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Author Judy Blume's Grandson Arrested For Rape

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The 18-year-old grandson of teen literature and Summer Sisters author, Judy Blume, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl at his family's Martha's Vineyard estate.

He's pleaded not guilty, and has since posted bail of $5000.

Absolutely despicable and disgusting. When will people learn that no means no?

Our thoughts are with the girl and her family during this horrific and difficult time. Stay strong.

[Image via WENN.]

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118 comments to “Author Judy Blume's Grandson Arrested For Rape”

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  1. 1

    ok perez heres my problem. You need to be a little more nuetral. These rape charges could be fake. there have been many girls who have done that. The fact that you immediately take sides before any evidence arrives is just annoying.

  2. 2

    I just love how u just say mean things before u know everthing!!!U dont like it when people do it to u i am so sick of this site all u do it bad mouth everone thats not about u!! So sick of ur comments to everthing u dont know the hole story so find that out 1st before u call people names grow up!!

  3. 3

    Perez SHUT THE FUCK UP! you dont know if he did it or not….how do oyu know that the GiRL he fucked is not a total slut and now she is mad cuz he wont give her the time of day and this is the Result…..you are a fucking Idiot Perez….fuck off and focus on your dirty ass Secrets…! i cant wait till someone spills the Dirt on you!!!

    my thoughts are with him!! and all the guys who are put in a situation cuz girls now a day are FUCKING SLUTS!!!!

  4. 4

    Eh… Perez? Ever hear of "innocent till provent guilty"?

  5. 5


  6. 6

    What ever happened to innocent till proven guilty?

  7. 7

    18 year old boy and 17 year old girl… I wonder if this was actually consensual.

  8. 8


    People like you make me sick…

    This happened to my brother… an attention-seeking, psychotic girl put my brother through HELL with charges of sexual assault. It went on for over a year in the courts until she was finally proven wrong. It was so heartbreaking and changed my brother's life forever.

    I am not saying that there is no way this didn't happen… but I'm saying that we cannot accuse someone of something as HORRIFIC as this unless we know the facts completely.

  9. 9

    Re: timetime – not all are sluts. yes she could be one but as usual innocent until proven guilty for both sides. my thoughts are with neither until some more news comes out

  10. 10

    I'm not saying he didn't do it….but lets not crucify him publicly until all of the facts are out. Yikes.

  11. 11

    were you there Perez? you're so hasty to convict him.

  12. 12

    I've been raped and eve *I* did not form the immediate conclusion that her grandson is guilty. Maybe he is and maybe he's not. That's what a TRIAL is for.

  13. 13

    GUILTY!!!!!!! well, certainly according to the insta-trial by judge+jury Mario here.
    If they are charged they MUST be guilty!
    Who ever heard of an innocent person being charged with a crime?
    Or a girl crying rape?
    Not that we know if he is or she did… which is the point!
    Good lord Mario-Perez, all you do all day is make cruel viscous JUDGMENTS for your own entertainment and for money.
    You make a living off creating pain and misfortune of others.
    I liked coming here for REAL celeb gossip, but your malice is exhausting and a real window to what is wrong with society right now — now it's like watching a train wreck.
    Aren't you tired of being such an awful human being?

  14. 14

    when YOU stop promoting the idea that womens bodies are there to be judged and made fun of. When you stop promoting the idea that if miley cyrus dresses a certain way she is 'asking for it' when it comes to posting her 17 year old crotch to the world. When you give womens bodies the respect they deserve and stop acting like they are objects to make a profit off of maybe then perez. You need to think about if you want to leave the world a better or worse place for women because you were in it. you teach people to be NASTY towards women. Either they are saints or sluts in your book. Talk like this sets women back 100 years and makes people think its ok to catagorize women like that and punish them for being sexual creatures. Maybe this girl was dressed like a 'SLUT' perez, so maybe she was 'asking for it'? Sound familiar? you are spreading the culture of rape. educate yourself about what you are doing.

  15. 15

    There you go FatBoy. Tri and convict him without knowing any of the facts. How very Harvey Levine of you

  16. 16

    when you stop promoting the idea that womens bodies are there to be judged and made fun of. When you stop promoting the idea that if miley cyrus dresses a certain way she is 'asking for it' when it comes to posting her 17 year old crotch to the world. When you give womens bodies the respect they deserve and stop acting like they are objects to make a profit off of maybe then perez. You need to think about if you want to leave the world a better or worse place for women because you were in it. you teach people to be NASTY towards women. Either they are saints or sluts in your book. Talk like this sets women back 100 years and makes people think its ok to catagorize women like that and punish them for being sexual creatures. Maybe this girl was dressed like a 'SLUT' perez, so maybe she was 'asking for it'? Sound familiar? you are spreading the culture of rape.

  17. 17

    It could be as simple as she being under aged and her parents caught them. Maybe it is not that simple but until you know the facts STFU

  18. 18

    Lol. Its 'alleged' and then you say 'when will people learn that no means no'. You are fucking retarded.

  19. 19

    he's guilty then is he perez?!?

  20. 20

    Re: Lizzie5115 – im sure this one is…cuz he's rich and perez is a fucking Pig!

  21. 21

    how the fuck do you know that he did actually rape her?! There is always 2 sides to a story!

  22. 22

    what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? she could be lying. be a little more neutral

  23. 23

    Yeah she lied because she definitely wanted to be affiliated with that bloom-pickle because hes such a damn celebrity.

  24. 24

    Dude, you raped Travis Garland out of a career. You're not one to talk. Look, if this Blume kid actually raped the girl then he should be shot in the head with a rusty bullet but this ain't fucking Cuba. He is innocent until a court of law proves him guilty. By the way, it appears your readership numbers (and advertising dollars) keep taking a tumble. Good thing for you, meth is pretty cheap!

  25. 25

    my thoughts are he is 18 she is 17 and before I leap to a forcible rape conclusion and not a statutory one I would want to see a little more of the police report and statements

  26. 26

    Hmmm…..not that I am in any way sticking up for rapist, but whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty? You nothing about this girl or the back story.

  27. 27

    And what about HIS family during this difficult time?!? Even if he did it, don't you think his family is hurting too?

  28. 28

    Why do you automatically assume that it was the girl in the wrong? Don't you know how many girls cry wolf when things aren't actually true. This girl could be saying he raped her because she is a minor and he is not and he is the grandson of someone who has money. Before you start pointing the finger why don't you stay neutral? I feel bad for the people you point fingers at without just reasons. You're a pitiful person.

  29. 29

    as a victim of rape, i'm pretty outraged… at YOU! way to convict the kid without a shred of evidence perez!

  30. 30

    He was arrested, not convicted. Perhaps one should not prejudge so quickly.

  31. L-Mom says – reply to this


    Can we PLEASE keep in mind that thus far, this is merely one girls word against another? Hate to state the sad fact I've seen young(er) girls and their disgruntled families do this before, for all sorts of reasons … girl bitter over break-up, or the parents upset that this 18 year-old and somewhat famous man broke it off with their 17 year old daughter, etc. RAPE is an awful thing, but so is using it as an EXCUSE. Innocent until proven guilty folks - not buying it.

  32. 32

    When will people remember that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing?

    We have no idea of the situation. It could be 100% true and in that case I feel horrible for the girl and her family. That's something nobody should ever have to go through.

    However our society has a tendency to believe the female accuser without a second thought. I'm sure most of the time that's okay but sometimes it's not. There have definitely been cases of wrongfully accused males. That's not okay either.

    Don't take sides without knowledge. We have no right to condemn him without knowing the facts. Our government was set up to protect people from that.

  33. 33

    An arrest is not a conviction.

  34. 34

    i am agreeing with everyone on here. it could or could not be true. from past experiences in this news, she really could be lying. NOW. if you knew that he had been accused 100 times before, then MAYBE you could take sides. innocent before proven quilty.

  35. 35


  36. 36

    yes, and when will you learn: innocent until proven guilty. don't be such a fuckwad

  37. 37

    The imperative word Perez is 'alleged!' Since when have you been given the power to judge someone? Chances are…he may be totally innocent, and then what, are you going to eat your words? Get a clue, someone reputable would be able to report without condeming. Hearts go out to the entire Blume family at this time, whether or not Elliot is guilty. Judy Blume rocks! Stay strong :)

  38. 38

    this is the kind of post that really pisses me off on this website. i've known a few girls in my time who slept with a guy and then he ended up not giving her the time of day after wards and then she got all hurt over it and started going around saying he raped her. i'm not saying that this is absolutely what happened to this girl, but it very well could be. you don't know that she said no at the time of them having sex. this kid could absolutely be innocent.

  39. 39

    Why do you post HIS name but leave out the accuser's name? This rape-shield bullsht is ruining innocent people's lives. A simple accusation can ruin a man, whether he is guilty or not.

  40. 40

    I hope he didn't do this. I was attacked when I was 17 and my mother told me I must have encouraged him. Not saying he's deff. guilty but sure hope if he is that the girl has someone to turn to.

  41. 41

    He hasn't been convicted yet! What happened to innocent until proven guilty?!

  42. 42

    Mario, shut the fuck up you asshole. I know you don't have this in your native Cuba, but here in the United Sates, people are innocent until proven guilty. Why don't you wait, get all the facts, see what happens at trial, and then render your pathetic verdict. Oh wait — you don't do that. You love to wave your prickly fat finger at people up on that high horse of yours. Damn! I cannot wait for someone to knock you off of it. Hmmm. Who should we get? Hey! How's about that guy you were giving a blow job to in the back seat of the car at the Santa Monica pier??? I am begging him to make that public.

  43. 43

    Innocent until proven guilty. I believe rape is one of the worst crimes but u need to know all sides before coming to any sort of conclusion.

  44. 44

    innocent til proven guilty asshole and this whole story just dosent make sense why would she willingly go to his family's estate and then somehow get raped?? obviously they must have had some sort of relationship this is fishy!

  45. 45

    How do u she was raped?! U better than most know that people shouldn't come to conclusions until they've heard both sides of a story. I thought that whole Miley debacle taught you something?

  46. 46

    Yeah. Even the dumbest hoochie hoebag knows to cry rape to save her ass and her reputation, once everyone finds out.

  47. 47

    what about that goldigger that said al gore raped her? if you listen to her accusation report it just sounds scripted and pre-meditated i swear man some people are just disgusting putting innocent people in jail for money bastards!

  48. 48

    You shouldn't poke at him for doing it when it hasn't even yet been proven that he raped her. There have been some girls out there that have pressed fake rape charges. Ever hear of "innocent until proven guilty"?

  49. 49

    now why would a boy that comes from wealthy family want to rape a girl?? lies man!

  50. 50

    I agree with Lizzie5115. I do think rape is disgusting and nasty. It's horrible for the person who is raped and abused, and takes many many years of therapy to even try to overcome it. But what I also know is that people lie about it which makes it worse for true victims of the crime. Before we start pointing fingers and calling people out, let's get all the facts. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country??? And if he did do it…. Cuts the bastards balls off!!! But let's let a jury of our peers decide before we do it

  51. 51

    Re: tushiwushi – Tushiwushi, you look plenty innocent, and I am willing to be very guilty. Can I touch you? I'm talkin' maybe throw some sweet sweet lovin' on you. Whadaya say?

  52. 52

    So Perez, you tired and convicted him without any information.
    Are you going to call for a public execution!!!!!!!!

  53. 53


  54. 54

    Right- because no one ever lies about being raped. Especially when the male is wealthy.

    Ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty," Perez. Shame on you.

  55. ass says – reply to this


    It's called being innocent until proven guilty, you fucking loser. I can't wait until you piss off the wrong person Perez, it's just a matter of time.

  56. 56


  57. 57

    This is just a big misunderstanding…..Granny get your checkbook out…

  58. 58

    Why such low bail?
    Forcible rape has the element of violence and would demand a higher bond.
    New England can be too liberal. This bond is too low for a violent crime.

  59. 59

    it sucks to be famous especially when your relatives do lame ass things

  60. 60

    Perez, your comments would be appropriate if he'd been convicted of rape, but until he is, he should get the benefit of the doubt.

    He wouldn't be the first rich boy targeted, nor the first young man to be charged by a consensual sex partner's family. Daddies freak when their darling babies have sex!

  61. 61

    18 and 17. Sounds statutory. A sad technicality perhaps.

  62. 62

    It is alleged that Perez is a fat douche idiot but sources says its all true. Go back to promoting your boy Travis and posting Miley's VJJ. you instigator.

  63. 63

    Innocent until proven Guilty, Perez. I see no reason to convict this person in the media because his Grandma is a famous writer.

  64. 64

    If that's true then put him in the slammer and throw away the keys.

  65. 65

    SHUT THE FUCK UP… You have no idea what you are takling about! Elliot does not deserve that!

  66. 66

    Usually one waits until after a trial to assign guilt. You are SUCH a moron.

  67. 67

    what happened till innocent b4 proven guilty, u douche

  68. 68

    So what if it is her Grandson, its not her, so why post her name and picture? Knobrot.

  69. 69

    Silly me, I forget Perez was judge and jury. I thought that people were INNOCENT until proven guilty. Apparently though for Perez, it is guilty until proven innocent and even then he will continue on about their obvious guilt even if deemed innocent. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if several people sued the shit out of Perez because of his accusations.

  70. 70

    Are you there, God? It's me. Lawsuit.

  71. 71

    So Perez finds this dude guilty before the court system even tries the case..? Well done Douche Bag..

  72. 72

    Innocent until proven guilty dickhead.

  73. 73

    Innocent until proven guilty fucktard!

  74. luvu2 says – reply to this


    What….. picking on celebrities' kids isn't bad enough, now we're picking on their GRANDchildren??!! I'll stick up for these kids, they did not ask to be famous,they had no say! so Perez please stop…..there is a line and too often it gets crossed on this site!

  75. 75

    what happened to being innocent until proven guilty?


  76. 76

    The name of rape victims are never reported, so Perez's comment of "Our thoughts are with the girl and her family" is disingenuous because how can you think of someone when you don't know who they are, what their name is or what they even look like. You're sending out random thoughts to the universe.

    ALSO: False rape claims are the rise and they are usually engineered as kind of financial shakedown. The Blumes are an incredibly wealthy family. Innocent until proven guilty.

  77. 77

    What is disgusting is the fact that you just assume a rape occurred. How many times have 17 year old girls gone off and done something slutty, had people hear about it and all of a sudden they call rape to "save their reps". I know there were more than a few of these girls in my high school. Innocent until proven guilty. There is a chance he didn't do it… Wait until its proven before taking sides..

  78. 78

    Why so little amount of money for bail? Isn't that a violent crime?

  79. 79

    For all you know, the woman accusing him could by lying. It's happened before. He may have…but he may not have. The only people who know for sure are him and the woman.

  80. 80

    Re: apeyapeyj – That's horrible this happened to your brother. Even if you're proven innocent people still look at you as a rapist. It's despicable someone would accuse someone of something like that when it's untrue. Hopefully, this isn't one of those cases. Women like that give all of us a bad name.

  81. 81

    oh for Christ Sake Mario….in our country, we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Love how you instantly assume that he's guilty. Any why is this news or gossip. Did Judy have something to do with it? Let me give you anothher simpole scenerio….Boy and Girl are dating. Boy and Girl have sex. Boy breaks up with girl….girl wants revenge and crys rape….Happens all the time. GET YOUR FACTS AIRHEAD. Can you say SLANDER??

  82. 82

    Innocent until proven guilty, but the US has between an 85 and 90 % conviction rate. That means that most people sitting on a jury think that the defendant did it. Really scary stuff. If you are accused of a crime, don't make a statement to the police, and call a lawyer!

  83. 83

    You're assuming he's guilty already. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  84. 84

    Elliot Pickle…lol

  85. 85

    Christ, how facile of you, Perez. No doesn't always mean no. Why don't you read a little before you go off half-cocked. I would suggest Camille Paglia's famous take on rape. It's hysterical pop-psychologists like yourself that perpetuate the idea that women are innocent and needful of protection while concurrently demanding the freedom to date men and put themselves in situations where sex is in the air. Sex can be dangerous; with sexual freedom comes responsibility. You can't go running back to daddy if things don't go your way. Not certain how the homosexual sex goes in your world, but in the hetero world, "no" does NOT always mean no. Go forth, read, and stop your hysterical, politically-correct recycling of a worthless slogan that harms the sexually naive.

  86. 86

    Did we miss the trial and conviction? So the fact that you post snatch shots of miley and the majority of us think that makes you a perverted scumbag who belongs in jail, then you are hereby convicted of being a child predator.

  87. 87

    Why is this Judy Blume's fault??….

  88. 88

    Re: smurfette2 – So So sick of this charge!! Perez is GAY, so how is he a predator of a female? What he did, by taking a poor taste photo, was not illegal. Miley is a minor, so her parents have to be willing to press charges against Perez, which they have stated that they are not willing to do. CASE CLOSED! He's many things, but Perez is NOT a pedophile!

  89. 89

    Re: Lizzie5115 – If there have been plenty of girls who've done that, then there have been MILLIONS more who've never had to encouragement to even report it.

  90. 90

    Re: amykins – AMEN, SISTER!

  91. 91

    Re: Johnsonbrewster
    WOW. NO always means NO. You are right, with sexual freedom comes sexual responsibility. BUT that does not mean that it is our responsibility to be in fear of being raped. There is nothing a woman can say or do that warrants her being raped.

    But yes, let's assume innocent until proven guilty.

  92. 92

    Shut the fuck up, you pig-faced pedophile! What's absolutely awful and disgusting is you posting pics of underage girls' vaginas. You're such a creepy piece of gay trash. Asshole. FUCK YOU.

  93. WTF35 says – reply to this


    Um Mr. Perez, apparently on this eve of the day of our independence you have forgotten that your innocent until proven guilty! An eighteen year old guy on MV, with an ass load of money, isn't going to have any trouble getting summer poon! Girls need to understand that calling it rape is a serious offense, it seems like the newest thing to do, "Oops my parents found out that I had sex, I'll just call it rape and I will look like the innocent!" This kids name is going to get all trashed all over the place before he even steps into a court room.

    Thanks for making it worse, try and dig out some common sense pal.

  94. 94

    alleged, you fucking retard. this is America. people are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. go back to Cuba or wherever if you want vice versa.

  95. 95

    Rape. or statuatory rape? There's a big difference..
    There's also innocent until found guilty.. I'm glad you're a jury now, Perez.

  96. 96

    Why are you assuming he is guilty? Maybe she is just after his money.

  97. 97

    A little harsh, especially seeing as she may have not said no- he's 18 & she's 17. Meaning- even consensual sex would be considered rape. I completely understand the devastating effects that rape causes, but maybe wait on the "despicable & disgusting," "no means no" comments until more details are known.

  98. 98

    perez how do you know that he did it or not stop taking sides before you know the full story

  99. 99

    Sounds like the others have it….why are you so sure he did it? BLUBBER was not written about you Perez!

  100. 100

    Rape is despicable, but he has been arrested, NOT convicted. I hope that justice served no matter what that truth is.

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