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Dirty Grandpa Is Racist, Homophobic, And Just Not Funny! See What Critics Are Saying About The Zac Efron & Robert De Niro Comedy!

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Not every film is an Oscar winner!

In fact, some of the best movies are the ones where audiences check their brain at the door and enjoy some nonsensical entertainment.

But according to critics, Dirty Grandpa is too dirty to be even the slightest bit entertaining — and is so racist and homophobic that it will make your own culturally insensitive grandpa look like Bernie Sanders!

Photo: Ripped, Shirtless Zac Efron Takes Swim Classes For Baywatch!

The comedy starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro currently has a 17% on Metacritic and a depressing 6% on Rotten Tomatoes! Ouch!

See what the critics had to say about Dirty Grandpa (below):

Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter: "It's hard to know which is the saddest moment of this purported comedy starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron. Is it the spectacle of the two-time Academy Award winner masturbating to porn as a sight gag? His shirtless 'flex off' with Efron? His karaoke rapping? Or his character's nostalgic remembrance about his late wife that 'we also tried anal every five years.' "

Nick Shager, Variety: "As befitting such a guy-centric endeavor, women are presented as either chaste angels (Shadia), uninhibited sluts (Lenore) or soul-crushing spousal monsters (Meredith), Meanwhile, Dick's recurring gay-panic jabs at Jason, as well as his cruel treatment of effeminate Bradley (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman), further emphasizes the sense that "Dirty Grandpa" only respects, or has use for, straight Caucasian men of a certain take-what-they-want caveman variety."

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly: "De Niro and Efron try hard to make it work, and they both commit way more than first-time director Dan Mazer had any right to expect. But the movie never really leaves the gutter, mostly because screenwriter John Phillips can't stop hitting every numbingly one-note comedy gong: Old people are horny! Smoking crack by accident is hilarious! So are swastikas and prison rape and pedophilia!"

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times: "Zac Efron's Jason is an attorney engaged to Julianne Hough's Meredith. We're told Meredith is Jewish, the better to set up a tasteless and profoundly unfunny bit involving a swastika. Meredith is a pure cliché — the nagging, self-absorbed fiancé who whips out her phone at the funeral of Jason's grandmother and presses Jason to make a decision about which color tie he'll wear at the wedding. Your child's stick-figure drawings have more depth and a richer backstory than this Meredith person."

Jesse Hassenger, A.V. Club: "Efron is supposed to have buddy chemistry with De Niro, but the only sparks in the movie come from De Niro's flirtation with Aubrey Plaza. More than anyone else in the cast, Plaza embraces the fact that she's playing a ridiculous construct issuing filthy, sometimes absurdist one-liners and rejoinders—a non-character who might as well disappear in a puff of smoke every time she's out of frame."

Matt Singer, Screen Crush: "The only thing worse than the film's putrid attempts at humor are its sudden and wholly unearned third-act shift into saccharine sentimentality. On the plus side, those are easily the funniest scenes in the movie."

Inkoo Kang, TheWrap: "Director Dan Mazer and first-time writer John Philips's strategy seems to have been finding the crudest jokes possible for each scene, which wouldn't be a problem if the material they came up with were also funny. (Plan B — which they rely on quite a bit — appears to have been De Niro sticking his thumb up an unsuspecting Efron's behind.)"

Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist: "No target is off the table — race, gender, sexuality — but if you're going to make risqué jokes, the burden of responsibility to be hilarious is even higher than usual. That is not to suggest that "Dirty Grandpa" is offensive, rather, the worst crime it commits is simply not being funny."

Will YOU still be seeing Dirty Grandpa in theaters?

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