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Chelsea Handler Naked!

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The E! talk show host goes nude for the new issue of Allure.


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278 comments to “Chelsea Handler Naked!”

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  1. 201

    everyones talking about photoshop, has anyone mentioned the fact this bitch has huge feet?

  2. 202

    Re: angelinawannabe – You would know this how? I think shes beautiful, wonderful, hot and hilarious.

  3. 203

    HOT!!! everyone is photoshopped retards.
    SHOW US YOUR HOT POCKET! (don't really do that)

  4. 204


  5. 205

    Yea, a lot of retouching going on there but, I lover her, she's hilarious!

  6. 206

    photoshopped or not, I still love that bitch!

  7. 207

    they did a hell of a job retouching her body. i went and saw her show live, and she looks like a grandma in real life. shes covered in wrinkles.

  8. 208

    She's funny as hell and has a great body; and nice toes too!!! I saw negligee' layout in Vanity Fair, and she was smoking in there too.

  9. 209

    I would be impressed if she wasn't photo-shopped beyond all recognition. It looks like a wax figure of chelsea minus about 20 lbs.

  10. 210

    I don't like her now.. well, i don't like her as much as i used to. Idk, there's sth different about her now.
    That airbrush doesn't really suit her. She's not that skinny.

  11. 211

    Love her and every inch of her hysterical being.

  12. 212

    Re: misha-

    The funniest and most spot on comedian out there right now. Read her books.

  13. jule says – reply to this


    i heart chelsea… she looks good… and for all of you crying photoshop… it cant make you look that good if you dont already have something to work with.. she looks awesome!

  14. 214

    I've always thought Chelsea is superrrr hot! This picture proves it ;) [Despite the fact that it has its touch ups but what celeb picture in magazines doesnt?!] Chelsea Handler is amazingly funny and sexyyy so F off haters!

  15. 215

    i love chelsea!

  16. 216

    love her, shes totally funny.

  17. 217

    Photoshop much? I mean really!

  18. 218

    I love the pic! She is amazing and, man she looks great HOT body and nice breasts…:)

    She is my favorite.


  19. 219

    Love her! She's funny and I enjoy her show. The pic is good…who cares if its photoshopped?

  20. 220


  21. Catty says – reply to this


    Chelsea!! hahahah wtf??? I watch her show every night and she isn't that skinny

  22. 222

    First off, of course it's photoshopped, every picture this day it.
    Second off, I love her to death and I give her balls for doing that, I sure wouldn't and I'm sure half the people that said negative comments wouldn't either.

    So, I love it.

  23. 223

    after her autobio, my horizontal life, her naked don't surprise me

  24. 224

    omgg! her boobs look big!

  25. 225


  26. 226


  27. 227

    go chelsea! she's a complete bitch, but she's hilarious and i love her!

  28. 228

    Homegirl looks good! Love it !

  29. 229


  30. 230

    Chelsea is one hot-ass bitch! Go Chelsea! Love the tits!
    I don't care if you were photoshopped, you are hilarious and really SEKSI!
    My girl crush is getting out of hand!

  31. 231

    didnt even notice it was her!


  32. corny says – reply to this


    Wow, look at that body Id hit that

  33. 233

    Ok, so whose body did they stick her head on? And her foot looks fucked up. And her tits are sagging and she never had a kid. God, she must swallow every drop of that boyfriend of hers loads…. Totally unfunny and obnoxious.

  34. 234

    hate her

  35. 235

    I adore Chelsea, but I am not liking her bangs. She needs to grow them out more like they are in opening credits of show.

    I'm not ripping on her, I truly adore her, but I don't like her hair lately.

    Other than that, I would marry this woman and make sweet love to her body on a daily basis.

  36. 236

    Holly Chealsea!!!! I love her, she is one of my fav people in the world and she looks amazing

  37. 237


  38. 238

    she looks great

  39. 239

    saggy boobs

  40. 240

    how cares. She addmits whats air brushed in he photos. She is funny and one of the pretties woman stand ups i've seen today. And if you have to bod show it off.

  41. 241

    this old rude hag bitch PHOTOSHOPPED

  42. 242

    HOT HOT HOT!!!

  43. 243

    She looks amazing her body is in nice shape photoshoped or not she;s very pretty and funny I love her show.
    By the way wtf is that dale guy talking about in his post she is not a MILF cuz she's not even a mother idiot.

  44. 244

    what….a nice pic, she looks great n she is very funny

  45. 245

    ooooooooooh hot hot hot tamale!

  46. 246

    Fkn cheesy bitch!

  47. 247

    can't really stand her, but i give credit where it's due. she looks nothing like what i would have imagined under those clothes. GREAT UNDERBOOB!

  48. 248

    She has a great body and works hard to keep it that way. That's one of the things that makes her persona so enigmatic.

  49. 249

    she lookin kinda like bridget from the girls next door

  50. 250

    hahaha, photoshop much?

  51. 251

    so what if shes airbrushed, photoshoped, etc. could you imagine how much technology would be needed if half (or more) of the people who commented this would need? i think shes got guts and she looks great.

  52. 252

    she looks great!!!!!!! love her, she's soooo funny!

  53. 253

    Girlfriend's smart…doesn't need to sell her body…
    did her self esteem drop or is she hoping to get some…

  54. 254

    Wow, not bad at all. It looks kind of 60s.

  55. 255

    I'm sorry, but to the ppl saying 'photoshop can't do that much' or 'u have to look great already anyway…NO U DON'T!!! lol. Photoshop is a h#ll of a drug. It should be illegal, it does so much.

    Chels looks fab. I don't know anybody who loves every wrinkle, spot, scar, stretch mark boobie they have who would turn down photoshop just to prove a point. Ask yourself would u.

  56. 256

    Photoshop much? Like I think she's an attractive woman and all, but seriously. They made her look WAY thinner than she actually is.

  57. 257

    You're all just jealous cuz no one is paying you to take your picture. Nor would anyone want to waste their time photoshoping your fat asses. I see quite a few avatars on here that are really hurting for some airbrushing.

  58. 258

    god this girl makes me laugh,
    why the hell is she naked in allure though?
    its sort of changed the way i look at her.

  59. 259


  60. 260

    She looks great! I love her!

  61. 261

    LOVE HER!!!! :)

  62. 262


  63. 263

    Must be some photo shop. Either way she's smokin'

  64. 264

    Why'dya go and do that for Chelsea? - isn't there 1 freakin woman on TV who doesn't feel pressured to get naked? For what? Stupid - thanks for shoving the women's movement further into obscurity. And this from a woman with "balls". Shame on you!!

  65. 265

    Chelsea Handler = Awesomeness.

  66. 266

    Go Chels Go! Open your sexuality for everyone to see… love your comedy stylings, bitch.

  67. 267

  68. 268

    Kudos to her. If she's brave enough to go au natrual, then good for her.

  69. 269

    I heart her

  70. 270

    put a bag over her head and it's not so bad…she looks OLD!

  71. 271

    She's got moxie. I do like her show, but I agree, why does she feel the need to be photo'ed naked? A baby barf in my mouth. ROFL

  72. 272

    hOW OLD IS SHE?…ID GUESS LIKE 30 wow she looks good

  73. 273

    i assume she is trying to be funny:)

  74. 274

    that's some advanced photoshop.
    her skin isn't that glossy, the feet is retarded, and it doesn't look like her.
    but hey! I photoshop, too.

  75. 275

    Does she have Mariah's magical airrbrusher?

  76. 276

    She is gorgeous!

  77. 277

    shes hot ,the hottest bitch evr.,

  78. 278

    i love her show

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