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Hundreds Of Radioactive Boars Have Overtaken Japanese Towns Near Power Plant Meltdown Site — And Officials Are Getting Worried!

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The Japanese government wants residents in the surrounding area of the Fukushima power station to return home years after being evacuated.

One problem: the area has since been overtaken by hundreds of radioactive wild boars!!

The meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant forced thousands of residents to leave the surrounding area six years ago.

After people deserted the 12-mile plus exclusion zone, wild boars emerged from local forests to scavenge for food — like cattle that were left to rot in their pens — and have blossomed into a flourishing boar population.

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The boars have been surviving off of food and plants, which have exposed the animals to radiation levels far higher than considered safe by the government.

According to reports, teams of hunters have been called on to obtain the boars from the towns of Namie and Tomioka before Japan lifts evacuation orders on four towns at the end of March.

However, the contaminated boars, some of which have shown levels of radioactive elements 300 times higher than safety standards, are giving officials reason to worry.

The animals have reportedly settled into the abandoned homes and lost their shyness to humans, causing wranglers to express concern that returning residents may be attacked.

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Authorities in the town of Tomioka say they have killed 800 boars so far, but claim that is not nearly enough. Japanese newspapers say that boars have caused about $854,000 in damage to agriculture in Fukushima's district.

And the worst part is — the slaughtered animals can't even be used as food due to the radioactivity. But even if the entire boar population is defeated, residents still aren't itching to return back to their homes.

In a government survey last year, over half of Fukushima's former residents said they would not return in fear of radiation and the safety of the nuclear plant.

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The government is telling residents who do not return to homes that they risk losing housing benefits — which multiple reports are citing as a violation of human rights.

A Greenpeace report accused the government of trying to underplay the impact of the meltdown, urging evacuees to return to areas with radioactive contamination in excess of safe levels. The report reads:

"Many may be forced to return to contaminated communities against their wishes because they cannot afford to stay where they are currently living. This is economic coercion, not a choice freely made."

Yeah, and don't forget about those hundreds of ill-tempered, radioactive boars running around.

[Image via National Geographic.]

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