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Aliana Lohan Is A Troll!

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She's slowly crawling herself from the Z list to the D!

It's being reported that little Ali Lohan is currently the top choice for director John Carl Buechler's lead role in the remake of his 1986 classic, Troll.

LaLohan Jr. auditioned for the role of Eunice St. Clair.

That must be a mistake. She's PERFECT for the role of the troll!!!!!

Eunice is the one who helps Harry Potter, Jr. fight the evil Torok the Troll.

And no, there's no relation to the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. That is, unless she borrowed the name from the movie.

We wonder….

Buechler says of Ali, "She was great. The camera loves her. She's a really good actress…I am personally going to fight for her."


We have a feeling Dina Lohan is jealous she's not in the movie!

[Image via WENN.]

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136 comments to “Aliana Lohan Is A Troll!”

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  1. nicci says – reply to this


    That little whore is such a fucking wannabe!!! give it a couple years and she'll be a lesbian, drug attack, FUCK UP just like her sister…

  2. 102

    Re: Stef – Do you even know them? I fucking know them personally, and you are full of shit..

  3. faber says – reply to this


    Seriously tho- she has THE WORST make up EVER!!!!! and she looks WAY TOO OLD for her age.

    The most embaressing part is that she draws on her upper lip!!

    F this - im making fun of a kid, but this is stuff the mom should be telling her. you look redic. look natural and he lip/discust eye shadow needs to go.

  4. becky says – reply to this


    Ali Lohan is the new Rumer Willis. This kid has GOT something really wrong with her. She looks like a man trying to look like a girl. Let me go get that brillo pad.

  5. lohan says – reply to this


    ok why does she look 45-50 and ugly as hell!?!

  6. Jessi says – reply to this


    dont be so slack you all knew how hard it was to be 14 shes still barley into her teens. how would you feel if all this shit was being said about you. so what shes sticking up for her sister would you like her it if people started dissing your sister or your family. you guys should think about how you would feel before you start giving this poor girl such a hard time.

  7. Jess says – reply to this


    After watching their reality show I think the Lohans, particularly Ali, are disgusting. Ali is a mean, spoiled, ugly little brat. I cannot believe how she talks to her mother, if you can even call her that. Grow a spine Dina and kick that little shits ass before she ends up worse off than her big sis. Or do you consider Lindsey successful still, regardless of how miserable her life has ended up and the fact that she couldn't get an acting gig if her butch girlfriends life depended on it.

    Before watching Denis Richards show, i had a negative image of her from the media, after, I actually like her. Living Lohan on the other hand makes me wish the whole lohan family was deported to a 3rd world country where their talents would be appreciated.

  8. Alli says – reply to this


    Everyone should stop getting so worked up over the Lohans! They had the sweet taste of success with Lindsay and she blew it big time. Now they are gonna try and keep the cash flow coming with Brokeback Ali. It won't work. Nothing is worse than having fame & fortune and then having NOTHING. That's what's gonna happen to this little twat and her cunt mother. They will be dishing out blowjobs to morbidly obese truck drivers in a trailer park within 3 years. Just watch. When it happens we can all sit back and laugh at them. God gave them both "O" mouths for a reason: they are perfect for sucking big, fat, hairy dicks!

  9. Cari says – reply to this


    That chick is so f'n ugly!!! And she sounds like a f'n man!

  10. Razor says – reply to this


    I wish all them Lohans would just fuck right the hell off already.

  11. Aidan says – reply to this


    SEAN #83

    Are you kidding me? What kind of response is that?

    Let me clue you in on something: THIS IS AMERICA. HERE IN AMERICA you are NOT allowed to BANG 14 year olds. Also, where in the fuck did you find that definition of a pedophile? Check your facts moron.

    If you do not like it MOVE to some unindustrialized SHIT HOLE where the mean household income is $5 a month. Take that piece of shit Josh with you.

    You guys are a bunch of fucking dirtbags.

  12. your says – reply to this


    Dude, she's 14-what's up with you and this obsession with children? It's freaky…leave her alone she's a kid. Sometimes your funny but sometimes your just an asshole–lay off man.

  13. Sally says – reply to this


    I went to school with her (before she started home-schooling) and she is a total bitch. She smokes and she's a slut. She acts like she is better than everyone else b/c she is Lindsay's little sister. When Lindsay became the has-been she is now it humbled Ali a little bit but she was still a bitch. That's why her peers don't like her and that's why she dropped out of school. She blew a couple of the guys on the basketball team behind a dumpster once. Total slut.

  14. Gulak says – reply to this


    Perez, your fat ass needs to stop being such an asshole. She is really not that ugly. Why do you hate her so much? Seriously, before calling someone ugly look in the mirror Perez. This is not 4th grade. and you sir, look like a pig. That's ugly.

  15. Danie says – reply to this


    she still has that fucked up eye ahahahaa

  16. bops says – reply to this


    She kind of looks like Owen Wilson!

  17. ashle says – reply to this


    is it me or do her eyes not point in the same direction?

  18. Suggg says – reply to this


    Its so sad that moms are selling out their kids like this these days Ali is to young to be pushed out into the mean world like this and to think her mom got a best mother award Some people are just plane dumb

  19. edinb says – reply to this


    good on her! well done and good luck with the career, just because her sisters been a twat doesnt mean she deserves bullshit that ur all wrting about her! shes 14 for fuck sake!

  20. Blue says – reply to this


    She could hook a fish with that nose.

  21. MANHA says – reply to this


    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. vk says – reply to this


    her contact lenses are so fake O.o

  23. surly says – reply to this


    no way! maybe at the end, when eunice takes her hair down and is young again to fight turok, but throughout almost the entire movie, eunice is a lady in her 60s!
    AND, Rowling totally ripped off the name Harry Potter. i've always thought that.

  24. cat says – reply to this


    what? That movie was a joke, why would they make another one?

  25. Dandy says – reply to this


    "The camera loves her"? She is very odd looking. And why do all you people get so upset about the comments here? Truth is truth. Whether she is 14 or 50, she is not pretty and there is nothing wrong with telling the truth. You need to get off your high horses and open your eyes. Are you BLIND? No one is judging her character, because no one knows her. It is simply how she looks.

  26. LilaB says – reply to this


    Maybe the director is trying to get into her mom's panties…

  27. Snick says – reply to this


    Ugh, this girl is so creepy, ugly and un-naturally WEIRD looking. She will never be a big star - she'll burn too many bridges and become a drug addict just like her stupid sister, all before age 19.

  28. loren says – reply to this


    she sucks she cant even act or sing shes just a wanna be

  29. niamh says – reply to this


    Wow You people have some serious anger or resentment towards YOURSELVES!

    She may not be as attractive as Lindsay but so what. If she lived next door to you ,you would think she was pretty enough. Not to mention she is only 14, at that age you are deeply insecure and you have yet to find your genuine personal style. Shes tall,skinny & quite pretty which is probaly more than can be said for 90% of you lot. IF you look anything like perez hilton, god help camera lenses everywhere!

  30. Sarah says – reply to this


    Everyone should just stop being negative about Ali she is not responsible for her sisters actions. Aliana is a talented girl and she should be role model in most peoples minds because she has gone through all of her families issues. She will be amazing and she is no troll. As for Dina she is an amazing mom/manager she has a lot on her hands and is not living through her daugters!

  31. Hana says – reply to this


    Lol Hilarious, As MUCH As I ( L ) Ali I Think She Should Leave The Acting To Lindsay.
    Love You Perez =]

    Hana xO

  32. 132

    Ha i love Perez Hilton. She does look like a troll eh?

  33. 133

    All of you bitches are just fucking haters. Calm the fuck down and worry about your OWN pathetic little lives. Exactly how do you know what kind of makeup she's wearing? Were you present when it was applied? No, so shut the fuck up.
    I think she's beautiful, and until you've seen what she can do you should keep your nasty, jealous opinions to YOURSELVES.

  34. bitch says – reply to this


    1.stop wearing lipliner you're 14.
    2.forr all the idiots that are crying because you think Perez got her age wrong..it was a joke.. a very funny one indeed.
    3.this girl is tranny.
    4.the only thing her show has done for me was confirmed the fact that she in an annoying little bitch.

  35. bitch says – reply to this


    my last comment was really harsh so i WILL say..

    maybe she could be KINDA:/ cute if she dressed age appropriate and didnt wear so much make up.

    shes still young..maybe she wont look so awkard in a few years..maybe she will. either way shes doomed for failure

  36. lover says – reply to this


    she is the definition of nasty - a spoiled self centered brat already… she makes linds look good.. well also the fact that ali DOES look like a troll helps linds… GO DIE ALI

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