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What's That Smell?

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooJulia Roberts


We already know she sometimes doesn't like to shave her armpits.

Now, it's just been reported that Ms. Julia Roberts has a little secret….

She never wears deodorant!!!

Roberts says, "I don't like to share that with a large number of people, but it's just never been my thing."

She's not a fan of deodorant, sprays, or roll-ons it seems. Instead, she opts to use just soap and water to stay fresh.

She adds, "Sometimes, midday at work, I freshen up."

At least she stays clean, though we wouldn't want to get stuck in an elevator next to her!

[Image via WENN.]

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206 comments to “What's That Smell?”

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  1. I second that! says – reply to this


    Re: GABE – EXACTLY! No wonder there are so many smelly ass people.

  2. Steph says – reply to this


    Ya'll are ignorant.. deodorant is for sweating. If a person doesn't sweat, you don't need deodorant u retards! Until u sit next to her and she stinks, quit making such a big fucking deal about stuff u have no idea about! jesus

  3. Shannon says – reply to this


    I don't wear it either. I do not produce an odour when I sweat, and deodorants do not prevent sweating completely. It's no big deal. Its the people who wear deodorant and still stink that we have to watch out for.

  4. Doug says – reply to this


    I am allergic to deodorant and have not used it for 20 years. I have asked friends and family if I have an odor and no one has ever told me I smell bad. The odor comes from bacteria, so I use anti-bacteria soap and that seems to take care of any issues.

  5. Sweaty Balls says – reply to this


    Re: NoSmell – BULLSHIT!

  6. sprout says – reply to this


    Deoderant use has been linked to breast cancer. For this reason, I haven't used it for years. I can get away with it mostly because I don't eat meat. Clean out your bodies (and your endocrine system) and you won't need it really that much either. If you must cover the pits, go natural with Tom's of Maine or Jason. Say goodbye to toxic aluminum-based deodorants - yuck!

  7. ksassy says – reply to this


    Anti-perspirant has aluminum in it. Aluminum has been shown to cause diseases with dimentia (Alzheimers, etc.)

  8. Come on! says – reply to this


    A lot of people don't wear deodorant! A lot of people aren't filling their bodies with toxins, so they don't stink like other folks.

  9. dontchaknow says – reply to this


    Cameron Diaz doesn't use deodorant either…recall the award show incident in which she said she didn't use deodorant and rubbed her arm pits.

  10. doucehnozzle says – reply to this


    ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^
    ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^
    ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^
    ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^

  11. red says – reply to this


    She is one Ugly Woman. Who did she "do" to get ahead?

  12. cambel says – reply to this


    This is just another example of an out of touch Hollywood fool surrounded by "yes-men" who don't tell her that she is a nausiating stinky cloud of funk. Hopefully she and Matthew McCaughahayhayhay are never in the same room together, they'd set off the smoke alarms.

  13. Laura says – reply to this


    WOW, who knew that there were so many non deodorant using people out there. Kind of gross. I'd rather use it and smell fresh….It doesn't make me sweat worse….And actually Deodorant doesn't stop sweating, it's just a scented product. It's anti-perspirant that stops sweating. I don't care how well you eat if you don't use something under there you will have some kind of odor. If people tell you that you don't smell they are liars.

  14. how about down there says – reply to this


    "L'Air du Temps. But not today."
    Hannibal Lecter

  15. they always smell says – reply to this


    First, I think its interesting that so many people claim they don't wear deodorant, but they don't smell. It is a scientifically proven fact that you become "used to" your own scent, and cannot smell yourself after only minutes. So I would probably bet that all these people who THINK they don't smell bad.. just can't smell themselves, and no one else has the balls to tell them they stink.

    Second, I often work with a bunch of individuals whose custom is NOT to wear deodorant. Every time they leave our office, we are forced to spray the entire area down with air freshener and run an air purifier to get rid of the horrible body odor smells. They are generally "clean" people, but they do not wear deodorant and THEY SMELL BAD.

    I know deodorant is supposed to be bad for you and seems to have a link to breast cancer. But there are alternatives out there. Instead of completely eliminating deodorant, we should find something else that works. The body odor smell affects everyonen else, not the person not wearing the deodorant.


  16. FUCKUCLARA says – reply to this


    FUCK YOU CLARA FOR BEING A RACIST PIG BITCH - the "STINKY INDIANS?!?!" You're probably the stinkiest of them all!

  17. oh my says – reply to this


    eww gross horsey face thats nasty

  18. ***********Simon************** says – reply to this


    I wonder if her equally fug brother Erik does it "bareback?"

  19. use it says – reply to this


    i hate more then anything BO and alot of peopleneed deoderant BIG TIME

  20. no need says – reply to this



  21. my pooch is huge says – reply to this


    Re: ***********Simon************** – God I hope Erik does it bareback. That man is dangerously fucking sexy. Do me inthe butt, Erik!

  22. Go to Subway people! Buy Tuna footlong says – reply to this


    For the past few years, I haven't liked her. She just seems like a bitch to me. And she made a comment that made me think of how illogical she is. And If she doesnt use deoderant, I hope she uses body mint. This twit has never had any real bashing, so just for that stupid comment she made, I don't care if people find her gross, I hope she learns to be a more humble person!

  23. my mom says says – reply to this


    "Is this really dinner table conversation?" –my Mom

  24. bean says – reply to this


    OMFG! julia roberts doesn't smell like baby powder soaked fresias! quick somebody send her something before i am totally disgusted and write an "i-hate-julia" post!

    big deal. who gives a flying fuck if someone wears deodorant or not. this julia roberts post is worthless. its looks like it was posted by a sixth grader. give me something juicier. :( perez- your wit was totally lost here.

  25. axn jxn says – reply to this


    it's called the trademark of a narcissist…

  26. BULLSHIT!!!!! says – reply to this


    People who are claiming not needing deodorant, are selfish fucks,. Just because you THINK that your shit does not smell, doesn't mean it does not.

  27. No chemicals says – reply to this


    Let's see…..
    I bet you don't have a bidet in your bathroom. (Do you know what a bidet is?).
    So, please, don't talk about the cleanliness (or filthiness) of other people: get a bidet first.

  28. janie says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong with what she is doing. Some people have very sensitive skin and are allergic to deoderants and anti-perspirants. There are other ways to smell nice…like she said…she freshens up during the day! It's no big deal people. Have some common sense!

  29. Twizzler says – reply to this


    Oprah looked shocked and said Julia never smells, in fact she always smells good so she might not. It is true what you eat will effect your B.O. she eats healthy… Actually her eating habits seem to be a sharp contrast to the rest of the United States, honestly it amazes me how much pre-fabed crap that is consummed.

  30. Roadwork says – reply to this


    It seems their is movement of more & more people who dont like deodorant, I myself have stopped liking it in the last year. kinda of from an instinctual level, were it just doesnt seem right to put a chemicle their so abundantly. This is not a hippy thing but a new thing.

  31. Erin says – reply to this


    DO isn't that great for you anyway. She's fine its not like she does any real manual labor. Like you, All that $$ wasted on Deodorant! ;)

  32. julie says – reply to this


    here's the thing.. all the people here who say they don't smell…. you smell… trust me!! It may not be B.O. pit smell, but you stink… it's a different kind of stink. had a boss at work- VERY environmentally friendly… rode his bike to work (rain or shine) every day and very health conscious and smelled really gross.. like onions, but worse…

  33. mw says – reply to this


    my husband does not wea deoderant ad for some reason NEVER smells like BO..maybe she's the same kind of freak??

  34. sharmane says – reply to this


    Just to let you know…historically in Europe, people didn't bath or clean themselves as much as we do today (Probably once a month). People thought that bathing would open up your pores and let dirt in. So they came up with the idea of perfume, cologne, body spray and deodorant to cover up their stink smell. So I think that there is nothing wrong with not wearing deodorant. I also don't think it is "eww." Unless your covering up something! Now that's "eww"!

  35. cass says – reply to this


    Re: Boosch – lol i was thinkin the same thing. lmao!

  36. chat says – reply to this


    Deodorant is a manufactured need….good for her

  37. SanD says – reply to this


    When you can afford to bathe in rose pedals….ummm….every day of your freakin' life, and probably have to the most incredible perfumes in the world, who needs deodorant??

  38. Hell-lo says – reply to this


    Too many chemicals in deodorant. If people only knew what was in it they would just shower and keep clean. I never wear it and after awhile you stop smelling and are healthier for not putting toxins in your body.

  39. lovin life says – reply to this


    i don't ever wear deoderant either. i don't have too. most people who eat well and are healthy don't have a offending body odor. comsuming junk food and overall poor health cause foul body odor. many deoderants contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients. we are supposed to sweat that is one way our body rids itself of toxins.

  40. __dani says – reply to this


    Re: GABE

    haha that shit is funny, you are SO RIGHT! They just THINK they dont wreak, and we're the ones that have to suffer. eeeew

  41. Yak says – reply to this


    I hope she wipes her ass, or is toilet paper not her thing?

  42. m says – reply to this


    For someone who claims to be all about change, you sure are a stickler for everyone acting exactly the same…..get over yourself.
    Maybe if she ran marathons every day she would need it..but she doesn't, so she doesn't
    this is what happens when you vote for Hillary….you become crazy

  43. Margie says – reply to this


    It's really not an option.

  44. yadayada says – reply to this


    Antiperspirant has aluminum not deorderant….deodorant deodorizes your sweat it doesn't stop you from sweating. Please people think before you type.

  45. Julie in Canada says – reply to this


    I don't use deodorant or antiperspirant either.
    I don't stink. I shower every day, and I don't really sweat much at all.
    Since my husband stopped using antiperspirant, he has stopped sweating so much.
    Makes you wonder….

  46. queenchick says – reply to this


    me too, Julia!

  47. Hannah says – reply to this


    I am lucky I don't sweat and sometimes don't use deodorant…it is bad for your skin to use it all the time! Just have a shower and be clean!

  48. Jon says – reply to this


    Love Love Love Julia Roberts!!!! She is such an amazing actress.. I don't care that she dosnt wear deoderant.. she probably smells like roses or something. She will always be a PRETTY WOMAN

  49. eedee says – reply to this


    Americans have been brainwashed by advertising. Women all over the world don't wear deodorant and they don't smell. Kudos to Julia for not believing the BS of corporations and ad execs.

  50. MsLove says – reply to this


    "not my thing" What?

    I can see maybe oh I dont know, something like douching is not your thing (its bad! causes infections!) but wearing deodorant?? What's so offensive about wearing it? It's more offensive to NOT wear is Ms. BO Roberts!

  51. Lioness says – reply to this


    All you that don't wear it and say you don' smell… well, you do. I smell you everywhere, although small spaces are the worst. Newsflash: you don't smell your own stench as much as other people. you stink. Do something about it. Fine, you don't want to wear deodarant cuz you're all crunchy. Use some body spray or something cuz you're effing assaulting my nostrils!!

  52. cricket says – reply to this


    At least you don't see her with her pits all sweaty and nasty like Nicole Kidman.She must not use deodorant either.Kidman sweats like a pig

  53. pammie says – reply to this


    I don't wear it or need it either. Some of us are just blessed that way!:-)

  54. Mike says – reply to this


    Hey Taco, yeah you Perez… if you eat properly you don't need to worry about BO… Right Guard was only invented within the past 100 years…

    I bet you take Right Guard Showers before you go out… you're the smelly puke here


  55. Pamela says – reply to this


    She is so weird. just a husband stealing stinkin whore…with a mouth that can take the whooooollllleee package!!!

  56. Jomo says – reply to this


    Some people get clogged sweat glands if they wear deodorant. It's an uncomfortable and painful condition.

  57. Your Mom says – reply to this


    For everyone wondering why someone wouldn't want to wear deodorant….read below:

    Aluminum, a common ingredient in deodorant and antiperspirant, is often linked to Alzheimer's and brain disorders and is a possible risk factor in breast cancer.

  58. jas says – reply to this


    I don't wear any either…just shave my pits every day

  59. JJox says – reply to this


    As gross as it must sound it really isn't …some of us (and there are only a few) can get away without wearing deodorant…I shave everyday…now my husband has told me that he has never met a woman that changes her panties as much as me…LMFAO…that is I guess another problem….yah I know that there will be comments about that…But I like to be fresh….yah I know >too much information!!! too funny…right?

  60. Sour Sugarr,, says – reply to this


    omg what a creep..
    thats a lil nasty…….

  61. Ruth says – reply to this


    Did you know that aluminum is a proven neurotoxin, that parabens are known carcinogens and the safety of BHT is presently in question - all ingredients in deodorant. Not knocking wearing deodorant, but some people have very valid reasons.

  62. Sour Sugarr,, says – reply to this


    omg what a creep..
    thats a lil nasty…….

  63. WAAAT? says – reply to this



  64. B Ri says – reply to this


    God forbid a hollywood actress doesn't smother herslef in some over price product that she would likely get for free. I love her ani deoderant and all!!!

  65. Polly says – reply to this


    Julia is doin the right thing, u STUPID wormhead ! And all u idiots who think u are smelling so gr8 by spending lotsa $$$$$$$$$ on deodorant, think again. There's some research that claims that deodorant could be the cause of BREAST CANCER. You will find out soon enough. Good luck to you all ! !

  66. It's Her Upper Lip says – reply to this


    Her upper lip is about twice the size of her lower lip. That ain't natural!

  67. Just Girls says – reply to this


    Re: they always smell – Just tell girls to wear deodorant. I like the smell of boy sweat. It drives me wild!

  68. thegirl says – reply to this


    is that big of a deal??? Some of us just don't really sweat. I don't use deoderant & no I smell just fine.

  69. beez says – reply to this


    come on, does she really stink? Do any of your out there actually know the biological reason behind BO? do you?

    PUhLeez, Perez, don;t waist our time with this crap.

  70. firefly says – reply to this


    I heard that she's not too fond of Alow Vera, either.

  71. carl says – reply to this


    Guess what, it turns out Julia is right. Many deoderants, sprays and roll-ons have toxins in them that have proven to cause cancer and Altzheimer's. This girl's no dummy.

  72. zereppo says – reply to this


    Re: THE TRUTH – Have you ever been to Spain? You ought to try a bus ride in Madrid man. NOBODY wears deoderant, and , trust me, they need to.

  73. oogabooga says – reply to this


    Damn, America really drank the Kool-Aid for this bitch. I NEVER saw what the big deal was.

  74. So? says – reply to this


    Anti-perspirant blocks your pores. I got swollen lumps under my arms from my skin not being able to breathe. So I switched to deodorant that doesn't reek too much like cologne. My mom said back in the '30's people weren't so hung up on all this stuff we have now so we don't stink….they just washed and that was it. I think it's all over-rated and we don't even smell at all like human beings anymore.

  75. joeyOh says – reply to this


    I don't touch the stuff either. Nor do most of the HoLLyWood Crowd. Colognes are going bye bye too. This way you can smell a foreigner a bar length away. No shit check it out for yourself see who sprays the crap on next time you're in your fave club

  76. Kinda low-class & nasty! says – reply to this


    Well if she's not going to wear deodorant, I hope that she has finally started shaving her underarms. I mean fuck, shaving your underarms is a helluva lot easier than shaving your legs…I assume she shaves her legs…right? Gawd, I just had a horrible thought about the area midways between her legs and her underarms…OMG, I hope she shaves THAT!!!

  77. dotty says – reply to this


    I stopped using deo like 5 years ago, and I don't sweat anymore. no sweat = no smell! I'm lucky! I think I used to sweat and smell when I USED deo, it "caused" it for me.

  78. benji says – reply to this


    you are turining into a spastic chihuahua - a bobblehead in the rear window of a car that wont go away. fang man.

  79. benji says – reply to this


    you are turining into a spastic chihuahua - a bobblehead in the rear window of a car that wont go away. fang man.

  80. beachbum says – reply to this


    Re: Z – Not only that but the aluminum in anitperspirant is linked to alzheimers.

  81. Snickers says – reply to this


    Ewwwww- I heard the same thing about Matthew McConaghey. I wouldn't want to be anwhere near either one of them after they go for a jog or workout. Ya know, they make UNDERARM deodorant for a reason!

  82. Snickers says – reply to this


    Re: Clara – ACtually the Native Americans were historically cleaner than the early European settlers, hence why they had less disease before the Europeans arrived. I read somwhere that Squanto thought the Pilgrims in the Massachusetts colony stank (mostly due to their refusal to bathe more than a couple times a month and a lack of cleaning and changing their clothes on a regular basis) and tried to teach them that they needed to bathe more often. Native Americans sweated and got dirty just as much as the whites did, they just bathed more often, wore less clothing and changed it more often and may have used scented natural herbs and oils in place of deodorant.

  83. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Not only she is ugly, but she is also stupid and self-absorbed bitch: does she think people around her enjoy the smell of her sweat? She needs to get over herself.

  84. kat says – reply to this


    she's so irritating…spend the $3.00 for God's sake …

  85. K says – reply to this


    if she didn't want to share it with a large number of people then why did she say it on national TV on Oprah no less !? She may have her reasons (hey to each his own), but seriously she shouldn't tell people that stuff. People frown on bad hygiene. I wouldn't want to stand next to her on a hot summer day!

  86. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww says – reply to this


    Another dumb ass story and you would fall at her knees if you were in an elevator with her because you are a celebrity hound and you should be so lucky.

  87. Fodora says – reply to this


    Uglyfying she is uglyfied her personaligy stinks as much as her arm pits!

  88. PEREZ is A LOSER! says – reply to this


    Educated people, most notably doctors know that deoderants are un-natural and NOT good for your body. If you've ever seen someone die of breast cancer you wouldn't be wearing it either. Research how harmful deoderants are before you talk about something you know nothing about PEREZ. You stupid, fat, disgusting, aids infected PIG!

  89. MelKa says – reply to this


    Mi mother does not wear (and never have) deodorant. But it's because she doesn't need it.
    I consider her (my mom) lucky.
    Maybe Julia doesn't need it either?

  90. I do this, too. says – reply to this


    Considering all of the chemical crap found in deodorans and anti-perspirants these days, it's actually wise. BUT, that said, you do have to remain vigilant in washing a few times a day, (I use a natural soap) or Pheeewwww, it can get nasty! :D

  91. Laurie says – reply to this


    Some People, like myself, do not sweat under their arms, nor do they smell, so I don't see anything wrong with it… Besides, the aluminum in deodorant/anti perspirants cause Alzheimers!!!!!!!!!

  92. LooLoo says – reply to this


    So? I don't wear it either. It causes Alzheimer's, and anyone with a family history of the disease should avoid deodorant like the plague.

  93. LooLoo says – reply to this


    Re: Snickers
    The Indians did not have "less disease" than the European settlers. They simply had different diseases. The reason they died from the European diseases is that they had no immunity to them. Cultures build up a cultural immunity because the people that aren't able to fight off a certain disease will die, leaving only the people who can.

  94. Wen says – reply to this


    I can understand how some people might be scared about using deodorants, but there are some people who don't used them and REALLY need it, yet they don't do anything to keep hygene. It's called hygene for a reason, you might think you don't stink or don't need to clean but you sweat, people sweat for a reason, it you didn't there is something resiouslly wrong with your health.
    There is a difference between really smellly sweat and just sweating, you still need hygene.
    Julia Roberts lacks hygene, because she doesn't even shave, so put them both together and she has got to reeeek! She takes herself too seriously, she's not pretty and isn't that great of an actress and to top it all of, she's a fucking home wrecker.

  95. aeryn says – reply to this


    as gross as it sounds, she'll probably outlive us all. the aluminum in most major deodorants is like cancer in a stick.

  96. Jen says – reply to this


    I never wear deoderant and I DO NOT smell. I guess some of us are blessed. It's never been an issue in my 27 yrs.

  97. LogicalThinking says – reply to this


    Hollywood really fucks these kooks up. You see an interview with some new actor/musician and they seem all normal. Then you take that interview and put it next to one years later when they make it big, they really turn into total kooks.

  98. Natalie says – reply to this


    I've never worn deodorant and I don't need it. Soap and hot water do the trick. Deodorants are a "need" conceived by merchandisers to separate you from your money.

    Stop using it. Allow your armpits to de-clog. You'll never need it again. Nobody in my family uses deodorants.

  99. zoe says – reply to this


    this is true! or big coincidence… about 10 yrs ago or more a friend of mine who frequents the same circle said she was sitting next to Julia and that she stunk she said she avoided being close to her because of the underarm smell so I guess this confirms it
    at least for me

  100. zoe says – reply to this


    about 10 yrs ago a friend told me that she was next to Julia and that she stunk she said she avoided sitting next to her because of the VO so I did not believe her or doubt it but I think with this statement it is confirmed at least for me it is a shame that she does not wear deodorant unless you are totally allergic and your life depends on it youu should wear deodorant as a respect to others

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