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31 comments to “Twitter Reacts To The All-White/All-Male Oscar Nominations With A Whole Lot Of Anger! And An #OscarsSoWhite Hashtag!”

  1. manymoms says – reply to this


    its always racism. When my brothers fire dept was not hiring black men, only white, Asian and Hispanic, it was racism. Even though they all took the same test mental exams and physical exams…. So instead of being sued, they hired African American men, (who were not qualified).. SO sad. this is how the games works. "Prosperity in a anything will not happen if you are always pushing equality". If some one is not qualified you don't hire them or give them anything.

  2. Barbara says – reply to this


    So very tired of everyone crying racism.

  3. Realistic says – reply to this


    Isn't the president if the academy black ? I don't see racism here. I see people nominated for movies. Articles like this cause more racial "issues" and tension then there needs to be. Hollywood shouldn't need to nominate someone because of sex or race. America is out if control and making it almost illegal to be white.

  4. Nina says – reply to this


    As a hispanic woman myself I am sensitive to issues of racial and gender inequality, but this is not one. And this kind of sensationalism of racial non-issues only hurts America. There are more caucasions than african americans, or other minority groups, in America. A lot more. So its not shocking that one year a small artistic category is filled with white people. The fact that this is the first time it has happened in 17 years speaks more loudly, actually. Its not as if the nominees this year were not deserving of the honor, so why shame them or make them feel guilty over something completely unrelated to their performances which earned them the honor?

  5. Audrey says – reply to this


    Re: Nina – So Nina, you mean to tell me that 'Into the Woods' was more powerful and deserving of the movie 'Selma'? …………………………………………….

  6. Bryan says – reply to this


    Last time I checked, oscars are TALENT based not race based. Calling racism on this is discounting these performances as undeserving and that to me is also racism. Not saying racism isn't a issue, however in this case it is not fair to claim these actors are undeserving for the work they did.

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  8. Maya says – reply to this


    I always thought that the Oscars are about MOVIES and PEOPLE who did a great job at this category. So crying about racism is totally uncalled-for.

  9. Huh? says – reply to this


    Re: Audrey – Selma is nominated for best picture. Into The Woods is not.

  10. ... says – reply to this


    Really!? Again!?
    I'm so sick and tired of this!

    I will not waste my time once more, in order to explain obvious things to voluntarily blind and deaf people!
    I'll simplify everything for y'all! You, bunch of hypocrites! Be all cursed in the name of Jesus Christ. I'm asking for it, Oh Eternal Principle, Father in Heaven, Matrix of reality by himself, above everything.

  11. Nate says – reply to this


    Anti-Racist is code word for Anti-White.

  12. jan says – reply to this


    What a bunch of cry babies! I suppose Al Sharpton is now going to start a protest. Grow the hell up….nominated persons were picked on their work not their race!

  13. texasannie says – reply to this


    sooo the libs are all in a twit about this huh? would you rather have blacks nominated just for being black? or if they didn't deserve it? more BS claims of racism. maybe the best performers weren't black. I have no idea how they judge these. I've only seen some of the movies that are even nominated. But why anyone wants blacks in there just for being black is beyond me.

  14. texasannie says – reply to this


    "Isn't the president if the academy black ? I don't see racism here. I see people nominated for movies. Articles like this cause more racial "issues" and tension then there needs to be. Hollywood shouldn't need to nominate someone because of sex or race. America is out if control and making it almost illegal to be white." VERY WELL STATED. THANK YOU.

  15. texasannie says – reply to this


    apparently folks would rather blacks be nominated for being black, rather than the talent. did some deserve as they did in Golden Globes? Maybe, but being nominated just because your black is stupid.

  16. Kyle says – reply to this


    What obscure Oscar category would you be nominated for?

  17. texasannie says – reply to this


    oh and just wait. many of the winners will feel guilted into apologizing for basically winning. the liberal agenda will win again.

  18. 18

    I find it funny that everyone here is commenting about racism and Black people. No where in this article does Perez or the people who tweeted the comments mention anything about racism. Also, the article is about how ALL minorities and women were snubbed. Only one tweet specifically mentioned Black people. Did you people even read the article?

  19. joinSD says – reply to this


    Re: AudreyRe: AudreyRe: Audrey – You're not reading her post in the same perspective as me. I agree with her.

  20. """" says – reply to this


    Re: designdesign23 – What a false truth argument you just made my pal.
    I think you should receive an oscar only for that one!

  21. galemoy says – reply to this


    I am indian and I think this is all stupid. The academy voted on what movies and actors and directors and cinematographers were the best for the given year. Period. Didnt 12 years a slave win best picture AND best actress last year? We cant have diversity for the sake of diversity.

  22. Vino says – reply to this


    Re: designdesign23 – You're kidding, right? Thats what the post and every single tweet was about, too many white people nominated & anger over the lack of diversity. Do you have any reading comprehension skills? Nothing worse than a dumb troll.

  23. celtic3 says – reply to this


    Part of the problem, the use of the word snub, because someone was not nominated. Why is it a snub? Do they think everyone should be nominated. These Oscars are of just about ability, it is also to some extent a popularity contest. That is why they "campaign" for nominations and wins. Why do they have to create controversy where none exists? If Hollywood didn't give themselves awards, no one else would.

  24. bteri says – reply to this


    Seriously? So now its impossible to have a rare year where a specific minority isnt strongly represented and chalk it up to the fact that other films were better?

    Affirmative action for Oscar nods? RIDICULOUS

  25. 25

    Re: Vino – Please indicate which tweet directly used the word "racism." None of the tweets said anything about racism because racism refers to hatred. Lack of diversity does not equal racism. Maybe you need to get a dictionary and recognize that you are the dumb troll.

  26. JENNA says – reply to this


    this is america, i'm so not shocked lol
    america got a lot of issues coz it's evil so i just enjoy reading about your problems in america and how u define ppl by racism when we live a happy life and we're all the same and it's peaceful lol
    i love it. can't wait till u get police state it's gonna be awesome xD

  27. @@@ says – reply to this


    Re: designdesign23 – What a bunch of simplistic thought shortcuts… unbelievable¡
    Reassure me, would you?
    You are a dishonest black person isn't it?

  28. Angela says – reply to this


    Thanks for once again making this a black and white issue. That is what we can always count on, that and someone like yourself making a comment about how white people are "always" forced to hire underqualified black people. Who determines they are unqualified??? More white people no doubt.

  29. 29

    Re: Barbara – Me too. These awards are for the best in the business, maybe they were good enough for a Golden Globes but not an Oscar. There have been plenty of black nominees and winners in the past.

  30. fid says – reply to this


    It's an industry issue, not an Oscars issue. There were very few films made that had anyone of other races in them, so do they just pick actors from Selma for the sake of it? — I have no problem with having mainly white casts, especially in historical films. But when you film something in a metropolitan area and there is no other races on camera, that's just bad filmmaking and unrealistic. But again, that's an industry issue because I can name maybe 2-3 Asian male actors and I'm sure there are many talented Asian male actors out there. So lets look at the industry as a whole, and not use the oscars as a scapegoat.

  31. 31

    So they should drop a white person who deserves the award to give it to a black person who DOESNT deserve the award?
    such babies.
    work HARDER if you want an oscar