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The Replacements

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As we mentioned yesterday, Richard Roeper has announced that he is leaving the At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper show.

Then, Roger Ebert also announced yesterday that he too is breaking all ties with the show he created and was very involved with behind the scenes.

Looks like Disney didn't want to pay up!

Luckily for Ebert, he still owns part of the rights for the famous "Two Thumbs Up" slogan, along with Siskel's widow.

But Disney doesn't care about losing the slogans. They're more interested in redoing the show. Apparently they're going to try and target it more towards a younger generation.

And how are they going to do that?

They're getting two much younger hosts, that's how.

Taking over for the irreplaceable Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper are two basically unknown "critics."

First to join will be Ben Lyons (above left), the E! Entertainment film critic. He's also the son of well-known film critic Jeffrey Lyons.

And joining Ben will be the similarly named Ben Mankiewicz, the Turner Classic Movies host and also son of Herman Mankiewicz the writer of Citizen Kane.

So aside from the two being named Ben and having famous dads, they are nowhere near in comparison to having the knowledge or experience of Siskel & Ebert or Ebert & Roeper.

A young face won't necessarily bring in more viewers.

Will it?????

[Image via WENN.]

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112 comments to “The Replacements”

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  1. emili says – reply to this


    this should be my job

  2. A. says – reply to this


    I actually like Ben Lyons

  3. yomom says – reply to this



  4. space says – reply to this


    actually, ben lyons does a pretty stellar job on E!. Old reviewers aren't born that way; they had to start somewhere. Was Dick Harris just born with that mustache? (My guess is yes.)

  5. skeet says – reply to this


    I fell asleep while reading this story

  6. me says – reply to this


    What sort of experience do you need to be a movie critic? The same as you need to be the "queen of all media"?

  7. VANES says – reply to this



  8. anna says – reply to this


    i love ben lyons!!

  9. mike says – reply to this


    no .first!

  10. Pepsi says – reply to this


    I hate both of these Bens with a passion!!!! This is an insult to all qualified movie critics everywhere! Why don't they get Robert Osbourne from TCM to be one of the hosts? His knowledge of movies is incomparable!

  11. RH says – reply to this


    Perez is just pissed off that they are not gay

  12. rudeg says – reply to this


    Ben Mankiewicz is actually very knowledgable about films and has great insight.

  13. laure says – reply to this


    I love Ben Lyons

  14. Laura says – reply to this


    I can't stand Ben Lyons. He is a total dork & thinks he is all that. I fast forward my DVR when he comes on E! News.

  15. Rebec says – reply to this


    I think I'll pay more attention to it now than before- that E! entertainment guy is pretty entertaining!

  16. girl. says – reply to this


    I Love Ben Lyons!! Definetely will watch because of him.

  17. Freal says – reply to this


    Ben Mankiewicz needs to lose that tacky goatee from 1999!! Ben Lyons is a hot little number that I'd like to bang, but he comes off as borderline retarded. Must be nice to have famous daddys.

  18. 18

    I like the idea of younger hosts. It's more appealing to me. I think I would relate to them more than older people. Out with the old….in with the new!

  19. Elle says – reply to this


    I love Ben Lyons, thats awesome!

  20. Bonni says – reply to this


    Not for me, it won't. I'll follow Richard and Roger wherever they land.

  21. jenny says – reply to this


    i loooove ben lyons!!! he's so cute!!! i'm pretty much addicted to E!

  22. Gwen says – reply to this


    They are movie critics not scientists! What kind of knowledge and experience does it take to say 'that movie was pure shit'? Grow up Perez. Shows change. Stop stomping your feet like a child. Disney didn't want the oldies anymore, they wanted to bring in younger hosts, it happens all the time.

  23. Pinky says – reply to this


    I love, love, love Ben Lyons. Too cute. A bit young for me, maybe, but RRRAUUUURRR, you lil lion, you. He'll be fabulous. He does need a tad more sophistication in his tastes, but maybe that has been about working on E, which should be renamed V for vacuous.

    Good luck, Ben

  24. mjla says – reply to this


    I love Ben Lyons on E!
    He is smart, witty, and cute as hell.

  25. Bonni says – reply to this


    How many young people pay attention to critics anyway?

  26. 26

    Ben Lyons does his homework, he's quite smart (have no idea about the other Ben).

    However, NO ONE will ever be better than the SUPERB Roger Ebert. Disney got it wrong!

    xoxo, Isa

  27. 27

    i loove ben lyonss!!!

  28. Me says – reply to this


    I like Ben Lyons….he's funny. Don't know the other guy.

  29. MKay says – reply to this


    I can't stand Ben Lyons on E. He is such an irritating dork that tried to come of as boyishly cute. The guy could barely talk and has obviously just ridden his dad's success to gain his own fame. His reviews are consistently off the mark and dumbed down.

  30. MmHmm says – reply to this


    Way to give us diverse opinions!! Two white Jewish men with rich and famous dads — and both named Ben. That hits just about every demographic at any synagogue in LA. It would have been ridiculous if they had gotten a woman…or a black person…or an actual film critic…or even someone named Kate or Robert…what self respecting Jew named Ben with a famous father could take their opinions seriously?

  31. Jenn says – reply to this


    Marvey! Love Ben Manckewicz on TCM. He does a fantastic job!! Where do I send my resume to be his replacement on TCM?

  32. Marin says – reply to this


    I enjoy movies old and new and I have seen Ben M. on TCM and he is a good critic and is extremely knowledgeable on movies, I think they are fit to handle the job

  33. David says – reply to this


    Roger Ebert is an institution. You cannot replace him.

  34. HAM says – reply to this


    Nobody even watches that show ~snicker snicker~

  35. size0 says – reply to this



  36. dd says – reply to this


    Dtupid lyons sucks he is to cozy with the stars so he cant be critical hired because of his name all he does is predict how much a moview eill do on the opening weekend if u watch on E its a W minute bliurn he really sucks waht avout a o smith from the NYT i'll necer satch let me stick my two thumbs down…little Miss Gomez. Sisney is dtupif

  37. Scrib says – reply to this


    Ben Lyons is HOT.

  38. Jenn says – reply to this


    actually i like Ben Lyons, i've seen him on E!

  39. annie says – reply to this


    I will not be watching. Ben Lyons is beyong annoying!

  40. Micha says – reply to this


    Next to Ryan Seacrest and Billy Bush, Ben Lyons is one of the most annoying guys on television. Don't worry, I won't be watching this crap when it starts.

  41. nicol says – reply to this


    i love ben lyons!

  42. DGH says – reply to this


    Ummm, I might watch it now. Ben Lyons is cute and not at all cranky and unattractive like the old hosts.

  43. zha z says – reply to this


    What does it matter? Roeper had no business being a film critic either. He was/is a columnist before he became a film critic. I wish they would pick people who had some educational background in film. You wouldn't let someone who didn't know squat about accounting handle your money, but apparently we'll let people who don't know squat about movies become critics. Awesome.

  44. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: MmHmm

    Not every decision in our oh-so-PC country has to be based on "diversity." These guys are actually very knowledgeable and have built-in fan bases. Hiring people to artificially create a diverse culture does not necessarily mean hiring the very best people. I'm over it, and so are a lot of other Americans.

  45. Lala says – reply to this


    Don't like the Idea of Someone telling Me what movie I should like!

  46. Deb says – reply to this


    Snore. Where are the women?

  47. the_u says – reply to this


    fuck yes they are qualified.

    lyons enthusiasm, intelligence and seamless attention to detail is a rarity in entertainment now, clearly setting him apart from the pack from start.

    maybe some of THAT will rub off onto the world of "entertainment" instead of all of that fake hair,spray tans and the posing of HPV's for the cameras.

  48. lisa says – reply to this


    What the crap? A.O Scott should be a host!

  49. Whit says – reply to this


    I love Ben Lyons on E!

  50. Penny says – reply to this


    Re: zha z – that's because you don't have to know a thiing to express an opinion on it. Movies are NOT rocket science. Ten year olds usually do a good job of saying if a cartoon sucks or not. I know a bad movie when I see it, and bad direction when i see it, and bad acting, too. If you have a college degree in film, you have a very limited career indeed. If movies were that important, there wouldn't be so many stupid actors and studios making crap films just because they can.

  51. Dawn says – reply to this


    seriously….is that the best they good do?….we said YOUNG AND FRESH!…damn!…not re-cycled duds…

  52. 52

    Yes I loove Ben and I agree with most of his reviews about 90% of the time

  53. Cutie says – reply to this


    ugh, Ben Lyons is OK when catered to the caliber of people tuned into E! constantly. but he lacks the intelligence and sophistication of Roeper and Guest critis Michael Phillips…i'll be sticking around for Roeper's new show. so sad what having a rich and famous daddy can get you these days….

  54. Blah says – reply to this


    Ben Lyons isn't his dad. He a corporate schill with no objectivity who runs a shitty night in Vegas.

  55. Cutie says – reply to this



  56. MmHmm says – reply to this


    Re: Kim

    Spoken like a Jew-loving zombie! The only thing Ben Lyons is knowledgable about is sucking on my nutsack. I really just want to see someone who isn't a JEW on tv telling us what to do and what to think for a change. Least of all, a dumbass Jew like Ben Lyons. At least the other one isn't stupid.

  57. qvane says – reply to this


    Ben Mankiewicz is the GRANDSON, not son of Herman Mankiewicz, his dad was the first president of NPR & press secretary to J.F.K. I think this Ben will do a good job, not only is he good on TCM, but he was great on political radio, The Young Turks. Very smart. Though I will miss Ebert.

  58. Cindy says – reply to this


    I thought Jeffrey Lyons was a total homo — he has a SON?

    Anyhow, they should call the new show "Ben to the Movies Lately?" although they'll go with something generic so they can replace these two at will.

  59. Ryan says – reply to this


    Ben Lyons is awesome…I hope this doesn't mean he is leaving E! News. Can he do both?

  60. jlynn says – reply to this


    I think Ben Lyons is a great choice. He's charismatic, honest in his opinions and he interviews people well.

  61. Cutie says – reply to this


    Re: Cindy

    lol, that is a cute show name!

  62. Lo. says – reply to this


    Ben Lyons is really cute and fun to watch. Thank goodness he'll be off of E!, that's an insult to whoever works there. That show is just ridiculous.

  63. Nick says – reply to this


    Guess I'll be gong online to find out what Ebert thinks. Why don't they bring on some interesting guests, like Anthony Lane of The New Yorker or Carina Chocano of the LA Times?

    Don't expect to be watching the Bens –

  64. Dylan says – reply to this


    This angers me ever so much. Richard Ebert is my favorite crtic of all time ! And Roper is a close second ! I dont even know these people at all ! Oh and what the fuck are they gonna call the show ? Lyons & Mankiewicz, yeah, thats catchy !!!!!!! Im upset :(

  65. Dylan says – reply to this


    Roger Ebert *

  66. 66

    Sounds lame. The whole oversimplified critiquing process of "Two Thumbs" was a ridiculous premise to begin with. And do we even need critic shows on TV anymore?

  67. Y says – reply to this


    Hey Ben Mankiewicz is on TheYoungTurks.com - a progressive talk show that you can see online!!! They do a really good job.

  68. juli says – reply to this


    ben lyons is very knowledgeable about movies and has a very cute personality….don't know the other ben. however, that said, neither could compare right now to Ebert &Roeper who both had extensive knowledge of the film industry. maybe in ten years they can catch up….younger doesn't always mean better. in fact, in a lot of cases it's worse.

  69. brand says – reply to this


    just two more white guys. 'Nillas.


  70. Gazze says – reply to this


    Herman Mankiewicz was only a co-author you idiot.

    He was fortunate enough to work with the astoundingly talented Orson Wells.

    Get your facts straight FatBoy!!!

    BTW Congrats on the ONE person who bought one of your t-shirts. They are discounted heavily in Berkley and in SoCal.

  71. SSF says – reply to this


    Roeper was a pretty weak host. the show was never the same with out Ebert and siskel.

  72. elyse says – reply to this


    well, now that 95% of movies suck, movie critics have a pretty easy job. maybe they should offer suggestions to producers like, "Don't just throw money at your projects"

  73. craig says – reply to this


    No, not THOSE two faces at least. "young"??? maybe on paper hahaha won't be watching.

    and what is the point- without either Ebert, Roeper, or the thumbs up/thumbs down bit, there is now almost zero semblance to the original format.

  74. JanSc says – reply to this


    It won't matter to target a younger audience. Younger movie goers really don't read reviews. That is why some of the worst movies make tons of money. If you are over 25, you really start to think where the cash is going instead of movie going being an event with you pals. But if you are 10-21 or so which is the target for most movies. you could care less if the preview looks cool. Thankfully, the internet has a couple of good places to get some honest reviews.

  75. zha z says – reply to this


    Re: Penny – spoken by someone who doesn't know much about film.

  76. J says – reply to this


    Hello? Do you see how hot Ben Lyons is? People will watch. I don't care for movie critics, but I always watch his segments on E!.

  77. missy says – reply to this


    Ben Lyons is HOT!!! I would watch!

  78. Lucy says – reply to this


    Little Ben Lyons is barely out of diapers. Who care what he thinks about movies? Isn't he on that awful Daily 10 show that tells you all the nothing you ever wanted to know?
    I want grown ups, dammit!

  79. Kewi says – reply to this



  80. yayay says – reply to this


    fuck nepotism…they're only there because their parents did something…thats the problem with your country…how about finding some real talent that accomplished something on their own….i don't care about the opinions of sheltered people who get everything handed to them.

  81. dawni says – reply to this


    Do people even really pay attention to movie critics? Personally I rarely agree with them. I would also imagine Ben Lyons will annoy the hell out of people. I am an E junkie but when he is on I change the channel.

  82. Victo says – reply to this


    I loooooooveee Ben Lyons!!!!!

    He is hot.. like guy-next-door hot!

  83. Luis says – reply to this


    Ben Lyons is soooo cute and sweet I would f*ck him and Watch him anytime, anywhere!!!! He just needs to show MORE skin!!!

  84. Candy says – reply to this


    It's a Jew conspiracy. Mr Walt Disney is spinning in his grave

  85. trici says – reply to this


    BEN LYONS! score.

  86. dub1 says – reply to this


    Mankiewicz is terrible! And hiring two guys because of their last names?!?! No chicks?!?!
    Not gunna watch.
    Will keep reading Ebert as long as possible.

  87. PearA says – reply to this


    I don't know anything about Ben Lyons but I can tell you that Ben Mankiewicz does a fantastic job on TCM. Of course, he generally has 50+years of material to pick through to create his script for those shows but he seems to know his stuff so I'll be very interested to see how he does on At the Movies.

  88. moe says – reply to this


    ben lyons is so fuckin cute

  89. sPeRm says – reply to this


    Let's face it, Ebert looked more fucked up than Micheal Jackson with his other worldly plastic surgery. Echhhhh. He could choke a maggot. And I couldn't stand that "two thumbs up" nonsense. Sounded like some gay reference with that gay smirk. Two thumbs up yous ass probably. Gay guys like that because they don't have pussies. Now they want to get married. It's so vulgar. And smells like feces.

  90. greas says – reply to this


    Jew queers rolling around fingering each others assholes.

  91. b says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, you don't realize that younger people don't know who Ebert & Roeper are. If they are targeting a younger audience they should get younger people. What young person is gonna wanna watch some old guys?? Do you get what im sayin?? It would be stupid to keep these unknown old guys.

  92. dildo says – reply to this


    sniff my finger Perez! you like that, don't you? It's so manly! It turns you on doesn't it you sick pervert?!?

  93. dilda says – reply to this


    Yechhh! sniff my finger Perez! you like that, don't you? It's so manly! It turns you on doesn't it you sick pervert?!?

  94. dicky says – reply to this


    Yes Perez, you love the smell of shit on a finger. You get all excited at the thought of that. You long to be stuffed in your back door by someone, anyone…who is slightly famous. Because you are such a confused creep.

    Scnell! Schnel! All homesexuals into the train. We are sending you to be deloused.

  95. a rea says – reply to this


    ah, nepotism.

  96. ana says – reply to this


    i think it will draw a younger audience (i for one am in my 20's, and only watched the other show when i was little and my parents were watching it)
    i agree that Roger may have more 'experience' but he may also have different 'taste' then someone younger. (soo many time i rented a movie because it said 2 thumbs up & it sucked!) i do appreciate your loyalty though, Perez, you are cooling it with the nasty remarks recently, could you be in love? :) if so Congrats:)

  97. robor says – reply to this


    richard roeper is a fucking dick. thank god he's off that show. about fucking time!!!

  98. ggbg says – reply to this


    Ben is Herman's grandson, not son.

  99. Todd says – reply to this


    Re: qvaneRe: MmHmm

    I'm with the first poster on this one. These are two fine replacements–knowledgeable, funny, dignified. We could use more dignity and intelligence on TV, and less ghetto/trash/idiocy. Quality should be the first goal, not diversity.

  100. Todd says – reply to this


    Re: Candy

    Works for me, this Jew conspiracy. I've never been robbed, harassed, or assaulted by a Jew. I've read countless quality books, seen many excellent movies, and enjoyed the TV shows of Jews. I hope that whatever they're doing, they keep it up. Shows that they have a WORK ETHIC, something that not every so-called culture in this country recognizes.

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