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Mark Wahlberg's Former Prosectuor Says The Actor Should NOT Be Pardoned For His 1988 Crime!

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Judith Beals is NOT a fan of Mark Wahlberg.

The actor, who was charged with assaulting Thanh Lam back in 1988, recently asked to be pardoned by the state of Massachusetts for his crime.

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Unfortunately for Wahlberg, the prosecutor on the case, Judith, believes the actor should still be held accountable for his actions.

Beal's main issue is the fact that Mark never owned up to the racial nature of the crime, saying:

"Even his pardon petition describes his serial pattern of racist violence as a 'single episode' that took place while he was 'under the influence of alcohol and narcotics'."

Hmm, we're not sure if we fully understand her point… especially since the actor's victim thinks he SHOULD be pardoned!

The prosecutor added:

"I'm glad Mark Wahlberg has turned his life around… But a public pardon is an extraordinary public act, requiring extraordinary circumstances because it essentially eliminates all effects of having ever been convicted. It is reserved to those who demonstrate 'extraordinary contributions to society,' requiring 'extensive service to others performed, in part, as a means of restoring community and making amends.' On this, I am not sold."

Well, it seems like Judy's mind is made up!

So, do YOU think Mark should be pardoned?

No official ruling has been made, so we wonder if Miz Beals speaking out will truly make a difference.

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Mark Wahlberg's Former Prosectuor Says The Actor Should NOT Be Pardoned For His 1988 Crime!”

  1. estefania says – reply to this


    Perez reading this entry it is very evident that you show leniency with certain celebrities. While Mark W. shows remorse for his actions, have you ever considered that by allowing him to be pardon it will show that celebrities deserve special treatment. While his actions happened years ago, and he has then turned his life around, WHAT MAKES HIM ANY MORE OR LESS DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER CONVICTED FELON WHO REGRETS THEIR CRIMES? There are former criminals who have turned their life around, made amends with the people they harmed and wish that they could get a clean start with a clean record, just like Mark so with this being said, honestly the only reason anyone should get a clean record is if they are innocent and have been wronged by the U.S. Legal Court System. So in this case YES, MARK WAHLBERG DOES NOT DESERVE A CLEAN SLATE.

  2. Jase says – reply to this


    He deserves NO special treatment he's a life long rasciist and would do this again in a second. Shown no remorse

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  4. april99 says – reply to this


    Why in the hell should he be pardoned? Because he's rich? Because he's a celebrity? How many people actually get pardoned after the fact? Only the rich and celebrities………..so NO!

  5. bingo says – reply to this


    I believe what Judith meant at first glance, is that this person full of remorse must be a woman.
    Then she must have done some incredible good deeds such as becoming attorney who helps her clients, as Judith…

  6. Vino says – reply to this


    Re: estefania – It's because Perez isn't writing any of this, his fat sister is. Perez is in the Big Brother UK house right now.

  7. estefania says – reply to this


    Re: Vino – Omg did not know, but your comment totally made my day! Thanks

  8. barb says – reply to this



    If it was one of us , there would be no discussion at all…it would stand. I'm tired of these celebrities having control over their punishments.

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    Once a felon - always a felon - unless you are a celebrity, then you must deserve special treatment.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – That's not exactly true. People from all stripes can and do apply for a pardon. Wahlberg was stupid 16 when the major incident happened, and he's 43 now. He's kept his nose clean and has been productive. Being granted the pardon will depend upon the criteria where he's applied and whether or not he's fulfilled it in a way that satisfies the court or whoever grants it. When someone applies for a pardon they've been living with a clean slate for a long time, and applying also indicates that it matters to them to have that clean slate.

  11. bomae22 says – reply to this


    since no one is a felon you would not know. after so many years of not getting into any more trouble you can file the paper work to be pardoned. oh anyone can do it not just celebrities.