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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 301

    haha, silly people.. i wish it was, but thats not her butt.. it's only her face and probably some random pornstars butt.. but it would be so fun if it was.. XD

  2. 302


  3. 303

    See picutres here: rihanna-news.com

  4. 304

    Re: lexlexay – thats a good point!! hes a LIAR AS WELL AS A SCUMBAG!!!

  5. 305

    I want to tear that ass apart!!!

  6. 306

    id love to get on her

  7. Misa7 says – reply to this


    OMG!! I m sorry for her family!!!
    What's a great year for Rihanna!!

  8. 308

    im sure they are fake

  9. 309

    Fake! Where are the tat's? Nice Ass though :D

  10. 310

    You can't really tell its her since her face isn't showing!!!

  11. 311

    just another stupid whore

  12. 312

    Re: girl interrupted – I totally recognized your icon. SPN/CWRPS ring a bell?

  13. 313

    I'm sorry, but if your stupid enough to take naked shots of yourself in the first place, it's only a matter of time. Sorry, Rihanna… I DON'T feel bad for you at all. Next subject. *yawn*

  14. 314

    Come on, what are the odds that these photos would come out while Chris Brown is having some legal troubles? 100%.

  15. 315

    i am shamed

  16. 316

    cute body

  17. 317

    wow we should all be ashamed of ourselves for looking! PEREZITA stop calling yourself a Rihanna supporter when you do this to her! BITCH!

  18. 318

    oooh shiiit that sucks, but most girls take dirty pics for their bfs sooo its not that big of a deal. If you're gunna do it you gotta be prepared for the consequences cause more often than not things arent goin to end good.

  19. 319

    ii can not believe that she did that.
    she is so disgusting .
    is she like dead to the world to do something like that ?
    like seriously , it always BACKFIRES.
    dummie hehe .

  20. 320

    perez u r evil u take RiRi side but then u post naked pics of her? u aint nobody's friend

  21. 321

    none of them have her face with the nude pics, i doubt its her to be honest

  22. 322

    i'm not fully convinced its all her

  23. 323


  24. 324

    Perez, why would you post this? She has been through so much and now you post these pictures for the world to see? You have to be responsible and think about the fact that you get millions of hits a day, it matters when you post something. Rihanna deserves an apology.

  25. 325

    You can't really see the face of the naked girl. Is it really her?

  26. 326

    WAIT! I think Rihanna leaked them so people could lay off Cassie! hmmmmmm :P

  27. 327

    Re: Trileene – Who are you kidding? He'd love it.

  28. 328

    She's so hot, whoever it is. If it is Rihanna then damn you are fine and if you are not….you are still fine. :) :P

  29. 329

    It's not her you silly asshole… it could be your bitch Lady Gaga.

  30. 330

    NEVER EVER trust a man with naked pictures of yourself!

  31. 331

    I think its sad and pathetic of you to post these. They were obviously supposed to be private, its totally unfair on them. These poor people. Filthy gossip sites make me sick when they do this.

  32. 332


  33. 333

    Aw poor girl. As if she hasn't been through enough :(

  34. 334

    you are just as bad as him for posting this

  35. 335

    She just ruined her career

  36. 336

    i live in chicago and just heard on the radio about this!! they said "nude pics of rihanna on perez hilton" and i went to go check it out. OMG SCANDALOUS!!!!!

  37. 337

    I hope this makes her NOT want to be with him. Hopefully she'll learn

  38. 338

    6 out of 10

  39. 339

    Okay yea if its her its bad….but look at the pics seriously there are two pics of Rihanna's face with no body then the rest are pics of someones body no where in the body pics can you see a face it could be some random person…DUH!!!!

  40. 340

    Re: ZSAZSA1 – Exactly what i thought, where are her tattoos!?

  41. Uber says – reply to this


    Wow. Her body is fucking fantastic!!!

  42. 342

    Its not even her anyway…

  43. 343

    are you sooo obsessed with ratings that you are willing to post anything about anybody? i really like your website, but when you do things like this, its sad. leave the poor girl alone.

  44. 344

    holy shit
    that poor girl has been through enough..
    and now this?

    i feel bad for her.. even though i think these pictures are really her fault..

  45. 345

    um doesn't anybody learn? seriously. she deserves this for thinking she's invincible. you've just been brought down to earth. hopefully it makes her a little more humble cuz she just proved to the world what an idiot she is.

  46. 346

    First of all, there's no need to be upset at perez for posting the blog when the pictures have reached the media. Secondly, i couldnt clearly tell if thats actually rihanna or not but regardless if it is or not FUCK CHRISS BROWN!

  47. 347

    Perez you're a famewhore just wanting to be accepted by destroying other ppls

  48. 348

    Since when did rihanna have a nipple ring?

  49. 349

    wow ,,these pics are hot ,,but why would chris brown leak these ,,hes in enuf dodo as it is,,,its not 100% certain that it is her u dont see clearly her face in any of the ones wi her body parts on display ,,but if they really are legite,well,,,poor rihanna this will be a scandel she will want to forget ,or will she,, suprised she even wears clothes these days ,,at one of her concerts she wore two pieces of clothin mite aswell not been wearin anythin,,,,and perez u wana be careful u migh get in trouble for postin this on ur site,,,,,l

    lots of luv nikolebitchy!!! mwah!

  50. tpdp says – reply to this


    Honestly? You'd show these pics of her? You're all about loving Rihanna but then you adverte these pictures, knowing the number of people that visit your site religiously, are going to see this and further be the cause of her distress. You think Chris Brown is bad for leaking these pics? Well you are equally as bad as posting these pics up on this site. If you honestly love her so much, you should probably remove these pics, or then its clear that you just want your fame and will continue to be a hypocrite/fraud. But whatever floats your boat! Hollywood is pretty effed in these situations anyways.

  51. 351

    now maybe she'll get the balls to testify against him!

  52. 352

    Damn! Rihanna is bangin. This was definitely the work of an infantile Chris Brown. What an effing douche bad. Since everyone sympathizes w/ Rihanna is this issue, this will only make Chris Brown that much hated. Loser and half.

  53. 353

    Re: tpdp – He a gossip monger you idiot. name of the game.

  54. 354

    Re: Horatio C – . Thinking the same could be any random,but if it is her damnnnn

  55. 355

    DOOOOD that suuucks

  56. 356

    Boring…. Over her

  57. 357

    Sex tape coming soon!!!!!

  58. 358

    The end of the world! Excelent Booty i must say.

  59. 359

    Perez!!! After all she has been through already why would you contribute to making things worse for her??

  60. Guy86 says – reply to this


    IT's her! Google "rihanna has a nipple piercing"

  61. 361

    rihanna would not be staying in a hotel with such cheap blinds. obvs fake.

  62. 362

    Really. Would cb leak pictures of himself wearing a thong on his head?
    I don't think so.
    It's someone in either camp or someone that wants to see CB humiliated.
    But celebs need to be smarter when they take pictures like this because they basically have NO privacy what so ever.

  63. 363

    Me love titties! Damn! Chris ain't gonna be able to hit that any more!

    I think I just doubled by own pleasure in my pants!

  64. 364

    wow / damn / wow!

    she looks GOOD!

    i can't imagine why she would take these types
    of photos of herself, given the obvious fact she
    is famous

    but…damn! - - - her body is HAAAAAAAAAAAAWT!

    like a damn doll!

    what is REALLY / TRULY sad,
    is that these intimate / sexy photos were most
    likely meant for that ugly trog who beat her up

    ah well…

    she still looks sexxxy!

  65. 365

    WHY do celebrities tend to take pictures of themselves naked? Just..why?
    they might say "oh this won't get leaked" but it always does, doesnt it

  66. 366

    I enjoy the naked celeb photos just as much as the next person but Perez has always seemed to support Rihanna 100% of the way… Even when she wore that disgusting tuxedo/capri outfit… So doesn't it make sense that a man with as much power as Perez has NOT post these photos for everyone to see? I mean the poor girl's going through enough right now, this is definitely one of the last things she needs. Shame on you, Perez :(

  67. 367

    and its not chris' fault!
    she took the pictures, and maybe one of her "friends" leaked it out
    y'know how attention whores are these days
    so do not even TRY blaming it on chris >:|||

  68. 368

    Re: WhyDoIReadThisBlog? – ya i was wondering what that thing in the mirror was. doesn't make sense.

  69. 369

    Well that sucks. Poor girl. Well I guess this means she has officially made it in Hollywood. Now it'll be a decade before she is on stage again….nice job to who ever the douches are out there that release these photos.

    Personally if a were a girl and famous I think I would start releasing photos of the guys being naked….would serve them right to have the world know how big or small they are.

  70. 370


  71. 371

    if you love her so much why did you post these? its just going to make the situation worse..

  72. 372

    lol that don't even look like her…you can't even see her FACE in the REALLY naked picture, even the one with the robe, she's covering half her face, which means it's just some bitch, that KINDA looks like Rihanna….PLEASE

  73. 373

    Re: Violet Virgo – i agree -_-

  74. 374

    WOW! What a sweet ass. The only thing missing is a beautiful shot of her beef curtains, er, meat flaps, ah, muff….. Where are they? Cumming next?

  75. 375

    stop blaming Perez!! he didnt post the pictures! some other site did! he;s just reporting entertainment news!

  76. 376

    damn homegirl looks good!

  77. 377

    Plus, as far as I know Rihanna has tattoos like on her hips and on her back….and on her shoulder, on her side…No tattoos on this bitch tho :)
    What else is on?

  78. 378

    oomg! i cant believe its riri

  79. 379

    Her body is amazing. Nice rack. Hold you head up high girl. You have nothing to be shamed about.

  80. 380

    Her face isn't in any of the naked pictures so how do we know it's really her? Poor girl, she has so much to deal with already now this.. Did this really need to pop up on perez? There has to be some limits

  81. 381

    She has a hot bod. But she looks stoned as all hell. It is sad that she is someone that young African American girls look up to.

  82. Jaded says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is responsible? Then what are you an innocent bystander? You are promoting them and making it worse. Stop throwing stones.

  83. J2thb says – reply to this


    Thats fucked up like she hasnt had enough shit happen to her this yr?! Its so wrong that you posted the link!! Perez one of these days karmas gonna hit you soo hard you wont get back up!!

  84. 384

    Okay I felt sympathy for her when I heard Chris Brown beat her but this is aaalll her. There is no way you can blame this on Chris Brown. She is obviously the one who took the pictures! WHAT A SLUT. She is the next Vanessa Hudgens. I swear Perez you are a hypocrite. VH did this and you hate her, but u don't hate RiRi for this.

  85. 385

    no freaking way.
    she should of never trusted chris brown if he is responsible for this.

  86. 386

    Chris "Beat her down" Brown is future OJ Simpson and Sean Combs is his emotional enabler. They give black men a bad name. And they wonder why the stereotype. DUH!

  87. 387


  88. 388

    if you are so horrified why link the photos.
    oh wait i forgot, you too make money off the girl.

  89. 389


  90. 390

    lol she looks great at least!

    ouch…chris brown musta released these

  91. 391

    i really dont think thats her actually
    where are the tattoos?
    and although the body shape is similar the girls boobs are a lot bigger than rihannas.

    either way this chick has a smoking body.

  92. 392

    Exploiting much?

  93. 393

    i don't think these are real. the bodies don't look the same in each picture.

  94. 394

    i don't think some of those pics is her…. if they are… shit it sux for her

  95. 395

    RIhanna is the only one to blame.
    She took those pictures.
    She has to assume

  96. 396

    He'll have one big asshole in prison!

  97. 397

    these are fake! all the naked ones cover her face… a poser posted these

  98. 398

    she has nothing to be embarassed of

  99. 399

    ok this is news perez is doing what he does best stop hating on him pple like rhi rhi are celebrities they should know better so anyways rhi rhi is sexy and everyone batter save theses pics so somebodies getting firedddddd lol

  100. 400

    Sorry Rihanna (& fans) but that's her own damn fault. After everything other celebrities have been through with this kind of stuff, you're just supposed to know better. Yes. When you're famous you're supposed to have your guard up a little more. That's just how it works, that's the price. But I highly doubt Rihanna didn't realize that she was taking a risk. I think she likes it when she gets to be self-destructive without doing anything herself.

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