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Kevin Costner Opens Up About His History With Madonna And Weighs In On Bruce Jenner's Transition

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Oh, we love it when former enemies — can we even call Kevin Costner and Madonna that?? — kiss and make up!

If you need a little refresher on the Kevin-Madonna feud that started in 1991 when Madge was filming her Truth or Dare documentary — basically the actor called Her Madgesty's show "neat" and that totally offended her!

This prompted the singer to stick her finger down her throat and make fun of Kevin's reaction to her show.

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Well, decades after that whole drama went down, Kevin revealed that the Living for Love singer apologized in the most surprising way ever!

The 60-year-old star talked to Jenny Hutt on her SiriusXM show on Thursday and recalled how the apology caught him off guard:

"Well she did something extraordinary. My kids 15 years later, I didn't know it was coming, but 15 years later my kids wanted to go see a Madonna show and I didn't want them to be affected by this one little thing that happened, I was embarrassed by it a little bit, but I've got over it, too. But, they wanted to go see Madonna then, and now I can get tickets, I can do whatever I want.

But I bought the tickets myself and took my daughters to see Madonna and we didn't get any special seat, we're off to the right, and lights were on and the show started and I could just see how happy my daughters were, watching her show and she was just blazing, she was going really strong and then the lights dipped the second time as the show was mid-way through and also she goes: "I want to apologize to somebody. "And the audience got really quiet and she said: "I want to apologize to Kevin Costner." And I had no idea that she even knew that I was in the audience. And it was a very big thing and my daughters turned and looked at me like: "What was that?" And I was so glad, number one – to hear that. Didn't think it was coming, I got even embarrassed a little bit. The lights didn't shine on me because no one knew the lights were on and my daughters looked at me and I just thought it was a really nice thing for her to do. I never actually called her to say: "Hey, thanks", because we have just this weird communication that goes back and forth."

What a special moment! It's certainly something his daughters will remember forever, but, have the two seen or run into each other after that fateful incident?

Not quite.

Kevin responded:

"No I haven't run into her, but I know who I am, she knows who she is. And I thought what she did was very big and she didn't have to do it and my daughters never forgot it."

How could anyone ever forget the moment Madonna apologized to their own father in the middle of a concert?!

But that's not the only star Kevin talked about!

The Just Jenny host also asked The Bodyguard actor his thoughts on Bruce Jenner's transition…

Not many celebrities have spoken out about the former Olympian's reported transition into a female, but those who have were very supportive, and Kevin is the same.

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He said:

"Well, this guy achieved something that a lot of people have talked about , competing at an Olympics. And was winning. I mean you want to compete at an Olympics and your parents would tell you, you're the fastest little runner, well, guess what, you're not. But, guess what, Bruce was in his own way and achieved so much and what happens is, in America when you have success like that, you are crushed into the light and he was too and he was very successful at it.

And since he was orchestrating his life and his life turned out maybe as not as conventional as others' people lives and reality is that it's playing every day in the press so, it must be really hard for him. So, for me to talk about it, I see what everybody sees, You know, there is a really good person in there and that's what's important and his life is wide opened and people are going to lay it out however they want to lay it out and I just hope that he finds peace in his life and maybe he should go to a place that make him feel good and avoid the places that make him feel bad."

Not everyone knows exactly what Bruce is going through, but it must be nice for him to know he has a ton of support from his fellow famous peers.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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