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24 comments to “Miss Universe Competition Has Most Controversial Pageant YET! Plus, A Straight From Miss Congeniality Moment!”

  1. VANESSA VELASQUEZ says – reply to this


    that crown was 100% for JAMAICA!
    I'm from Venezuela, this is an inpartial opinion, Colombia is BEAUTIFUL, but Jaimaica is the real WINNER

  2. sophiajon3 says – reply to this


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  3. KIMBERLY says – reply to this


    #MIssJamaica is the REAL Winner #JAMAICA

  4. MaybeOReal says – reply to this


    Any woman can be beautiful with a ton of makeup… Beauty pageant should only be based on a natural state, which means we should only judge the true beauty of a face without makeup and nothing less.
    Try to impress us now, ladies…

  5. 5

    How demeaning. Why worry about a sexist question when the entire thing is sexist? Winning this is like winning Best In Show at a dog show.

  6. Sara says – reply to this


    Jamaica should have won!!!!

  7. Jay says – reply to this


    Miss Jamaica was not robbed. She gave the crown away. She was asked about Violence against women and she answered about climate control. She was asked what is the biggest contribution of her country and she talked about Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. That is not a winner's answer. I was so upset because I was sooo rooting for her. All she had to do was answer correctly. That is why she lost.

  8. 8

    Miss Jamaica was totally robbed, and that Miss USA was actually the runner-up with her shiteous responses made me want to rage-barf.

  9. franklin says – reply to this


    It is ridiculous that Donald supports this type of ridicules. Jamaica is and will be the winner for ever ever.

  10. Maria says – reply to this


    MS Jamaica was the crowd's favorite. I still believe she should have won the title. The judging was biased and very descriminatory.

  11. melody says – reply to this


    I was hoping for Jamaica to win. I was disappointed she was just 4th runner up.

  12. Phoenix says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – Not true. Bob Marely was not only a musician but an artist who fought against racism through infusing love into his music. Usain Bolt, eletrified the entire globe by shattering normal perceptions of what it takes to be the fastest man in the world. I think her answer was spot on and the symbolism will often be overlooked if the interpreter is biased.

  13. Lensobi23 says – reply to this


    Re: Jay
    I agree…she was my bet on top 5. But ones I heard her answers I gave up on her rooted for Ms. USA.

  14. JAE says – reply to this


    Donald Trump is biased, she is beautiful, go Ms Jamaica.

  15. Anju says – reply to this


    Re: JungianQueen
    Lol, did you find answers from others better than hers? Esp the answers from Netherlands and Ukraine?

  16. Tony says – reply to this


    as a man, i say miss jamaica lost because of her short masculine hair cut. most men prefer women with long hair. her hair style looked like a guy's hair style. she stood out because of this, but sticking out because you have a boyish hair do doesnt mean you should be crowned. i thought miss colombia deserved to win it, she was beautiful, smart and had beautiful long, feminine hair.

  17. jpk611 says – reply to this


    Re: Tony – Tell that to Halle Berry. She's made quite a career out of rocking short, sexy cuts. And yes, she started off in pageants.

  18. Isa says – reply to this


    Are you ppl blind? Miss Jamaica has a ugly nose and is full of herself. She has a flat body.you forgot that this is competition with looks, not only with brains. And that haircut is ugly. USA is cheap looking, she shouldn't get second place.

  19. Kaitlynn says – reply to this


    It's extremely disturbing seeing how people are reacting to this. Especially some latinos. For the fact is, Colombia is very happy for their win.She won fair and square, there was no cheating, and the judges felt like she deserved the crown. Because some people believe otherwise, that does not give them the right to bash on Miss Colombia. There is no doubt that Miss Jamaica is beautiful! But there is a reason to why she didn't win. So because the person you wanted to win, didn't win, don't take that away from the actual winner. its pathetic how people are reacting. Que viva Colombia hpta!
    Btw, for those who keep calling her ugly, like really? hahahah

  20. shelly says – reply to this


    Re: Lensobi23 – if i was miss Jamaica I would have answered in a similar fashion. You have 30 seconds so how the heck can you name out all the freaking people who have made contributions. she picked out the two main ones and that was enough.

  21. Edlyn C says – reply to this


    Controversy surrounds this competition. There is no surprise. Public Lawsuits involving huge sponsorships such as Image Skincare. The CEO of this company used one of their peels and burned a woman from their company.

  22. FRANK says – reply to this


    Re: VANESSA VELASQUEZ – No way, she was a 5th place, she was lucky to be chosen in the last 10

  23. FRANK says – reply to this


    Re: VANESSA VELASQUEZ – No way, whoever won deserved to win, not the 5th place Jamaican cadidate.

  24. YouGuessedIt says – reply to this


    Re: Kaitlynn – Let me see I'm guessing: you're Colombian!! Well, Miss Colombia looks like all Colombian girls. Yes, she is pretty but not gorgeous… I really think she won because it was that time in the rotation, way time. She too didn't answer her questions correctly–ditzy I say. However, Colombia hadn't win in 57 years, yep, that's right: 57 years. So, it was her time… And, Miss Jamaica, with short hair and all, should've won. SHE WAS THE FAVORITE!!