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Eminem's Brother: Wannabe Rapper!

| Filed under: Music MinuteEminem

Eminem's half-brother, Nathan Marshall, wants a career in the music business!

Like his big bro, little Nathan is trying to be a career. Unfortunately, his music is mediocre at best.

Going by the stage name "Nate Kane," Em's brother is a decent rapper but the production on his first song and the accompanying video are laughable.

Click here to check out his Slide On Over.

Keep slidin'!

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152 comments to “Eminem's Brother: Wannabe Rapper!”

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  1. Elle says – reply to this


    I actually thought it was quite catchy and I liked the chorus. Good for him, and he can only get better from here…

  2. Nick says – reply to this


    wow you all r retatrds this aint no music video this is us just fuckin around….u think this would be a music vid? idiots dont hate this is how we roll….and u think u van rap better hollar….

  3. andrea says – reply to this


    honestly this song is not so bad.. i have heard sooo much worse… however the video is a joke lol

  4. ugh says – reply to this


    hey bitch his legal name AINT nathan marshall. its nathan mathers u dumb fuck.

  5. peanut says – reply to this


    Me take your ranting another place, this is celeb stuff not your rant board

  6. Zero says – reply to this


    As an avid fan of real hip-hop i have to say this kid doesnt have much of an ear much less talent. There is no way he listened to this track and thought it could make him some money or put him on the map…plain and simple this song is terrible. I do respect him trying to get his own by doing his own and not ass riding his brother for any fame. My message to him is to not rush the product…take your time, find the right producer and focus harder on your lyrical content. GL

  7. Wheres Marshall Mathers??? says – reply to this


    eminem is now going to make a song about killing his brother cuz that shit sucked

  8. p says – reply to this


    i really did like the song better than that kanye song you posted last night

  9. Jen says – reply to this


    he's got a good flow.

  10. E says – reply to this


    OH MY GOD! there are soooo many things wrong with this song and video I dont even know where to begin…I guess Ill start with the attire…WHO THE FUCK WEARS A KANGOL ANYMORE??? ESPECIALLY A WHITE DUDE??? the combination of that mixed with the polo shir, big gold chains, "stunna" shades and horribly manicured facial hair(chin strap)…ughhh…then you have these gilrs who were prolly there in hopes of meeting Eminem….Also notice that his Nathan only came out once his brother had faded..that says something..he knew he couldnt compete…well friend, ya still cant…you will never be your brother, he has heart, and flow…you are just some bubblegum knock-off…the chorus was catchy but pre-pubescent…The rapping was more of the same sugary watered down version of his brothers intelligent rhymes….over all I give the low budget video, teeny bopper sensation a thumbs down…
    Eminem needs to make a come-back…
    p.s why is everyone on here having a damn race war? how did this stupid video spawn any of that??? Haha…weeeaaaakkk
    Peace and Love people Peace and Love

  11. Team Lauren says – reply to this


    Nate Kane?? HE totally should've went with "Skittles"!!!

  12. Mr T says – reply to this


    A friendly message to all you white-rappers wannabes. First, don't dress up like a clown. Everyone can spot a poser pretty fast. And, dressing up like it's 1986 and ready for that TLC video doesn't give you much of street credibility. Second, stay true to who you are. People will accept and respect you for that. In his case, other than the wardrobe, he's hanging out with his crowd, and perhaps the only people who bother to pay attention to him, loose white girls. The whole video production value of this is horrible. He would've been better off with a black screen and just the song. Where's that Bill O'reilly's video?

  13. k-fed says – reply to this


    Man I want my shit back.

  14. Word says – reply to this


    I kinda liked it. Sounds and looks a lot like Em. Em would do better producing his bro' than that lame D12 shiz.

  15. ML says – reply to this


    Re: Mitch
    Seriously! LOL.

  16. Editor says – reply to this


    …"trying to be a career"? How does one "be" a career, exactly?

  17. STFU says – reply to this


    Re: The Baddest Bitch – Oh yeah, you're bad. Talking your shit on a computer. Your dumb shit at that! This isn't a WHITE site motherfucker.

  18. Ghostpoo says – reply to this


    Wow, I never thought there would be a K-Fed Wannabe out there!! At least Eminem never bragged about his bling and shit all the time

  19. Florida loves Nate says – reply to this


    Its amazing how a home video(not a music video) and a kick ass song has caught the attention of all you uneducated fucks with nothing to do. It seems Nathan - Who has MAD talent has just spread the word- He is out and ready to RAP.

    The Beat is Awesome and the versus are well constructed. The song is great and better yet I am sure there are many more to come.

    Again thanks for Blowing UP NATE KANE -

    I guess now he has officially arrived.


  20. samylucy says – reply to this


    Lightening isn’t going to strike the same family twice. Just won’t happen. He gets an ‘E’ for effort though.

  21. taqo says – reply to this


    damn. he sounds just like him… ;/
    just with very bad lyrics,lol.

  22. jAMIE says – reply to this


    I'm pretty SURE his name is Nathan MATHERS.

  23. Alyssa says – reply to this


    There are alot of rap songs that are worse than this, which are getting mainstream attention.

  24. sexy bitch kyra says – reply to this


    wow look at all the haters up in here! You stupid fucks know this was not a real music video! It looks like a home video put to his music of them chillen and having fun! The girls are hot, the shows are packed, the rhymes are tight so lay the fuck off and get a life or a hobby or some shit!! Peace!

  25. PETA my ass says – reply to this


    He is no good. He doesn't have Eminem's talent at all.

  26. Mama Lynn says – reply to this


    GEEZUZ H! That sucks more ballz than Lilo.

  27. Chip says – reply to this


    Was that K-Fed? lol anyone see my Hook? lol

  28. CJ says – reply to this


    hey its the Ashlee Simpson of hip-hop. he really should leave the rapping to his brother.

  29. Brian says – reply to this


    Eminem is a wannabe rapper!

  30. kelly says – reply to this


    that was one of the worst songs/music video i have ever seen. He is not going to do very well if all he does is subject women for sexually purposes in his video. It just looks like videos from a crappy house party where the slutty blondes acted dumb.

  31. Ouch says – reply to this


    "…on the rocks a Patron and a quarter of schnapps, and I got this, order cranberry and vodkas to bury my shots with…" Are you 18 with a fake ID who's never ordered a drink? Go ahead and drink that back to back and tell us about the flavors you're tasting… rhyming and having lyrical flow are great, when said flow actually makes a little sense… even better.

    Well Nate… that sucked. Enjoy your 15:00, 14:59, 14:58…..

  32. Nikki says – reply to this


    I think this is actually K-Fed pretending to be Em's little brother. He looks eerily similar to the "notorious" Federation Records founder (or like I like to call him Britney's bitch)!!

  33. angela scatena says – reply to this


    Re: I feel bad… – totaly agree…if your eminems brother you have to come out with a bang to become at least likeable to the public…this was cheesy.

  34. angela fer sher says – reply to this


    Re: WOW – couldnt put better myself. this kids just using his brothers fame and thats total bullshit.

  35. latina and proud of it! says – reply to this


    listen up nasty white people stop trying to be spanish/black it makes me sick white people always talking shit yet you tan to get darker skin like spanish people and yet you listen and try to act ghetto like black people white people are the real monkeys of this world always trying to copy other people. you white folks shoot up schools, starve yourselves, are the most racist people in the world, fuck your daughters, rape little boys, and murder people, you all make me sick thank gawd hispanics are coming into this country white people will no longer be the majority hispanics will soon be the majority in the USA fuck you honkeys!

  36. aj says – reply to this


    mother fuck a duck in a truck!! the goddamn video is deleted!! anyone know how to see it??

  37. Portia says – reply to this


    wow i didn't get to see it. but i have been to his myspace music page and lets just say hahahhahhahahahhahahahhaha pathetic. and those of you sticking up for that poser, saying "o it was just him goofing around, and his name is out there now so thanks". it doesn't matter if that was messing around or not. he can have the most kick ass video with the best styling and the hottest chicks and he will still sound like shit. he's a fucking poser!!!!! he's a wanna be of his big brother. if he was going to have a career how come his big brother wouldn't help him? i'm sure ems got his head in the ground so ashamed of this. nate is juat another ashley simpson haley duff k fed loser. all of those people fed off of their siblings/gilfriends celebrity status and look where it got them. sure they are famous. but do they have music careers? no! everyone laughs in their faces. just like everyong IS and are going to continue LAUGHING IN THAT LITTLE SMALL TINY UGLY WANNABE POSERS FACE!

  38. kober says – reply to this


    im sure you dont read all of your responses…but wow blogs gettig kind of boring….

  39. sally says – reply to this


    1. the song is a good song so f***k all of you assholes!!
    2. f-fed is a fat ugly bitch, nate is a cute man.
    3. you stupid idiots need a life… have you nothing better to do then talk shit? grow up!!

  40. E says – reply to this



  41. sally says – reply to this


    Re: me
    hey i agree it was wrong of them to say. as a white(or pink as you say) girl, i can't say i have the same understanding as you but i think it's wrong to talk and treat people so disresectfully. but try not to let it get to you… anger breeds hate and you don't want tp sink to their level.

  42. D dubb says – reply to this


    show me wat ur wrking withhh! it's hot give the boy his credit first song not that bad compared 2 shit ppl pay thousands of dollars to make!!!

  43. Melissa says – reply to this


    Wouldn't his name be Nathan Mathers? Eminems real name is Marshall Mathers right? How could his little brother have Eminems first name as a last?? I think Perez has sniffed to many hair product fumes.

  44. aj says – reply to this


    I went to myspace music and heard it. Im sorry it's fucking crap. If he wants to try to make it he needs to come up with something original, his songs sound like Em's throwaways. Step it up Nate

  45. nicky scott says – reply to this


    Which high school is that?Re: lindsey

  46. Snaggle Tooth says – reply to this


    WOW…Obviously he must have payed those slutty video hoes with a bag of pork rinds & thats why they have such nasty snaggle teeth just like "Nate Kane" himself. With teeth that bad they shouldnt be smiling. The song and video SUCK ASS. I bet K-Fed sold more records than this kid EVER will. At least K-Fed had Britneys money to fall back on, I'm sure Em doesnt give this kid a penny and is ashamed of him in many ways. He obviosly needs a professional manager and production company like his brother. Whoever is trying to make a "career" out of this kid is a joke. Everyone in the video and the Mathers family is white trash at the fullest. Bunch of uneducated honkeys. Whats next a reality show for publicity??? I bet LOL.

  47. FLORIDA HATES NATE! says – reply to this


    With all the money Em has why would'nt he help his brother with some PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION help, it looks like amateurs produced the video AND music. Not a good move for your first public showcase HAHAHAHA. Doesnt Emenim own Shady records??? If Nate had any potential I'm sure his bro would not hesistate at signing him, it looks like even his brother knows this kid is a failure. Atleast someone in his family has some business sense! He should move back into the trailer park where those nasty blondes in the video live and try to soak up some more of emeniems sucess.

  48. rachel says – reply to this


    i bet he will either do a paris hilton/kim kardashian move by putting out his own sex tape or do a ashlee simpson and get a reality show based on being in the shaddow of someone elses career cause his music sucks ass and wont sell and thats the only way he will get his name out there. give it up kid!

  49. is this for real? says – reply to this



  50. Jules says – reply to this


    Eminem is a bastard child dirtbag whose not even man enough to love his own mother. If my son defamed me and every other women in America, I'd disown him too. Have fun in hell sucka!!!

  51. Jill says – reply to this


    Re: Jules – He's just mad ’cause his mom has a bigger dick than he does, and he's a chump like his father.

  52. Lyndsey says – reply to this


    Cutie Pie - you are a racist bitch! I wish you did have a son because this white girl would have your "son" telling his racist mamma GOODBYE and I would laugh because it would be your own racist fault! We do not need any more ignorance in this world. I appreciate your skateboarding/cheese sandwich comment just as much as black americans appreciate watermelon/fried chicken comments. White people like watermelon and chicken too, as black people like grilled cheese sandwiches.
    As for Eminem's little brother - the video has been removed and I was not able to watch it (WTF!) - so no opinion this way!

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