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28 comments to “Seth Rogen Slams American Sniper On Twitter Using ANOTHER Best Picture Nominee As Ammo!”

  1. Shanelle says – reply to this


    looks to me that someone's mad that his movie wasn't as susscessful so sad

  2. Jan Fox says – reply to this


    Re: Shanelle – I totaly agree with you Shanele .Seth has no clue and is apparently trying to stay in the news.

  3. ONIT says – reply to this


    Haven't seen it but all I hear and all I read about it: this.

  4. Jessie says – reply to this



  5. Yup says – reply to this


    Sounds about right.

  6. Mike says – reply to this


    It's an apt description, that's exactly what the movie is, a glorification of pride in a man who killed hundreds of enemy troops in a war of aggression (and more than a few lies) by a major world power. The fact that it's eerily similar to a fake nazi propaganda film within a fake alternate history Tarantino film should be a sign of how gullible we are as a nation.

  7. Shannon says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – What should be a sign Mike is that "that" is what you got from this movie - assuming you saw it at all. Your comment is obviously made out of ignorance and bias which blinds you to the reality of what those who fight for you go though. "A war of aggression" Liberal doublespeak, same old out of touch with the world reality comments we come to expect from your ilk.

  8. kunohewicul says – reply to this


    A trained Navy Seal, providing security for his comrades in arms to stop oppression is now called Nazism???

    I would suggest Moore and Rogen to actually study history, visit the Concentration Camps, and talk to some of the survivors of these camps…. and maybe then they might find out how stupid they truly are.

    Do people not realize the type of barbarians we are dealing with?

    The problem is - Obama is in over his head. The left is clueless.

    Obama has allowed ISIS to grow. Allowed Taliban to regain lost ground. Allowed Putin to take over countries at will. Domestically, he has caused an immigration crisis, ruined our economy, and forced us to by health insurance we don’t need.

    I now am forced to pay $500/month for health insurance and it was only $200 before O-care! (My car insurance is only $25/month from Insurance Panda,, for comparison. A private company!) Please Obama, don’t stick your hand in anything else!

    Seth Rogen, Michael Moore..what have you got to say?

    Chris Kyle is an American hero, and men and women, whose lives he saved will testify to that.

    Moore and Rogen are scum. They wish they had the balls to even attempt to one half of one percent of what Chris was able to accomplish.

  9. lenny the watoosee says – reply to this


    Another fat Jew with no survival skills. Are we surprised at this anymore? Also a shitty 5th rate comedian. What's next Seth, your negative critique of 'the Deer Hunter'?

  10. 10

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

  11. thewiseking says – reply to this


    Seth Rogen is a disgusting, talentless fat slob who has never done anything worthwhile and who will soon be forgotten. Rogen is another Belushi but without the talent. For Rogen to besmirch this film just speaks to his Hollywood cowardice and insecurity.

  12. Cassandra says – reply to this


    Re: kunohewicul – you are an idiot. And I think you should take your own advice and maybe instead of reading history books others wrote you should read some real books and really look into history and what you are talking about. I feel for our troops that go through horrible things but our government never should have put them there to begin with. And plenty of innocents get killed every day in other countries by some of our troops. All life is important. You're ignorant about what you're talking about.

  13. Cassandra says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – this

  14. Cassandra says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon – ignorance. Every word you wrote.

  15. burn atheist says – reply to this


    Re: Cassandra – God I hate the conceit that emerges from this man!
    There should already be a law that would send to the Front of the war any big mouth who dares to scoff on the dangerousness of soldiers' military duty.

  16. 16

    Re: Shanelle – I agree, first thing I thought when reading the headline and then the story was: Sour Grapes

  17. Chichimagee says – reply to this


    Another hollywood idiot. Not watching anything he does anymore.

  18. allan says – reply to this


    his own movies STINK big time

  19. gje says – reply to this


    Yeah he couldn't possibly just have formed an opinion about the movie based on the content he saw, it must be 100% invalid and steeped in jealously. I'm sure he is crying into his stack of 100 dollar bills right now.

  20. ignorants says – reply to this


    He is saying he got a propaganda vibe from the movie, not fucking saying that Chris Kyle is comparable or should be compared to Nazis.

    Come on, people!

  21. Shelby hower says – reply to this


    Has anyone actually read his book? This guy we want to say is a hero, enjoyed and bragged about killing these people, including people who were trying to get by during Katrina. He was completely alright with saying how racist he was and called every Muslim, as well as people who were of different color, savages. He also is dying he shot and killed twice as many as what the pentagon has record of. I'm sure this movie is incredible but I think it's about the wrong person.

    Maybe some of you should read the book.

  22. Shelby hower says – reply to this



  23. Dustin says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon – HAHAHA! Liberals are the ones out of touch with the world? Thanks, that made my day. But wow, just wow. You must be living under a Bible. I mean rock.

  24. I trust in the Truth says – reply to this


    Re: Dustin – Be cursed demon's tool! I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Oh and.. no need to thank me, I do for free.

  25. confused says – reply to this


    I can't believe that people care about his opinion so much. What does that say about you??

  26. Sai says – reply to this


    I can't stand Seth Rogan, his laugh makes me want to vomit, he's annoying , pretentious , an asshole.. and a poor excuse for an actor.

  27. lknn says – reply to this


    u are all fucking stupid it said it reminded him of something not he compared them are you people that unintelligent

  28. US Marine says – reply to this


    Lol at all the comment shooting the messenger.
    Sure Seth Rogan is a worthless stoner.
    But American Sniper was a shitty propaganda film based on what have been proven in court to be lies.
    And FYI support your solders by not sending them frivolously into harms way. Or at least giving them decent healthcare, counselling, job training when they get back.