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Justin Bieber Confesses His LOVE For Chris Brown!

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They are both controversial, weed-lovin' singers, so why WOULDN'T they love each other?

Because we really, really, really don't think being Breezy's friend is healthy for anyone.

Even still, Justin Bieber has come out as a BIG fan of Chris Brown's music.

The pop singing teen told Billboard Magazine: Read the rest of this entry »

"I'm a fan. His music is really good. That's what they should focus on: the music."

Ahh, if only it were that easy Bieby!

We would focus on his music, but we're too distracted by his abusive behavior, tumultuous dating life, and misogynistic tweets.

Maybe you should take Breezy's behavior as a cautionary tale on how NOT to act in the spotlight?!

We wouldn't want your actions to divert attention from your art either!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Justin Bieber Confesses His LOVE For Chris Brown!”

  1. joann says – reply to this


    Justin just took a dive in my book. He "loves" a creep who beats women. Nice role model Beebs. Why don't you take a shot at Selina, put her in line. Or, smackRihanna around, she seems to enjoy it.

  2. Alissa says – reply to this


    Can't believe I'm saying this, but Bieber is right. You should focus on CB's music, which is great. Don't judge him for what he did. You're not a saint either. I thought you stopped bullying ppl Perez, but all you do is bully Chris. Let the kid be. Most of the times your not even reporting the truth about him, because he can't do anything right in your eyes. Stop hating on him and stop writing about him if you're just gonna be bias.

  3. 3

    He's right though…Because I too could care less about what he does in his private life. I'm a fan of his music. His private life has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's an amazing, one of the best entertainers of our time.

  4. Ana says – reply to this


    Focus on the music. I second that. And lately all perez does is bully chris. Talkin about he is not healthy for no one. Wtf u trying to say that he shouldnt have anybody? Thats crap. Instead of tearing him down u should promote positivity. Even if its at a dark moment be fkn positive. Nobody wants to be told they aint worthy!

  5. 5

    Alissa, if his being a woman beater isn't enough for you to "judge him" — what is? What if he were a rapist? A murderer? Robbed someone at gunpoint? WHEN is it ok to "judge" him? You know, it's not ok to judge Chris Brown's soul. But it is ok to say "Hey, I really don't want to support a man's career if he beats on women." I think that's totally reasonable. We ALL judge people's character when deciding when, if or how we will associate with that person.

  6. Jenna says – reply to this


    Not for nothing Perez , constantly writing about how he's abusive and what not is kind of childish. Yes he made a mistake he was 18 years old. I'm sure you have made many mistakes in your life as well. The difference is that his personal life is broadcasted, yours is not. You always have something negative to say about him and other celebrities on here. Do you think they appreciate it? What if they started writing nasty things about you? Then I'm sure you would feel the same way. It's hard to change when you are constantly judged for your past actions, it just keeps bringing back the anger. Give him a chance or just focus on the music. Your actions show more to me about you then him. Let go of the past.

  7. 7

    Justin is a dweeb! Love a violent woman beating thug. He will do and say anything to get people to think he's grown up. He's just a brat!

  8. John says – reply to this


    Wow CassSass, your a real moron… and you have low standards for quality of music and entertainment. How old are you, 12?! Grow up and get a clue.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: joann – He said loves his MUSIC. He's a fan of his MUSIC. Comprehension matters.