23. Steph says – reply to this


    Re: Jess
    Ummm…it's not a hallucinogen….you should check your facts before making statements that show your ignorance…

  24. Alex says – reply to this


    Re: THUMBALINA – No but it has been scientifically proven to fuck up your cerebral cortex which deals with memory, compulsive behavior, thoughts, and depression. I've known numerous life long stoners that deal with depression and can't remember things that they should, simple things that when talking in a conversation with them they have no clue what the fuck you're talking about. Weed definitely affects brain cells in a negative way, but stoners never believe this because they're the ones that are high all the time and aren't able to see their actions or behaviors through the eyes of people around them that are sober