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Chris Brown's Probation Gets Revoked In Rihanna Case Partly For Being At Two Separate Nightclub Shootings

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Looks like Breezy is in a whole lot of legal trouble again!

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Chris Brown's probation was revoked in the Rihanna case, partly because he attended 2 different nightclub events where people were shot.

Apparently, officials are nervous about further incidents of violence, and believe that Chris should spend some time in the slammer.

The judge present at his probation report on Thursday had some issues with Chris' behavior.

First, Chris was at a nightclub in San Jose when five people were shot. Secondly, Chris was previously at 1OAK in August where Suge Knight was shot among others.

In addition, according to the judge, Chris violated his parole by leaving the counting for San Jose without permission for the court.

Although there's no evidence that Chris was involved, the probation officer spoke about how they're worried over future events he might attend:

"There is also concern that when he performs or attends at some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured."

The probation officer brought up the fact that Chris has previously been arrested twice during his probation, and recommended to the judge that he serve jail time.

There's a formal hearing on March 20th, but if the judge feels that Chris "willfully" violated his probation, he could go to prison!

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10 comments to “Chris Brown's Probation Gets Revoked In Rihanna Case Partly For Being At Two Separate Nightclub Shootings”

  1. oh my says – reply to this


    15 oct. 2012 - Insiders claim Jay Z had a talk with Chris Brown and gave him the old, "If you hurt her again, I'm gonna kill you," speech. ….

  2. MichJB says – reply to this


    Ha! Ha! Be stupid and go straight back to jail - do not pass go…

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  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Is it just me , or does this guy ALWAYS look like he is missing a chromosome…. That ' mildly retarded' look - you know, like Nicky Hilton! :)

  5. Jane top says – reply to this


    That's not fair he didn't do the shooting he is performer he has to travel to places this case bout Thot rihanna I tried of always reading the case from 2009 that was long ago he trying to change give him his second chance he already said how sorry he was yall just want him locked up that's not rite at all he don't deserve to go to jail go lock up Eminem and others who hit a women they made mistakes n a relationship u get in argument jay z camel face worry bout his marriage to beyonce

  6. Jane top says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – U go to jail ha ha ha what is yall problem he was young made a huge mistake that's why he deserve to go to jail no yall just wanted to find some to revoke his probation he is doing good I ain't hear him out here fight he to that Thot he was sorry let it go

  7. Jane top says – reply to this


    GeyRe: Be-Atch – get your eyes checked he one of the sexiest man in Hollywood just cause what he did he ugly no he fine u may need to look in mirror are u missing chromosomes

  8. 8

    Re: MichJB – do you know wat? I think you are jobless,useless ugly,an opposser and senseless.it just that I don't really mean but make me say all those cos nxt time you want to judge or you are about to;you put yourself in that shoe just tink what of if you are the one in that kind of situation so maybe then you will shutup your stinking mouth.ohh do you know why cos we all made a mistake and we all deserve a second chance nomatter what even god gives us more than a second chance so who the he'll are you not to; or may you want to tell me you are clean that you`ve been a good fellow ever since the day you've born idiot.

  9. 9

    Seriously their is something or should I say someone behind all this scene seriously he is innocent someone want spoil his irmage or should I say name can't anyone see.seriously he need a help cos he himself is not save at all he is not save maybe he is even the target that but when they see it that they can't reach where he is they just av to do something before they leave omg,the arresting or not arresting is not nx thing now why are people wicked and daft will he be the first man or celebrity to beatup a woman though we know what he did is wrong but come on let it go.omg.this is completely not fair ho my.so many life at risk or maybe if he is shot and tell me will they still want to arrest him or the ghost this is not fair and I know nothing Is going to him amen.

  10. 10

    Re: Be-Atch – you yourself need that chromosome or what did you tink you need a very big help before you go insane and stop being hateful and try to learn how to feel when a life of someone is at risk yeah learn how to and be your brothers keeper try those tips it will help k goodluck.