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Lindsay Lohan Could Face MORE Jail Time For Bailing On Community Service! Check Out LiLo's Excuses HERE!

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But things were going so well!

Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan was on an upswing, we've learned the actress could head back to jail for failing to complete required community service.

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According to reports, LiLo has completed only HALF of the 640 hours of community service she was assigned in connection with a 2012 reckless driving case. While the judge on the case was kind enough to give Linds some extra time after a November 6 hearing, the 28-year-old decided to vacation in Bora Bora instead.

Obviously, skipping out on community service is a big no-no and this mistake could send Lohan right back to jail.

Shawn Holley, Lindsay's lawyer, will argue that her client failed to complete the required hours due to contracting a mosquito virus while on vacation AND she'll reason that the assigned community service center in London was closed for 2 weeks during the holidays.

Wow, we're really disappointed by these excuses. If Linds decided to skip her vacation for community service, she would have never contracted the virus in the first place!

We guess we'll have to wait until next week to see how the judge reacts!

So, do YOU buy Lindsay's excuses?

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12 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Could Face MORE Jail Time For Bailing On Community Service! Check Out LiLo's Excuses HERE!”

  1. Maxchar says – reply to this


    She needs to be put in the slammer. Enough is enough!!

  2. allan says – reply to this


    lying piece of trash why does this waste of space keep getting a pass all the time throw the has been in jail

  3. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    If the place was closed people how is that her issue, that's like my job being closed but being fired for not working.

  4. april99 says – reply to this


    Never her fault…………never her problem…………never her job to fulfill the requirements to keep herself out of jail. Somewhere, sometime, someone needs to stop making excuses for this little bitch and let her pay for her mistakes. Throw her ass in jail for a year or so. Suckit….if the place was closed it WAS her responsibility to inform whoever is in charge of making sure she performs her community service and work it out with them not just skip off on a vacation.

  5. GoToJail says – reply to this


    Re: SuckItTrebek – how about the fact that she has had a year to do this and she shouldn't have waited until the last minute, duh.

  6. Nate says – reply to this


    Lies! She's completed everything required of her.

  7. Lidia says – reply to this


    I don't understand how she can fail to complete her community service AGAIN, especially after she got off so easily for all her convictions. What is this the 10th time she's broken probation?! 240 hours isn't that much, it's literally six weeks of working eight hours per day, five days per week. However, we all know she'll just get another slap on the wrist for this. What else is new?

  8. Rosie says – reply to this


    Chikangunya will keep bugging her.

  9. Tina says – reply to this


    She had better things to last year. Like partying and boat hopping all summer long.

  10. Connie says – reply to this


    Isn't she with that rich Arab Al Turkey dude? He will just have to spring for more lawyers to keep her going.

  11. bulldoggy says – reply to this


    Community service is part of her probation which she has violated time and time again ( 12 times I believe) Why isn't this piece of shit in jail like anyone else would be after the first violation. More excuses and more leniency. Something just isn't right

  12. Yikes says – reply to this


    Re: Connie – Redheaded people are generally associated with Satan in those countries.