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The Entourage Movie Is HERE! But Which Of Vinny Chase's Fictional Flicks Do You Wish Was Real?? Check Out The Ranking Of His Best And Worst Movies!

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A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

The boys are back as the Entourage movie has FINALLY hit the big screen, bringing Ari, Vince, Drama, Turtle, and E back from the dead!

But while we're definitely excited to see Hollywood's bro-iest crew back in action, we all know Entourage is about one thing and one thing only…


Sure, the numerous cameos and boobs were fun to watch, but what REALLY made this show great was the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing Ari had to do every time Vinny signed up for a new movie!

So we decided to pay tribute to the real star of the show and rank all of Vince's best AND worst movies!

7. Smoke Jumpers

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

We're sure PLENTY of you thought this spot would be reserved for Vinny's disastrous Pablo Escobar biopic, Medellin! But at least he FINISHED that movie! Vinny was so difficult to work with that he was actually fired before shooting wrapped! We felt a little cheap including this movie considering he never got a chance to finish it, but Vin's downward spiral simply can't be ignored!

6. Medellin

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

OK, NOW we can talk about Medellin! When this gangster flick was first introduced to Vince and the audience, it sounded like a GREAT idea! It would basically be Scarface, but REAL! Unfortunately, production on the movie was an absolute nightmare and when it finally premiered at Cannes, it was met with HORRIBLE reviews! How bad are we talking? It ended up going straight to DVD! OUCH!!

5. A Walk To Remember

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

This was one of the hilarious moments in the show where fictional Hollywood and real Hollywood crossed paths! When Vince learns he's going to have to work with Mandy Moore in Aquaman, we learn the two actually worked together and had a little fling on the set of A Walk To Remember! That's right! Vinny had a small role in a REAL movie! We later learn that Vince and Mandy's "relationship" may have been a bit one-sided!

4. Head On

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

While it may not have been his first role, it's definitely the one that helped start his career! This is the very first movie we see Vince and the gang working on in the first season, and after that these guys are basically Hollywood royalty! It probably doesn't hurt that Vince's co-star was Jessica Alba!!

3. Gatsby

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

Sorry Leo, but Vinny did it first!! After the spectacular failure of Medellin and getting fired from Smoke Jumpers, it looked like Vince's acting career was on the ropes! But then he got a call from a little director named Martin Scorsese asking him to be in his next movie! Gatsby was a HUGE success and basically ended up saving Vince's career! It's too bad Baz Luhrmann's version wasn't as well received!

2. Queens Boulevard

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

Are you kidding? Vinny Chase IS Queens Boulevard! If Head On was the movie that got Vince's foot in the door, then this was the one that kicked it open! With an impressive cast that included Zooey Deschanel and Robert Duvall as well as visionary director Billy Walsh (pre-Medellin), this movie was a HUGE hit at 2005's Sundance Film Festival! Despite some issues with its theatrical release, this was pretty much the movie that had every director in Hollywood calling Ari!

1. Aquaman

A ranking of Vinny Chase's best and worst movies!

If there's one thing we've learned about Hollywood in the past several years or so, it's that comic book movies make BIG bucks! So when Vince was offered the leading role in Aquaman, everyone knew it was going to be a hit! Everyone except for Vince, that is! Coming off of two successful indie flicks, Vinny had some MAJOR reservations about "selling out" for a big budget movie, and the silly orange and green outfit wasn't helping much either! Despite threatening to quit in almost every other episode, Vince eventually agreed to do it once James Cameron pretty much begged him! Aquaman went on to become one of the highest grossing films of all time, AND it even had its own themed roller coaster made after it!

What do YOU think, readers? Sound off in the comments below and tell us which of Vinny's movies you think was best!

[Image via HBO.]

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