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Jonah Hill Looks Superbad!

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Now, we're not doctors or anything, but we think that Superbad star Jonah Hill might want to put that soda down and run a couple of laps.

The actor was spotted out with a pal looking unhealthily large at a Lakers game yesterday.

He's always been a bit chubby, but this just does not look good!

It just gets harder to lose the older you get! WE KNOW first-hand!

[ Image via Ramey Photo Agency. ]

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113 comments to “Jonah Hill Looks Superbad!”

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  1. 101

    OK IT WAS CALLED 'JUST ADD WATER' THE FILM I LAST WATCHED HIM IN hes a good actor im not dissing that and kinda cute but still being so overweight is not healthy no matter how u turn it ..

  2. 102

    You know.. for someone who use to be pretty damn chunky yourself, you sure are quick to make fat comments about other people. I mean congrats to you on losing the weight but just because you did doesnt give you the right to criticize everyone else's weight. I think it is incredibly hyopcritical. And for Gods sake leave Jessica Simpson alone! She is not even slightly fat! She may be a little thicker, but there is noting wrong with that. Just saying.

  3. 103

    He looks like a really fat Harold Ramis circa Stripes era. Maybe it is the look he is going for since he is rumored to be in the rumored Ghostbuster sequel. Not only is he fat, he looks 40.

  4. 104

    oh perez, come on, just because you lost a lot of weight (which is awesome by the way!! good job) doesn't mean other people care to. if thats how he wants to live his life, let him. food rocks! so does soda, it may not be healthy for you, but come on, it tastes good and if thats what makes him happy, than by all means jonah- eat.
    i actually respect jonah for not being some guy that feel like he HAS to loose weight because of his fame. it lets people know that yes, some people get hired for talent and not just their looks.

  5. 105

    You were there too once!

  6. 106

    ok this isnt even funny! Grow a heart Perez! Its not like your the thinnest guy!

  7. 107

    Re: Listen To Mayday Parade! – thanks!!! i totally agree!

  8. 108

    Who cares about there weight? It just seems like Everyone in the press keeps saying "poor young girls feel bad about them selves and there weight " but then a second later you critize a celebrity for having some meat. It just seems you cant play both sides. YOU INCLUDED your always saying how lindsey is to skinney and now jessica is to fat…. Your not the ideal body So shut the fuck up until your perfect stop judging

  9. 109

    wow…so ill be yet another COLORADO girl to say, i still love him and would still totally go after him…

  10. 110

    piggy oinkers!

  11. 111

    he was always fugly. big deal.

  12. scjen says – reply to this


    Re: Listen To Mayday Parade! – I COMPLETELY AGREE. PErez needs to do some body work before he can ever judge someone else. How much darkness does he have in his heart to constantly judge others for their looks?!

  13. joni says – reply to this


    he's still cute :)

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