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Her First Mother's Day

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What would Jesus say about 16-year-olds having premarital sex and getting pregnant????

He'd say, "You fuck-up! But I still love you."

Jamie Lynn Spears and babydaddy Casey Aldridge spent Mother's Day at a local church service in Gloster, Mississippi, on Sunday.

Jamie's momma, Lynne Spears, is still in California.

After spending about an hour inside the church, the family left and went for lunch.

How did U spend your mother's day?

We went to the Polo Lounge with mom and it was lovely, but also sad.

There were SO many old people there! In their 60s and 70s.

Old people make us sad.

Thankfully, Mom enjoyed her present: a lovely necklace from Tiffany's.

Hey, you gotta treat your momma right!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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267 comments to “Her First Mother's Day”

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  1. Chloe says – reply to this


    Hey assclown 30 is so old.

  2. shopgirl says – reply to this


    she not mother until that BABY is born…..get it right perez

  3. susana says – reply to this


    Old people make you sad? Hopefully you will never be one.

  4. shopgirl says – reply to this


    she not mother until that BABY is born…..get it right perez

    pez you are so narrow minded old people make us sad..no tme i work in a nursing home and they are great…oh and peak for yourself leave the us out and say ME…ME….ME

    icould say GAY eople make me sad…you are so narrow minded

  5. shopgirl says – reply to this


    she not mother until that BABY is born…..get it right perez

    pez you are so narrow minded old people make us sad..no tme i work in a nursing home and they are great…oh and peak for yourself leave the us out and say ME…ME….ME…….

    icould say GAY eople make me sad…you are so narrow minded

  6. sarah, uk says – reply to this


    OMG what is wrong with his hair???????????

  7. OK....WHY WOULD U SAY THAT? says – reply to this



  8. C says – reply to this


    Old people make you sad? Old people are wonderful! And you'll be there someday too.

  9. Col Allen says – reply to this


    That boy of his is so hot. I get so turned on thinking of his 19yo boy-man cock shooting up her twat. Jesus. If that was anyone else, they'd be arrested. But he got away with it. Damn. Why can't I get boy jizm like that. Tell me pretzel! By the way — lookin' good!

  10. bill says – reply to this


    Wow, just one more example of your shallow nature–old people should be admired and treasured. I don't think they would care to hear that they make a shallow WEHO queen sad.
    Grow up!

  11. YoungSlut says – reply to this


    She's not a Mom yet, moron!

  12. Van(Tokyo,Japan) says – reply to this


    They are so Trailer Park. I am tired of hearing about this uneducated,inarticulate family. Why even bother writing about a NO-TALENT. I mean, really.

  13. julianne says – reply to this


    Perez, for someone who claims to be so open minded your comments about polictics and age are just the opposite. It's only in the west that "old" (make that WISE) people are treated so terribly and with so little respect. In many countires, esp. the Far East, older people are respected for thier life experience, as it should be. You drank the kool aid and have allowed to yourself to be suckered into believing a bunch of BS. OPEN YOUR MIND! And do us a favor and stop commenting about things you know nothing about - unless you start studying something other than fashion and parties. ugh.

  14. Earth to Perez says – reply to this


    Old people make you sad???? Get a grip! Young people make mw sad! All you have to do is read a week's worth of the stuff here on your own site, Perez, to see what generation should be making you sad.

    Give me old people anytime. I don't have to watch them videoing each other having sex or sticking a bong in baby's mouth, dressing like hookers or beating each other senseless.

  15. gom says – reply to this


    Old people make you sad because your gay. And here lies the problem with homosexuality. It's not that it's wrong per se or even a choice someone can make…it's just that "most" gay couples don't stand the test of time. It's a fact…sorry. You know it's true

    Old married couples are the happiest people on earth. They've lived through the romantic infatuation, the sexual thrill, the troubled times, the raising of kids and they came through it an realized they're still friends and appreciate each other. And in the end they need each other. They are not alone. They have their spouses and they have their kids.

    When gay people get old they get unhappy because everything they based they're values on fades. You know things like…..beauty, fashion, meaningless sex, gossiping endlessly about forgettable people. At the end of the day old gay people usually end up alone or at least lonely because they don't have that connection with another person.

    I don't think being gay is a choice nor is it wrong……but it is sad and lonely and a very difficult life to lead.

  16. amanda jean says – reply to this


    She looks amazingly cute. Love that dress.

  17. InternationalBitchFashionista says – reply to this


    It's Tiffany, you uneducated swine.

  18. Mark says – reply to this


    Is that fag wearing HUSH PUPPIES???

  19. Marcia Brady says – reply to this


    Perez, old people make you sad?!!!! You LOVE Madognutz!!! You wanna know what makes me sad?! Shallow people, kinda like you….

  20. novel1 says – reply to this


    "Old people make you SAD?"

    You SUCK, Perez.

    Are we supposed to think that emotion makes you more human? That statement makes you sound INHUMAN. Old people deserve love and respect - not your fear and pity. They look at you and just feel SAD! Because you're such a DORK. Remember at 30 you are half way to OLD and GROSS yourself.

    And why brag on the present from Tiffany's when there are clearly a TON of people out there reading your site that cannot afford such a thing! Are they supposed to be competing with you somehow? Or are you competing with them? Why not be HUMANITARIAN and donate the cost of that expensive TIffany bauble to a charity to feed elderly and sick shut-ins instead of wasting the money for a pretentious piece of jewelry?! Oh, yeah - you just talk about good causes, you don't actually do anything about them but talk.

  21. Babs says – reply to this


    I think you need to re-think what you consider old!

    I guess in LA anyone over 60 should be made to stay at home! God forbid they take up space in the same place as the beautiful and famous.

    Be ahsamed of yourself! Be inspired and learn to revere your elders. You will be there before you know it.

    Your Mother would and should be ashamed of your thougthless comments. Man, that was just cruel.

    BTW, Cher is 62. Tina Turner is 68. Jane Fonda is 71. Do you want more?

  22. Wendy says – reply to this


    hey getting pregnant at 16 years old is not something to be ashame of. Am 17 and have an almost two yeard old daughter is a gift to be able to have a child it doesn't matter the age you have it at. many people that are old wish to have children and they can't plus when you have your children when your like 36 or more older you can go party with them and is harder to understand the way they fill. I ama proud to be a teenage mom because am able to take care of my daughter am graduating at the beggining of june from high school and i already got accepted to college i received three scholarships and am going to get my daughter a better life. STOP CRITIZING TEENAGERS FOR GETTING PREGNANT LOOK IN THE MIRROR CAUSE IT MIGHT HAPPEN TO ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS OR CHILDREN.

  23. D. Kennedy says – reply to this


    Old people in their 60s and 70s read your column too. How sad is that?

  24. dj says – reply to this


    get your head out of your fat ass and try to raise your consciousness a little.
    wow. YOU, Perez, "make me sad".

  25. little miss scotland says – reply to this


    Re: HOTCUNT – That is down right nasty. She is a young girl who has fallen pregnant. It´s certainly not the end of the world. She´s not the first and certainly won´t be the last. People like you should crawl right back under the stone you came from. Your narrow mindedness sets an awful example to perez´s "extranjero" readers. You´re a sad individual.

  26. jen says – reply to this


    that is seriously the dumbest thing you have ever typed! old people make you sad? are you kidding me? does your mom make you sad? people in their 60's and 70's? are you not going to age? i also hate it when you put 40 & 50ish people under the category "old people". i enjoy your site, but come on bro! i also don't dig how your terrorize rumer willis. it's so bully on the school yard, seriously. do unto others!!

  27. amber says – reply to this


    I got my mother some T & Co bling aswell!!!

  28. Jodi Lynn says – reply to this


    Jamie Lynn is so cute pregnant,an she is a mother she has almost a whole baby in he rlol. my kids still love watching Zoey 101 no matter what!!!!!

  29. yankeefan says – reply to this


    Have to say…I enjoy your site…UNTIL!! OLD PEOPLE MAKE YOU SAD!! I am 28 and love old people…I live in LA and still love old people. You can learn a lot from their stories and their personal journies. Your statement makes me sad. You are pathetic and self obsessed. If old people make you sad…then perhaps you should stay home and watch MTV! Ciao.

  30. Nana says – reply to this


    SO, let's get this straight. YOU are saying that premarital sex is wrong. REALLY? Well, find a VIRGIN over the age of 15 besides youself these days. So everyone is wrong??/ Jamie Lynn's mother is STUPID- smart moms who pay attention can tell when their kids are having sex. And then it is TIME to get them on the pill. And put a condom in easy reach. THAT'S what stops a pregnancy. Live in the real world, Perez. Even very moral kids fall in love and date for years and have sex because it is what happens.

  31. McKendra says – reply to this


    Do they make you sad because they are closer to death than maybe us younger people are? Or does it remind you of what lies ahead for everyone? Don't be sad for them - they've lived a long live, didn't die horrible from a car accident or cancer….they are fine.

  32. christopher says – reply to this


    wow the polo lounge-why there? that place has some class-which you do not have. also why would you want to bring your tacky cuban non english speaking mom to a place like that?
    isnt she used to burger king or the local burrito place?
    perez you might be making money ,but,you cant buy class or looks.
    you have neither
    i glad i wasnt there

  33. Aghast says – reply to this


    Jamie Lynn doesn't need your approval, hypocrites. She seems to be taking good care of herself. If you had any shred of class or decency you would leave the mother-to-be alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy. Stress hormones aren't good for the baby or mom, so if the child is unhealthy, it might be YOUR fault. Perez, are you harrassing fetuses now?

  34. UGH. AS USUAL. says – reply to this


    Aww, Perez, 60-year-olds make you sad? That's interesting, because you know what makes me sad? FAT ASSHOLES.

  35. aileennnnnnnnnn(: says – reply to this


    does anybody else find it ironic that she's christian and knocked up at 16?????

  36. eddy says – reply to this


    And one day, sooner than you think you will wake up and be old. Happens to the best of us. Ask Sophia Lauren, or Elizabeth Taylor or Raquel Welch (who still looks like she has great sex all the time). Is that why you are sad because you know that one day, despite all you do to hold it off, age will catch up to you?

  37. flora says – reply to this


    Wow, you are such an asshole.
    Seriously dude, saying that old people make you sad makes you a bad person. Really.
    Your mom must be so proud of you.

  38. Hyde says – reply to this


    …and reality sets in. She looks miserable, LOL.

  39. Jesika says – reply to this


    No need to brag about the Tiffany's necklace - I'm a 17 year old high school student and got my mom a Tiffany's necklace…can't you do better than that?

  40. Mae says – reply to this


    I bought my Mommy a pink kitchen aid mixer….my brothers got her red kitchen aid pots and pans, and we hired a company to totally relandscape the yard….and Daddy bought her a new 1kt diamond.

    I love my Mom :-)

    My Mom had seven kids, including one set of twins, i'm the youngest at 17. She's been married to my Dad for 34 years, and Mother's Day is always very special to us.

  41. Heather says – reply to this


    OMG Perez i love the vid of ur mom how sweet!! "to the only woman in my life" it was beautiful!! and your mom is gorgeous!! what a nice tribute!

  42. 78t says – reply to this


    shes 17 ..

  43. Polo lounge is over your head Perez says – reply to this


    Why are any of you shocked that Perez is an Ageist? Yes, it is a real word and it means discriminating against people based on their age. Perez is scared of growing-up, aging & dying-Most Narcissists are. However, Perez is also a "shock-blogger". For the most part, only teenagers and young adults who have no clue about every individual’s power to enrich the world & inspire a younger generation read only read his blog-as they too are afraid of growing older. If you are a 35 year old woman-stop wishing your were 23! Show your younger sisters that you are not afraid to grow & age, prove you can remain beautiful as your grow wiser, more confident. It is an Honor to be alive, grow, age & die. You can learn so much from someone in their 60's & 70's-because they all have done it before-yes, these so-called old people invented the sexual revolution. Yes, they have partied, done drugs, slept around and Yes, they have struggled with the roller coaster ride of life. They may have a clue about the journey and I value anyone who is older than me for that reason. Beauty is temporary-Stupid is forever.

  44. Viking Queen says – reply to this


    The Spears clan could not be any more white trash than if they lived in a trailer park and had an older brother named Bubba. Trash, just now they are trash with money. I guess class is not for sale. They are an example and of course that skank Paris Hilton and sister Nicki Hilton. Get a name for a grown up.

  45. springchicken says – reply to this


    60 isn't old Perez!

  46. maybell says – reply to this


    The Polo Lounge????
    Ummmm, you were waaay outclassed and over your head in there Perez, along with your mother. Trust me on this one, there was great laughing in the back when the 2 of you showed up…
    Keep on doing what you do, WE love it………………LOLOL

  47. Beth says – reply to this


    I spent mothers day with my mother and family eating lobster rolls…and they were very yummy! I live in Maine, so they were especially good!

  48. God says – reply to this


    You are a cocksucker Perez. How old are you???!! Old people make you sad… do you know that you are already "old" to to many other young people in the world. The fact that you are "old" to so many younger people and still have the audacity to say something like that about "old people" really shows your lack of intelligence. F***en fudge packer!!!!

  49. Sukiyumyum says – reply to this


    Old people rock! Every age rocks Perez - trust me - it's all in your attitude to life

  50. abigael says – reply to this


    how does it feel being pregnant at that age?

  51. amanda says – reply to this


    hellz yea old people make me sad! everytime i see a lil old man i just wanna hug him and let him tell me some whck ass story just so he'll smile. :[

    but for real jamie is one hott mommy!

  52. amanda says – reply to this


    i love jamie lynn

  53. hi says – reply to this


    Ava Lynn Spears Aldridge
    …i'm calling it, that'll be the
    girl's name for her baby!

  54. Nana Pat says – reply to this


    At the young age of 60 I spent Mothers Day going to Mass & remembering my own Mother….then later went to dinner with my daughter, son in law & 2 grand daughters..the 6yr old drew me a picture & the 9month old used me as a chew toy..(shes teething lol)…had a great day…& I love watching the girls grow…Perez u seem like such a nice young man…..Please don't feel sad for us…we have our problems but so do 20 yr olds!

  55. elaine says – reply to this


    she makes pregnancy look easy! She looks lovely, pregnancy looks good on her!

  56. Kinki Srinki says – reply to this


    Old people make you sad?! :|

    How dare they venture out of their houses, eh? They should just stay at home and not ruin people's day.

    What an inane comment that was, Perez.

  57. ReadHistory says – reply to this



    Jesus Mother was about 14 years old when she gave birth and she was not married to Joseph, just engaged.


  58. ReadHistory says – reply to this


    Jesus Mother was about 14 years old when she gave birth and she was not married to Joseph, just engaged.

  59. hmmm says – reply to this


    What would Jesus say? well the premarital thing is not good, but Jesus's own mother was around 16. As it has been for all of time, excluding only the past 40 years. Theres absolutely nothing "wrong" about it.

  60. michelle says – reply to this


    my mom had a stroke so i spent mothers day driving to a hospital Northern California! i know you are all jealous.

  61. LATINA_CALIENTE says – reply to this


    Re: Sindy McVain – AND WHAT DOES THAT MEANS????

  62. AugustaFern says – reply to this


    My husband, daughter and I cooked Fillet Mignon on the grill for My MOM! She is the greatest MOM EVER!!!!!

  63. ashton says – reply to this


    i just saw her yesterday at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. She was eating with Casey and she looked really good! Why is she in Baton Rouge if she's living in Kentwood though?

  64. ilovejamie says – reply to this


    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!
    I Want to Be just like her!

    I want her baby :)

  65. dera says – reply to this


    she's huuuuge now
    im happy for her i guess.. but still shes WAYY too young.

  66. nicole says – reply to this


    o wow i just wonder what my mom would say if i was pregnent at that age

  67. Wubbsy says – reply to this


    wow kudos to you Perez! ive been surfing the net for pics of her, seriously how hard is it to take pics of this mini-train-wreck-in-training the paparazzi needs to step their game up and snap some more pics!!!!!!!!! she lives in rednecks ville where the most publicity they get is when a tornado hits the local dairy queen… totally made my day fuck all the people hating they just mad cus their myspace doesnt get one 3rd of the views your site does

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