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Where's Her Belly???

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Are we sure she really gave birth????

Nicole Kidman was spotted in Nashville on Sunday looking impossibly thin.

And she's wearing white! White's not a slimming color.

Maybe working out so much during your pregnancy really does pay off!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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326 comments to “Where's Her Belly???”

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  1. Sheri says – reply to this


    Hmm perez love your site and all but your a bit fulla shhhh…..it ? haha theres been heaps of photos in australian mag's and on the news of nicole and with a belly … the photo is a bad one at that …so of course you cant see it.

    i think you just hate her .. why ?? god knows she is actually a pretty descent person alot better than 90% of celebrities …she doesnt start fights , she acts like a lady and keeps to her self .. she is someone i wouldnt mind my kids idolising instead of half the other shit we see on the covers of magizines

  2. tawny says – reply to this


    shes a phony, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, phony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shes as cold as ice.

  3. ivy says – reply to this


    She could be just one of those lucky ones. My friend didn't look 9 months pregnant when she was and never even looked like she was pregnant after she popped it out!

  4. gigi says – reply to this


    Re: Again – Wow, you're really smart. You certainly told me off. Hahaha, and you called me a cunt. Wow, you're super smart with a great vocabulary. I bet you feel better. Now go read some books and learn some things. Ignorance is not attractive. Now fuck off you dumb piece of shit.

  5. Girl says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – So have you ever heard of an invention called maxi pad. When I "bleed" I don't walk around with bloody clothes you idiot.

  6. sammy says – reply to this


    Tummy tuck Perez! DUH.

  7. nnjjn says – reply to this


    If Nicole Kidman really had a surrogate mother carry her baby for her for nine months, she would have said so. She's not one of those celebrities that constantly lie. Why would she make a big show of the rounded stomach, the delivery, etc if she didn't carry her baby herself? I believe that she would have no problem whatsoever admitting if her baby was carried for nine months by another. You can clearly see that Nicole Kidman's stomach is still slightly rounded, and her hips have a few added inches (trust me watch some of her movies and then see her photos now, you'll see) her face is also a lot rounder indicating she has put on a lot of weight. Because she is taller she carries weight differently, and while in the stomach area it may not be as apparent, you can defiantly tell from her legs, her face, neck and even her wrists that are more bloated.
    It never ceases to amaze me the idiocy of some people, and by reading some of the comments now I'm even more astounded. Why can't you just leave her alone? Let her be happy? There are a lot of actresses out there who behave appallingly, and yet you pick on Nicole Kidman.
    I think it's stupid with all these conspiracy theories that she faked a pregnancy, or that she got someone else to carry a baby. If this was Angelina Jolie or Kiera Knightly, do you think people would be saying such things? Just because Nicole had the misfortune of being married to Tom Cruise at one point of her life, does not mean she acts like him.

  8. wench says – reply to this


    I honestly think that they had a surrogate carry the baby and lied about it. Her belly looked odd all during the pregnancy and she didn't get very big at all.

  9. Cybel says – reply to this


    There really are some idiots who post comments here. For something different, read a book! Then you might know that women over 40 have babies all of the time… Halle Berry for one. And speaking of Halle, she is as thin as she was pre-pregnancy but no one is claiming she faked her baby. So cut Nicole some slack. Actresses/Performers have to maintain a certain body type in order to get work. And generally they lose the baby weight very fast. Look at how fast Christina Agulera got thin. Most of them have been pictured on this blog with Perez saying how great they look. Stop being such a bitch to Nicole, Perez.

    Plus, for those who claim that women bleed so heavily for a month after pregnancy that they would never wear white jeans… oh please! It isn't a friggin volcano running down their legs. It is a light period. They have something called kotex. Idiots.

  10. Flo says – reply to this


    I am THRILLED to see other people can tell this whole pregnancy was FAKE like Bree Van De Camp. I have been saying it all along. Home girl didn't gain an ounce anywhere but in her strap on belly. How long till you think someone busts her story? I give it a year, it will come out eventually. She could not have kids, which was why she and Cruise adopted. She was never pregnant folks.

  11. 111

    Of course, she was pregnant…why, the hell, would she lie? She has proven twice before, that adopting a child is noble and loving….not shameful So, if she was going to adopt, again, why would she hide the fact?
    Some women, bless their genes, CAN return to pre-pregnancy weight, in record time. They shouldn't be criticized for it…they should be envied. Also, I have seen ladies wear white pants, string bikini's, even thongs…while menstruating. Hell, they even came out with special pads and panty-liners for thong wearers, a few years back.
    My theory, as to why Tom and Nicole adopted…because Nicole is a devout Roman Catholic, and Tom is a cult member. The thing about devout Catholics…they want their children to be baptized, they want their children to have their first communion, and they want to have their children confirmed….among other things. And, you can't tell me that Tom would have gone along with those plans.

  12. Birdi says – reply to this


    First of all, her top is flowing in the front and could be hiding a slight bely. Second, she barely had a belly when she was pregnant. The luck of the draw is that some women lose their bellies quickly, especially by breast feeding. It burns alot of calories and it helps the uterus shrink back to it's original state. As far as saying that a woman couldn't have kids, she adopted quite a while ago. Having known people with fertility issues, there are always advances. What might not have been possible 10 - 15 years ago, could be possible now. In any event, leave her alone. She was punished enough in her first marriage.

  13. La LA says – reply to this


    I don't believe she was ever pregnant…

  14. CMON says – reply to this


    I call bullshit on her even being pregnant. Regardless of her health at the time of conception, two factors make Nicole's pregnancy HIGH RISK. #1 Her age #2 Prior miscarriages. Therefore, what physician, in their right mind, would advocate a 5 DAYS/WEEK EXERCISE REGIMEN OR FILMING IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES? She should have been on bed rest in the beginning AND end of that pregnancy and not have exerted herself to that extent. Even IF the physician said her activities were safe, why would she want to risk it, given how many years AND failed attempts it took her to bring a pregnancy to term? So strange.

  15. Dinah says – reply to this


    She NEVER gave birth… Fact #1: She was never bigger than a woman who ws 5 months along #2: She never "dropped" or had a different look to her belly or gained weight elewhere, which we ALL do. #3: She was quoted as saying she would "NEVER pose with a naked belly". No shit - we would see the prosthetic. And MOST telling: She was out 4 DAYS after giving birht having coffee in her jeans. Hel-LO! ANY mom can tell u at 4 days you can't even SIT let alone walk, from the stitches, etc. And at 40, no WAY is she losing that weight that quickly. She TOTALLY bought that baby and it's a HUGE deceit. Not that I care, but we are NOT stupid…

  16. Tracy says – reply to this


    I really have to laugh at the conspiracy theorists in here whose IQ is probably no higher than 70.
    If you're going to fake a pregnancy, wouldn't you go for a really big belly? "Hey, let's have a tiny pad so that everyone can start wondering whether it's real or not."
    Come on, people, use that little bit of brain that you've got. I suppose you're all very young and have no experience with being pregnant. There was nothing unusual about Nicole's pregnancy, there's nothing unusual about how she looks now.

  17. Miche says – reply to this


    First of all, I know women who come home a few days after giving birth and get back in their jeans. Second, if she were going to wear a fake belly, wouldn't she wear one that looked bigger? Nicole is very tall and tall women usually have long waists. The longer the torso is, the less pronounced the belly. If you notice, the end of her pregnancy, the top of her stomach was larger than the rest, which makes sense given her build.

    And also, she never said she couldn't get pregnant, she just had trouble carrying, as she had several miscarriages. She didn't tell anyone she was pregnant until after she was over three months along.

  18. Mich says – reply to this


    Maybe she faked her pregnancy after all? They did say that she couldn't have kids a while back. Plus her belly was too small for someone ready to give birth. Yeah she is back to her normal weight but really what catches me is that she is wearing white. Someone that just had a kid tends to bleed a lot more than a regular period. This all seems weird.

  19. Smitt says – reply to this


    ok so Perez if you are reading….I have been in doubt this whole prgnancy!! I actually think she was never pregnant. She NEVER looked like a pregnant woman to me. The whole thing is just weird…I believe that she maybe was a one time pregnant and maybe sadly lost the baby and didnt want the world to know so decided to go along with a fake pregnancy. I dont know call me crazy but I think I have been on to something from the start. Besides the fact I hope Baby and Mommy are well.

  20. CMON says – reply to this


    Re: Birdi – PUNISHED ENOUGH IN HER FIRST MARRIAGE? I got news for you, if it weren't for her FIRST MARRIAGE, we wouldn't even know who the fuck Nicole Kidman is except MAYBE as "that chick from Dead Calm".

  21. caro says – reply to this



  22. kara says – reply to this


    All you have to do is eat right and continue to be active while you're pregnant. I weighed less after having my son than before I even got pregnant. It was awesome.

  23. Doe says – reply to this


    When is Nicole going to see "her" other children, remember she once was a "mother" to Isabella and Connor. BTW I congratulate Tom Cruise's mother and sister for taking such good care of those two motherless kids. God bless them ! As for Kidman I say: Go back to Australia, you are finished in the USA and shame on you heartless skinny airhead.

  24. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – I was about to post the exact same thing. Yes, indeed there is bleeding for 3 -4 weeks after you give birth. I did not wear anything that resembled white so soon after delivering!!

  25. Conce says – reply to this


    Oh hell where in the world do you people come up with this shit? Every woman who has ever had a baby can tell you a different story. Every woman's pregnacies are different each and every woman. Ladies am I not correct? once again NO ONE EVER REALLY KNOWS ABOUT SOMEONE ELSES LIVES DO THEY?

  26. 126


  27. Lala says – reply to this



  28. meeeb says – reply to this


    SHE WAS NEVER REALLY PREGNANT! ! ! !just my opinion

  29. Agree says – reply to this

  30. Emmal says – reply to this


    LEAVE HE ALONE YOU ASSHOLE!!!! SHE IS TWICE THE PERSON YOU WILL EVER BE!!!! You can't judge of she is thin or not by one damn picture!!!

  31. Lala says – reply to this


    Nicole BUSTED!
    Never Pregnant!

  32. dingu says – reply to this


    I had a friend like this - teeny tiny and barely looked pregnant ever and then was thin thin thin very shortly after birth so it is possible….annoying, but possible. The thing that distrubs me - where is the baby???

  33. Gail says – reply to this


    Re: Kat – And they allowed You to keep Your Child? That sounds like Child abuse!

  34. chris says – reply to this


    Re: LettyB – Fucktard, yourself, you hosebag loser! You cannot be that stupid to believe that Nicole would be rail thin after giving birth. Get your fat head out of your ass!

  35. Drea says – reply to this


    I lost all my weight right after pregnancy……I was all belly when I was pregnant, and I carried my little boy towards the back so that could be why…..This is why ppl don't like skinny bitches

  36. Amazo says – reply to this


    You guys are funny. Of course she wasn't even preggers. She had a surrogate and a padded tummy. 42 year olds don't get preggers and have easy-easy pregnancies like that (and not an ounce gained??). She wasn't even able to get preggers.

    Nice one, Nicole!

  37. Dood says – reply to this


    Dude, obviously she faked her pregnancy.

  38. bella says – reply to this


    Perez, you have some diggin' to do. She looks like that a few weeks after giving birth - suspicious. She took a (commercial?) flight a few days before giving birth - highly unlikely for any real pregnant woman - any doctor will advise against it from 7 months up and most commercial carriers actually do not allow pregnant women to fly. And don't forget she went out to lunch 3 days after giving birth - that's suspicious and crazy! Even if you feel ok, you're still losing chunks of clotted blood and most women don't want to be away from their baby the first few days. Why? Because nature arranged it to be so, and because there's no way you feel up to a full restaurant and a lot of people around you. And what about the 'photo controversy'? Could it be that the Kidman baby cannot be photographed yet because anyone who ever had a baby would instantly see that the kid is older than 2 weeks? Something about this 'pregnancy' doesn't add up - maybe Perez's team can find out what's going on? That would really give you a scoop!

  39. HugsN says – reply to this


    She must think people are idiots. Her ugly husband too.

  40. Beave says – reply to this


    Her tits are huge! Duh. Perez - maybe you should try wearing white. I love when a gay man tries her very best to sum up a woman who just gave birth.

    Go pick your ass and eat it. I promise, you won't gain weight.

  41. mike says – reply to this


    Hold up. didn't she have a C section? Wasn't she out and about having coffee 4 days after "giving birth"? Women are put on bed rest after having a C section. FAKE!

  42. Miche says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – That's exactly what I was thinking… After delivery, women usually bleed for about a month… & Doctor will tell you not to insert ANYTHING (so no tampon) into the "area" for at least 6 weeks!

  43. Donna says – reply to this


    Liz - #55 comment, you are a fucking idiot! Exactly where did you hear all these facts? You sound like you have actual sources. Get a life you idiot!

  44. Nat says – reply to this


    Well, she doesn't look like she just gave birth but then again, she didn't look like she was 9 months pregnant at all… it looked like she had had lots of frijoles!

  45. Sara says – reply to this


    Does anyone else notice how incredibly SKINNY Keith is in this pic? They both look sickly… Ugh!

  46. donna says – reply to this


    To all you dumass's out there..not everyone gets fat when they are pregnant. I am at 40 weeks, due tomorrow, and I do not have one stretch mark on my belly, I have only gained about 8-9 pounds so far, my baby is measuring at 8 pounds, I have been so sick that I have lost weight while being pregnant, so I will look pretty skinny when this baby comes out. Pregnancy is no excuse to eat like at pig and sit on your ass and do nothing, and look like a fat slob when the baby comes out.

  47. seria says – reply to this


    Never mind the belly, where is the baby?!? She keeps popping here an there, always without her baby. I don't know a lot of new moms who would go out alone when they have a newborn at home!

  48. terri says – reply to this


    my friend has a theory that nicole's sister actually carried the child for her..get some genetics that way

  49. marti says – reply to this


    Re: chris – i agree totally with you! i dont think she ever was pregnant, it looks like a padding!

  50. HJ says – reply to this


    I'm sure she gave birth, first off, she was unnaturally thin to begin with before the pregnancy, I swear her belly looks chunky in comparison to what it wasw before the pregnancy, as in now she looks kind of normal weight or her height. She also looks like she could be hiding an adult diaper under those low rise, probably maternity wear, jean capris, for the person who said she should be bleeding for a month after having the baby, it's not like she's dumping blood everywhere by the cupfuls, by now it's probably a trickle, and it looks like she's wearing a NURSING bra and her chest looks bigger. I think she did give birth for reals and a few weeks later, she looks great.

  51. jenna says – reply to this


    I don't ever believe she was pregnant. Ever. First her hips are very small from this pix. Second even her ankles are slim…I always thought she paid some knocked-up hillbilly to giver her their kid. She thought is she convinced us she was preggers she would get a lot of covers of magazines. BUT no one cares about her and her ugly husband. Trust me-she was never pregnant
    In one of her "pregnant" photos her belly is pillowly lumpy. I bet even Scientology got her her baby-if you dig deeper you will all see I'm right about this.

  52. DUH says – reply to this


    HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO! you of all people should know that the stars "lose" all of their baby belly fat immediately because days after giving birth they go and get lipo!! i thought everyone knew this.

  53. dude says – reply to this


    She was anorexic going into the pregnancy to begin with. What do you expect? I doubt she's breast feeding.

  54. meme says – reply to this


    It's totally possible. I have some cousins who were like that. Skinny as anything, barely showed and right back to being super skinny. Crazy.

  55. poop says – reply to this


    Re: seria – she has a long list of people she employs to take care of her - and probably even longer now that she has a baby. this is why stars can and do go out after birth.

  56. mothy says – reply to this


    until I see a picture of either of them holding a baby that looks like them I won't believe she was even pregnant!!! She never did look pregnanat to me…..

  57. 157

    I always had my doubts that she was even ever prego, esp. seeing a photo a day before birth and her "belly" looked 4 months along! Everything seemed "fishy" and just not "right"; from not having a tummy, from refusing a photo shoot that exposed her belly, from not letting people touch it, from a photo I saw where it looked like the outline of a pillow-type thing and not the usual prego belly….and then days after birth not only wearing white(despite normal heavy post-birth bleeding!) and no belly or boobs! She also said she may not even release any photos of the baby, either….I wonder if a baby even exists…I think the whole thing was phony; a fake pregnancy,and if there really even is a baby I bet she paid a surrogate to carry it…just look at Halle Berry; 4 months after she had her baby she still has a "tummy"; that's the usual,and I've had kids myself, and know what a prego and post-prego bady looks like!! I think she faked it all along…

  58. Hey says – reply to this


    She looks like she could be 4 or 5 months pregnant in this photo! Maybe she's still expecting.

  59. cunt says – reply to this


    Re: Again – when informing someone of his or her bad grammar and spelling, you should probably take care to use correct grammar yourself. just a lesson for you - "what others have wrote" - an educated person would HAVE WRITTEN "WHAT OTHERS HAVE WRITTEN". you make me laugh. really, you are quite funny with your arrogant idiocy. i bet you live in a trailer in arkansas.

  60. Holly says – reply to this


    I've had my doubts about this for a while. I mean, she had mulitple miscarrages after pregnancies were leaked. I think she felt like she had to save face or something. He belly looked a little off, she was never huge and i felt like it was born pretty early… or am i a nut? I dunno - it seems so outlandish that someone would go so far out of their way to seem pregnant but i dunnoooo maaannnn….

  61. joann says – reply to this


    Re: nnjjn – You need to WAKE UP. "She's not one of those celebrities that constantly lie" ??????? I'm not saying the pregnancy was fake though I wouldn't be surprised but have you even been paying attention to what she says in her interviews & then what she does later? And her botched up face? She's been constantly doing a Michael Jackson by saying she's "completely natural". I think you are just blindly in love with her

  62. Amy says – reply to this


    Maybe she had a lipo?

  63. emma says – reply to this


    around l.a. and hollyweird it was rumored that her sister or someone else was the surrogate and nicole was never pregnant to begin with. she wore a prosthetic hence why she didn't gain weight anywhere. not her face, arms, legs, nowhere. and once her sister or some other woman gave birth, nicole "had the baby". apparently her procedure she had done years ago made her infertile..some ovarian problem and she can't carry and she is 41 also so she's older.

  64. kp says – reply to this


    It's not that hard to get back in shape if you took good care of yourself during the pregnancy especially if you breastfeed.

  65. Ali T says – reply to this


    She's blessed with good genes, she's extremely tall and lean and she takes care of herself. I envy her.

  66. Emay says – reply to this


    I never really believed she was preggers to begin with. The way she carried, and the work she had done during said 'pregnancy' was just all skewed. I think a surrogate delivered the baby. Why else did we not see a shot of her going to hospital - or leaving despite their regular coverage?

  67. joann says – reply to this


    Re: nnjjnRe: nnjjn – You need to WAKE UP. "She's not one of those celebrities that constantly lie" ??????? I'm not saying the pregnancy was fake though I wouldn't be surprised but have you even been paying attention to what she says in her interviews & then what she does later? And her botched up face? She's been constantly doing a Michael Jackson by saying she's "completely natural". I think you are just blindly in love with her

  68. 168

    Re: Emay – You know, reading your post reminded me of another suspicion I had: I read originally she was going to have a homebirth…not too unusual in itself, except she said it wouldn't be the typical midwife to deliver…but rather her *psychologist* FATHER(who isn't even a medical doctor!) which's odd,and dangerous, but it makes sense: no hospital, no "witnesses", no photogs,; easier to cover up her ruse…and there's also no way just 4 days post-birth she'd be out of the house,; I coudln't even SIT for a week or so, after my first baby,and was weak,dizzy, and tired and sore,,and who'd leave the house without the baby so soon,too? It just doesn't smell right..

  69. Tito says – reply to this


    she sure has been going out a lot and leaving her baby at home since giving birth. what's up with that?

  70. amand says – reply to this


    I'm just going to put this out there…. maybe she didn't give birth… maybe she was never pregnant, but just faked it while someone else carried the baby for her. If you think about it, it makes sense. She took months to show, then she finally showed and looked like she was only 3 months along when she was in her third trimester! She is so small, usually skinny people show sooner…. I'm just saying…

  71. shut says – reply to this


    Re: WTF??
    Really. And it's not like a normal period. And she shouldn't be wearing tampons this soon after a delivery…and I don't see any pad lines. Just saying…

  72. memem says – reply to this


    Her boobs are huge - a "big" clue that she just had a baby. And also, is she not wearing a bra? I swear I see nips. Hopefully she didn't lactate thru her shirt. That would be embarassing. She could also be wearing spanx.

  73. Shut says – reply to this


    Re: avp_123
    You still bleed after a CSection. And I imagine pants that lay so low on the hips aren't comfy over the incision.

  74. Lo says – reply to this


    Everyone knows homegirl is sterile!

  75. Mee says – reply to this


    So im a Huge Keith Urban fan but i have some real issues with him lately and this is one of them……. She was never preggers she tried and tried so many times with Tom and it never worked she couldnt do it she couldnt carry so personaly i think that Sunday is the Keith and Nic's baby i just dont think she carried it, She put on a fake baby tummie (cuz if u look she went from nothing to a bump that never grew it stayed one size and for as small as she is there would have been something a lot sooner then there was!) I think she had a Sareget Mother a wont that carried the fertilized egg for them. I cant wait to see what Sunday looks like to see who or if she really looks like either one of them…… and the other issue Sunday is a nice name but come on they could have given her ONE last name!!!!!!

  76. ?? says – reply to this


    Whats up with her husband? How short is he? And she probably had a nip and tuck after giving birth. But yeah, she's sure skinny for just giving birth.

  77. Redde says – reply to this


    She looks great, class act

  78. Lucia says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but I don't buy for a second that she gave birth!!! She must have hired a surrogate mother and faked the whole pregnancy… she could definitely afford it, and she never looked pregnant at all to me

  79. bebeo says – reply to this


    they prolly adopted a baby and she wore a fake belly so people would think that she was able to conceive…who wears white after having a baby…your on your cycle for a long time…yuk!

  80. zoey says – reply to this


    anorexia pays off during pregnancy…right Nicole. I hope her kid isn't retarded…

  81. 181

    soooo naive. mothers dont have to have the belly for 6 months after. some lose it almost immediately.

  82. Lorpy says – reply to this


    She was never pregnant? She wore a fake belly until the surrogate delivered the child.

  83. Dalla says – reply to this


    If I wouldn't know by my own experience, I might not believe it..but!! Yes! You can look like that right after having a baby…when I was a skinny biatch like her I(I weighed 108 lbs when I got preggers and gained 40-50 lbs during pregnancy) I lost a TON of weight right after having my baby..within 6 weeks I looked like her…so ya it's possible..and she had a small baby too..

  84. allie says – reply to this


    she is also 6'0 or around that so she was skinny during her pregnancy and working out during it, helped her stay fit.

  85. Tiff says – reply to this


    She's gross, I'm surprised she could even have a baby with her anorexic ass! She gained like 5 lbs during the pregnancy… that's gross!

  86. Kaye says – reply to this


    my sister gained 50 pounds with her first and was in her regular clothes 3 weeks later. If you have the right metabolism and keep in shape while pregnant, the baby weight isn't hard to lose.

  87. 187

    she looks skinny and old…. back to botox…

  88. Curly says – reply to this


    the whole time she was pregnant the pics of her in people magazine fluctuatuated belly wise. you would see a belly and then 2 weeks later she would look smaller.
    maybe they adopted under the radar?

  89. Sam says – reply to this


    I really think the whole pregnancy was a fake. A week before she was pregnant she looked really small, no where near as big as she should have looked! And now, look at her shirt above her pants, her hips are tiny. I don't care how naturally thin you are, that's impossible. They probably adopted a baby but wanted everyone to think it was really theirs to the staged the entire thing.

  90. Jacks says – reply to this


    She gave birth what about a week ago? Why is she wearing white? The amount of bleeding a woman does for the first 3-4 weeks after a pregnancy would be enough to sway a woman from doing that! What is she thinking? She either wasn't pregnant or she is really stupid!

  91. PoeEd says – reply to this


    Oh, come on. Nicole has always been tall and thin. If you remember about 5-6 years ago, Sarah Jessica Parker did the same thing … very soon after her son was born, SJP looked like she was never pregnant at all.
    Have you people ever heard about actresses starving themselves because of so many unforgiving camera in their faces? Have you never heard of the nips and tucks of plastic surgery?
    Of course, Nicole was pregnant, gave birth, and immediately started to work on her movie-star body.

  92. Carla says – reply to this


    Remember when she said that she was completely natural and had nothing in her face - Even while her lips were getting bigger by the week? Remember when she said she'd never smoked - even when plenty of articles about her smoking at Cannes, or sharing a cigarette with a fellow actor? This skinny old bitch lies and lies - so it wouldn't suprised me if she'd faked her pregnancy - it wouldn't suprise me at all.

  93. 193

    As many have said, this smells of deception. her belly was never anywhere near the size it should have been at any given time in her pregnancy.. she's pulled a bree and faked her pregnancy. someday i hope the parents of the baby she bought comes forward and tells the truth :p

  94. Awaha says – reply to this


    and a gay male such as yourself should TOTALLY know what a woman's recently pregnant belly SHOULD look like, right?

  95. Voice says – reply to this


    To you all without eyes or a heart. She is indeed lactating as it does show through her nursing bra. This is a woman who has NEVER had any breasts to speak of. Wow, Look at her now. When I had my C-section scheduled I also asked around to have a tummy tuck…they would be in the vicinity, right?

    WRONG!!! They will just NOT do it for obvious reasons. No tummy tuck would be performed on a new mother, no one does it, EVER. The stretchy skin is not the only concern, the uterus is also rather large. The levels of hormones in the body are still raging and the body itself changing from day to day. I see these stupid comments from people who THINK they know what they are saying. She is most obviously nursing as well, possibly supplementing with a bottle, which would give her freedom to walk around. I walked the next day, AND MY SCAR HAD HEALED!!! Yes, I was terrified to take the huge band-aid-like cover and it turned out that my top layer of skin was all closed up and healed. On day four we took our baby out for a walk…surprise, I could walk well on my Tylenol 3's and the rest is just stupidity on the haters' part. She had her baby, leave her alone.

    Congratulations Nicole and Keith from our home to yours!!! Babies are worth it!

  96. AMO says – reply to this


    No, she had a tummy tuck when she gave birth to her baby. She had to for her stomach to be that flat.

  97. 197

    When will people just be happy for someone?
    Why all the jealousy?
    The woman is almost 6 ft. tall . . . and we saw pictures of her exercising and saw her bear belly in mag. so why do people feel the need to invent conspiricy/s?
    I am fairly certain she did not have a C section or we would have heard about it when the child was born and it was never stated anywhere that that is what happened.
    Anyone who is in good shape and active the way she was can get up and out of bed and resume life outside of the hospital.
    As for the questions about her "bleeding" how gross, come on, ever heard of Maxi-Pads or are you now going to set the womens movement even further back by insisting that a woman is not capable of doing anything after giving birth other than staying in bed the way we used to have to 40 years ago.
    By the way she is younger than TC and I am so glad she got away from that man and his crazy so called religion.
    Can't ya'll just be happy for some one or does your jealousy supercede every other emotion?

  98. 198

    Is THIS really what our worldwide society has come to? We are going to dispute whether or not a certain person (in this case, a celebrity) has ACTUALLY given birth….based on her wearing white pants, and her ability (or non-ability, by some comments) to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, within a few short weeks of announcing the birth of her child?!
    How friggin' pitiful, spiteful and moronic can we be, or get?!

    Is there nothing sacred? If you don't like Nicole and/or Keith…YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO READ, AND COMMENT! You CAN bypass the entire post! We will not hold it against you!

    One reason why I gave up my myspace membership, was the fact that I did NOT want, nor need, to defend myself, and my beliefs, to immature, neurotic, adolescent , drug-induced (and, THAT includes ANY ADD/ADHD meds that their parents force down their throats, every morning), CHILDREN!

    If I wanted to 'reason with a child'…I would still be teaching Special Ed. kids…which MOST of you respondents seem to be! Apparently, your meds aren't working….so I advise you to have your parents call the Doc…..to either try another med or UP THE DOSAGE! Because, what you are on now, is NOT WORKING!

    Here's another incentive……if you don't get the correct med(s) (and, in the correct dosage)…YOU COULD END UP AS AN ARTICLE ON PEREZHILTON.COM (when you flip out and commit a heinous act)!

  99. rache says – reply to this


    yeah i dont think that she was ever pregnant to being with… there was this episode on dirt, about a celebrity women that wore suits through her "pregnancy" but had a suroget (however u spell that) the whole time.. i think thats why she did!!

  100. lori says – reply to this


    i dont believe she was preggers. NO ONE has that good of genes, NO ONE!! she dont' have nothing in that picture… i think there is another story going on here…..

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