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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof Breaks Up With 25-Year-Old Boyfriend Jacob Busch!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof's cradle robbing has come to an end.

The 53-year-old reality TV star and her hot 25-year-old boyfriend Jacob Busch (heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune) have broken up.

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According to a source close to the couple, they parted ways a while ago:

"They split happened a few months ago, so it's surprising that it's just coming out now."

However, there's no hard feelings between the two.

The source continued:

"It was a very friendly breakup. Adrienne and Jacob are still friends. They're good."

Alls well that ends well. Guess nobody's crying here!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof Breaks Up With 25-Year-Old Boyfriend Jacob Busch!”

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  2. 2

    Most shocking news ever. Yawn. I'd rather read the non-stop "work-at-home" ads on your site than this faded non-star / fame-whore non-news!

  3. Zolo says – reply to this


    Why can't these aging women do so with class? This whole "I'm still hot" thing is so pathetic. You are old, you are no longer young, you look silly trying to act young….and you have all had too much plastic surgery! Vickie from the OC is the worst offender, but this one is a close second!

  4. In Toto says – reply to this


    If they split up months ago why is this a big deal now?
    Older woman has fling with younger man, nothing new.
    The rest was probably just guessing and fabricating on the part of gossip mags.
    The usual crap.

  5. Angie says – reply to this


    Why would Adrienne get out of one marriage to go into such a crazy one. She is an experienced woman and knows the difference between a little fun and a serious commitment. This thing never had a future but it no doubt was fun while it lasted.

  6. Rhea says – reply to this


    He seems like a nice enough man but no way was this going to last. He'll want kids eventually.
    Adrienne got out in time and dodged a bullet. A wise choice. Who wants to wind up like Demi Moore?

  7. Ben says – reply to this


    Re: Zolo – She IS still hot. But in this case the age diff was a bit unrealistic. Not her fault, of course.

  8. Tony says – reply to this


    Ashton Kutcher is a nice guy too. He no doubt was or still is very fond of Demi. But eventually younger guys want a woman closer to their own age. 30 years difference is just too much.

  9. Sonja says – reply to this


    Looking at it from an eternal perspective, he may be eons older than Adrienne. But alas we are dealing with earth life and earth time while we are on this planet.

  10. Nah says – reply to this


    He and his family are catholics. Not moonbeams.

  11. Erin says – reply to this


    They were never engaged. Gossip sites made up marriage rumors as usual. Adrienne is a worldly wise woman who had a little fling post divorce. No probs.