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Is Spider-Man Finally Coming To Marvel In The Avengers: Infinity War?? If This Amazing Rumor Is True…

spiderman coming to the avengers movies infinity wars

This is HUGE F*CKING NEWS for Marvel movie fans! HUGE.

The success of The Avengers movies is HUGE, but fans of the more recent comic-books have ALWAYS commented on the fact that they're missing one key member: Spider-Man.

ESPECIALLY since comic-book Spidey is one of the main catalysts in the the Captain America: Civil War storyline and that's their next movie

Since Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and not Disney(/Marvel), he's been noticeably absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but all that is about to change.

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According to an incredibly juicy, highly probable rumor that's making its way around the internet, this is all about to end.

Apparently there's A LOT that's going to happen to Chris Evans' Captain America, Chris Hemsworth's Thor, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, from the current movies to the first part of The Infinity War.

Which paves the way for Spider-Man to wander on into the MCU and basically take over the Avengers until Infinity War Part 2 where all the fan favorites come back.

But according to the rumors, the deal with Sony about the crossover was accepted, so Spidey will be making his first appearance in that film!

Oh, and neither Tobey Maguire (lol) nor Andrew Garfield will be reprising their roles as the famed web-slinger, so that begs the question be asked… WHO will fill those shoes?

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If we're honest, we really hope the role goes to Donald Glover, since he's already the voice of Spider-Man in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, so why not let him go Avengers on us? There was already a hugely successful campaign on Twitter right before Andrew was announced… anyone remember #donald4spiderman???

Who do YOU think Spider-Man should be, if he is introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

P.S. If you wanna read all the SPOILERY details about the rumor at the source, then just CLICK HERE!

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2 comments to “Is Spider-Man Finally Coming To Marvel In The Avengers: Infinity War?? If This Amazing Rumor Is True…”

  1. 1

    Garfield was amazing. If its' not him, ugh…..

  2. 2

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