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"I Fucked Lindsay Lohan!"

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Ouch. Stabbed in the back - again!

One of the many dudes Lindsay Lohan hooked up with during her recent trip to Italy has sold his story to the News Of The World, just like ex-boyfriend Riley Giles did recently.

Hey, they pay well!

Here are the HIGHlights:

- "Lindsay was very, very good and surprisingly experienced. She wanted to do everything, every position. She was extremely flexible and adventurous."

- "She was very sweet and loving in bed. It was a good sex match."

- "She adored kissing and never wanted to stop—no matter what we were doing. We had safe sex, and afterwards she cuddled up to me and we went to sleep."

Hey, at least they were safe!

Click here to read the full tell-all with the Italian skeezeball!

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253 comments to “"I Fucked Lindsay Lohan!"”

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  1. Butterfly says – reply to this



  2. Butterfly says – reply to this



  3. MK says – reply to this


    give the girl a break! She's single, young and has no kids. So what if she wants to fuck someone. She's not married. She's not cheating on anyone. Maybe if you jackasses got more action you wouldn't be so bitter

  4. Lydz says – reply to this


    Lindsay Lohan is down right TRASH. And no I'm not one of those retards who calls slutty girls trashy but completely disregard slutty men. I'm not sexist, if there was a male version of Lindsay in Hollywood (cough*cough*genesimmons*cough*) I would call him a man whore. Same goes for all of them.
    Dear God, I remember when I thought that Paris was the skaniest in Hollywood. Lindsay makes Ms. Hilton look like a nun. Lindsay has a very addictive personality. She keeps replacing one addiction with another. I remember her giving that fake ass interview about how she's changed and she's going to live in Antarctica or whatever away from the papz but now we can see that she's back to the same old coke-whorey antics she was in before she nearly killed herself the first time.
    She should be a cautionary tale to all those college girls who get drunk and snort their drugs and have one night stands and basically act like retards. THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU NOT WITH YOU!
    I bet Britney is pissed that she's stealing her press though.

  5. amelia says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty_Princess

    I know right!? But now this new generation of young college sluts are acting as if these antics are some sort of "right of passage". It's sick.

  6. dona says – reply to this


    I would have done him 2 hes hot!

  7. Butterfly says – reply to this


    LINDSAY IS A WHORE!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHORE!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER WHOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lindsay Lohan's vajayjay is going universal! says – reply to this


    I don't believe it. ANOTHER ONE?! Jeeze, it was one thing when she was just slutting around in California but then she whores up that snowboarder and now this thing? It seems like the only person she hasn't slept with are Me, and President Bush. And I see that the Lindsay Enablers are coming up with those "oh we've all done it" comments again. If this kind of behavior is normal and even accepted by you - to the point where you think everyone is or should be acting like this, then that is just pretty fucking sad.

  9. Violetta says – reply to this


    He's hot. I'd do him right now

  10. Sasha Q. Valentine says – reply to this


    Homeboy obviously doesn't keep up with American press. Newsflash - WE ALL KNOW LOHAN IS A SKANK. If every single one of the men she has bedded gave interviews you'd have enough material to fill a freaking 800 page novel. And Perez, quit advertising crap on your website. The pink background was better!

  11. beauty_w_brains says – reply to this


    (rolls eyes)
    You slept with Lindsey? Wow dude. What a feat. Next you can have Paris Hilton and I'm sure Brit will be ready to go very soon….let us know when you can make REAL news like getting down Hannah Montana's knickers.

  12. scott says – reply to this


    Re: oly

    why did you laugh so much? he's gay isn't he?

  13. melanie says – reply to this


    You never can really tell if people are telling the truth or not and in all fairness to Lindsey I wont believe everything I hear, but if any of these men are telling the truth it looks like Linds might have some other addictions she might need to work on, cuz what they are saying is just downright slutty protection or not.

  14. djf says – reply to this



  15. usuck says – reply to this


    Re: JOSH HARLOW – you're a dickless bitch.

  16. Queenie says – reply to this


    "**surprisingly** experienced"?

    Surely, he wasn't THAT surprised?

  17. harlowsaresick says – reply to this


    Re: JOSH HARLOW – i know two Harlows and both of them look like they have aids..i'm dead serious. maybe you're related.

  18. meagain says – reply to this


    "surprisingly experienced"?

    Surely, he jests.

  19. McLov...wtf a-hole says – reply to this


    Funny how when Lindsey fucks someone she just met, she's a slut, but when guys do the same thing, we're fucking heroe's… Still, that guy is a dick for running his mouth.

  20. oly says – reply to this


    no he's not gay at all he's actually very popoular for being not. the girls love him no wonder lindsay couldn't resist. my friend knows him very well I told him to go get tested for STDS ASAP. lol

  21. Karley Jones says – reply to this


    Gross I feel bad for LL hope she wasn't drunk! That guy needs to grow up! BIG TIME

  22. ROSANGELA BABY says – reply to this


    he's good looking & hey,if the woman wants to get her fuck on while she's young,pretty ,rich & famous..not that it's a good or bad thing.let her!….@ least we know she practiced safe sex from what he claims..which is great!

  23. sarrrrrrrraaaaa scoooorrrs says – reply to this


    It is 2008! The word SLUT doesn't exsist! Guys do it all the time, why can't a girl! As long as you keep it safe, what is the big deal. It's not like she's a prostiitute or porn star! Sex is great, I love it! Who doesn't? It makes one happy and provides a wonderful glow to your skin!

  24. ROSANGELA BABY says – reply to this


    the messed up part is that he kisses & tells & that's not good,no matter how good a man looks or whatever…can't be trusted!..wait a minute…1st her e x trys to profit from their private pix & now this trick wants to be known for fucking her?..then again she needs to watch what type of guys she lays with!

  25. j says – reply to this


    ew…SO SHE FUCKS SOMEONE EVERYWHERE SHE GOES???? rehab, other countries, etc., etc. SHE IS DIRTYYY

  26. mb says – reply to this


    that's probably so fake, he's not even saying anything that couldn't apply to thousands of other girls. if i were lindsay i wouldn't even care, that a-hole is lucky he even got a chance to LIE about sleeping with her.

  27. helen says – reply to this


    it would be really nice if she got pregnant and we wouldn't know who the father was and she would get uglier and fatter and everyone would be happy LOL

  28. jay.... says – reply to this


    how come he says she went to talk to him when he went to smoke, then says she liked me because im a good boy and dont smoke???

  29. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Class – since I'm Italian, I can tell you I don't think it's a contraddiction, but a bad translation by the journalist. Infact, here in Italy, the verb "smoke", with no specification, is more often used for "smoking weed" and not for "smoking cigarettes". So, I think he simply wanted to say "I don't smoke weed".
    (PS: however, no matter if he did or didn't contraddict: he is an asshole! :) )

  30. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah
    same reply to you :)
    (and to everyone else noticed the apparent contraddiction)

  31. MAYBE HE JUST DOESN'T SMOKE WEED says – reply to this


    maybe he just means that he doesn't smoke weed or any other hard stuff ? Why is everyone giving him such a hard time? You know if you slept with a celebrity, especially a whore like Lindsay, you'd be selling your story too. Someone earlier here said that if you act like a whore, you'll be treated like a whore. I agree. Stop saying he's contradicting himself if you don't know the context of their personal conversations.

  32. Sarah says – reply to this


    the biggest american celebrity slut ever!

  33. oly says – reply to this


    that's not a lie you guys, I knew this before it even leaked for my friend knows him very well.

    Poor boy, he's a sweet dude, really.
    he also has a band on my space, search slash orfenband

  34. Destiny says – reply to this


    that's horrible. Every single person she meets sells their story to the tabloid. so fucking sad.

  35. Hott says – reply to this


    Can you blame her for wanting that!! He is Hott as Hell!

  36. darnell says – reply to this


    Surpisingly experienced ? wha ?

  37. I CHECKED OUT HIS MYSPACE PAGE says – reply to this


    I just checked out his band's myspace page. Personaly I don't think he's good looking, but I like their music. There are more pictures of him there for anyone who does think he's good looking.

  38. Yourfairytale says – reply to this


    Damn, she always fucks whores…poor Lindsay.

  39. vitalness84 says – reply to this


    god you know she obviously had a very addictive personality and needs help. I look at these websites and can't say people shouldn't judge others because I do it too but I do get sick of all the insults and 'what a whore and deserves it' because obviously they are already paying the price for all their actions and don't need any more insults to drive them to do more things that are bad for them. She has a narcissistic/addictive personality and I just hope she gets help…

    Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  40. michealpaul says – reply to this


    LOL this guy is so obviously gay why is talkin shit about Lindsay RehabAgon. Hes probably never touched a vay jay jay before

  41. Kandy says – reply to this


    He's lying…He said she was staring at him when he went outside for a cigarette and then later he said she told him she liked him because he didn't smoke or do drugs. duh. stupid liar.

  42. Christen says – reply to this


    i know they practiced safe sex, but still condoms aren't everything.

    i think she needs to watch out before she ends up preggers or with some type of std

  43. Christen says – reply to this


    i know they practiced safe sex, but still condoms aren't everything.

    i think she needs to watch out before she ends up preggers or with some type of std

  44. Christen says – reply to this


    i mean 3 RANDOM strangers in one weekend is a bit much . . .

  45. Hanapana says – reply to this


    Celeb gossip = high school drama
    The popular gal got busted, by one of her "sensitive" less popular conquests by blatently being affectionate with other men in same time frame. Then, sensitive guy got (ego)hurt and (as all jaded men usually react) resulted in kiss and tell in the "celeb" locker room, (i.e. magazines, tabloids, blogs).
    Result? Popular gal stays popular (and away from the kiss & tell kid).

    Uh, yeah she's a whore….we all knew that. Just thought I'd shed light on why this dude told all, but I could be TOTALLY wrong. rofl

  46. goodshit says – reply to this


    a slut, why? every PC intellectual babe would slice her head off just to have fun like lilo–just for one day. the babe didn't attend college. she became an uber filthy rich and is now dancing to her own tunes. that's admirable. the fucking is an added bonus. what have we ordinary people got. Embossed cum laude shit hanging on the wall from Reality U. Better be a slut for one night and have eternal fun than a certified idiot. what's lilo's going rate. i'd fuck her and keep the secret to myself. she should be told off for fucking a eurotrash not for having fun.

  47. scotte says – reply to this


    I would still have sex with her all day long. She is a dirty little tramp and I love it.

  48. me says – reply to this


    lol she's a slut…I don't really blame him for selling his story lol..what would you have done? I mean, she slept with to other guys in his back

  49. Giuliana says – reply to this


    perez, you'rwe stupid, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEE YOU, go fuck yourself O.K

  50. Tom F. says – reply to this


    That Lohan person ist just a cheap sorry-ass and drug-taking WHORE!! Who the fuck cares about sluts like her anyway??

  51. ellz says – reply to this


    lilo has good men taste, i'll tell you that. who could blame her for fuckin the guy? you know you would too if you had the chance hahaha

  52. lindsay has a freckled vag says – reply to this


    BAH, he's SO HOT and that stupid whore went and did him.

  53. Cocoa says – reply to this


    I love Lindsay:)
    If I ever had the opportunity to be with her I wouldn't sell her out,
    she is too precious.
    She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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