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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 401

    Re: Rhinoz – You want to see beef curtains, go see Cassey's vag photo from today's morning post . Make sure you have a box of tissues ready for clean-up. ;)

  2. 402

    Geez…..who's next ???

  3. 403

    yepppp its her..i checked another website…she shows her face in 1 of the pics..damn it when these celebrities EVER learn..she looks good naked thgh..shaved cooch is better.lol also i saw chris brown half naked along wiht her..LOL yep he leaked the photos..U GO CHRIS!!!LOL

  4. Laury says – reply to this


    If it's really her, then bitch got a nice booty and rack. But why do these kind of pics always get leaked??? It's like they do it on purpose. Don't they know how to store those pics properly? Sheesh.

  5. 405


  6. 406

    Wow. Ego.

  7. 407

    Ummm… is she touching herself in the lower left photo? The one with the hand buried in her crotch?

  8. 408

    I hope this wasn't Chris Brown's doing. What a pig. Trying to expose her personal photos…

  9. 409

    dude ! not ok! how can u do this to riri???

  10. 410

    Those pics were HOT!
    The more I love you Rihanna. Those pics won't make the world DISTURBIA.

  11. 411

    I love how some of you on here are saying how wrong Perez is for posting these pictures and you will never look at his site again. The funny thing is you looked at them you came to the site saw the posting he put up clicked on it and looked. So you really have no room to say anything. Further more you had to login to post a comment which means one you have an account or two you took the time to make an account just to say something. You know you will be back tomorrow or even tonight to see whats new! Don't take naked pictures if you are a person in Hollywood we all know they will come out at one time or another. It's her fault.

  12. 412


  13. 413

    they are fake perez.. we can all see that.

    the picture whhere u can see all her body and head in the mirror.. the side of her head is flat..t indicating a really dodgy photoshop attempt. yeah sure, the ones of her face could be genuine, they certainly look it. but in every other shot, all u see is some girls bum, or some other body with t he face covered, and none of the clothes match the one the real photos have on.


  14. 414

    is ittt really her in all the pics

  15. 415

    lmfao. knew she was a slut.
    these pictures always find their way to the internet, why take them? just look at miley citrus. hahahh.

  16. 416


  17. 417

    Well, look on the bright side, at least it's not as gynecological as that nekkid photo of Cassie that Perez had today. You could study female anatomy on that one.

  18. 418


    It's her fault they're leaked. She should not have taken them. Teaches her a lesson. But also, shame on the person that did leak them.

  19. 419

    i would preffer not to watch she is already ugly with clothes

  20. 420

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  21. 421

    Re: Trileene – The funny thing is you clicked on the pictures and looked at them! You had no problem doing that now did you? It clearly states naked pictures. You know you will come back later to see what else he has posted. P.s I don't see Chris Brown standing next to her with a gun to her head saying take these pictures. Stupid girl she did this one to herself.

  22. 422

    These pics were taken at The London West Hollywood hotel. I know because I worked there and she was staying there before she was fucked up by Chris Brown.

  23. 423

    Lame to post this just after all the trouble shes had. Fucking have so dignity perez you twat

  24. 424

    rihanna's annoying.

  25. 425

    Chris Brown is a giant douche!

  26. 426


  27. 427

    The pictures that show the ass don't even show the face. It looks like a hoax.

  28. 428

    Seriously, if you're a celebrity & you do something like that, you're pretty much ASKING for this to happen. It's like a dare.

  29. 429

    whatever…whoever it is has a cute body

  30. 430

    i dont give a damn until you get katy perry up.
    rihannas hot. but katy perry was sent from god himself
    all hail arseface

  31. 431


  32. 432


  33. 433

    Amazing body, but I bet it's not her. You can't even see the face on the ass shots, def. not her. If it is though, I will still love her. She's like a fragile diamond to me, love her to death.

  34. 434

    omg what a douche. ovi chris brown did this. who else would.. whatta DICK

  35. 435

    wow. I wonder why they left out the pic of chris with the panties on his head lol

  36. 436

    OMG! =O

  37. 437

    Re: kristy23nyc – Just because they have taken naked pictures of themselves (rihanna's obviously for her boyfriend) doesn't not mean they sleep around with different guys at the same time (which what a slut is) they are not sluts how do we know u don't take pics???1 its hard being a celebrity its harder to trust people and then when you are betrayed you don't get embarrassed by the people closest to you , you get embarrassed by the entire world. You people can be so close minded and quick to put down, judge others. do the world a favor…. GROW THE HELL UP!

  38. 438

    i think its not her… her face never shows up on the body pictures..

  39. 439

    OMG - Banging body Ri Ri!!!

  40. 440

    WOW, CURIOUS how in all the naked shots her face is covered or cut out……….

    PHOTOSHOP!!!! Or maybe not, it's really hard to determine

  41. 441

    The mirror says "I love you Robyn, I miss you". Robyn is Ri's first name. Looks like she took these pics on her own, to send to someone else. Regardless, of past, she's still responsible for her OWN actions. The pillows match, the mirror white shirt matches the other white shirt pose, which matches another and so on. Why not the same uproar over the other nudie pics? Right to privacy extends to all people, not just ones who are battered.

  42. 442

    Why would you post these?

  43. Jabby says – reply to this


    I feel so bad for her =0( Poor Ri ri……………

  44. 444

    I dont know why Girls do this to themselves.
    NEver let someone have pics of u naked.
    how embarassing.

  45. 445

    How could you do that Perez, I thought she was your number one star. Asshole !

  46. 446

    Its her. You cant tell by these pics. On other sites, you can see much more clear. On the pic when she has written something in the mirror.. you can on anoter site see HER FACE and she is topless.
    There are pics of her and Chris Brown with HER panties on his head.
    Im not giving out the link…but Im pretty sure that IS her :(

  47. 447

    That's not her!!!

  48. 448

    Miss California, Carrie Prejean… is so much hotter than Rihanna or Cassie… and more talented too since she can do more with less in the nude picture department….

  49. 449

    there isn't any pictures with her face and her naked body in it… is there even proof it's her?

  50. 450

    superfreakingabsolutelyhot!!! ill hit that

  51. 451

    Its HER. Stop saying that its not her. Those pics are bad, you cant barely see.
    I just saw these pics, much bigger, when you can ACTUALLY see detailes as Rihannas tatoos.. and there's a PIC with Chris Brown having Rihannas pink panties on his head.. So its her on those pics.

  52. 452

    If you search on spankwire.com (NSFW) there's a "Rihanna look-alike" sex tape on there. I think the photos are of that girl, these aren't Rihanna. There are no tattoos (however she is careful to cover her shoulders where her most recognisable tattoos are).

  53. RachB says – reply to this


    DAMN!!! WFT?????!!!! Poor Rihanna! F*ck Chris beat me down!!!!!!!!!

  54. 454

    Just cause there are 2 pics of her face mixed with some pics of someones random ass doesnt mean its actually her naked! And Perez wow you are such a sell out posting these of someone you like just to get hits on your site.

  55. 455

    perez, you really cant blame chris brown for everything. shes clearing taking the pics by herself and should be responsible for doing such a dumb thing.

  56. 456

    there is a picture missing from the set. on another website, chris brown (supposed) was wearing rihanna's panties on his head

  57. 457

    OMG!!! poor rihanna, as if the paparazzis didnt bug her enuf! this is y celebs shouldnt take pix like these!

  58. 458

    SHAME ON U PEREZ… after all the poor girl's been through… what a way to make a girl feel like she could remove herself… this went bit to far… u could have just reported it….

  59. 459

    RiRi is fucking hot! and has the best body ever! THANK YOU PEREZ!

  60. ydur says – reply to this


    yummy, delicious tits

  61. 461

    omg how crazyy is that.
    chris brown did it knw doubtt

  62. 462

    aww i feel so bad for rihanna, this year has been horrible for her….first chris brown being a douche and beating the crap out of her…now this!!

  63. 463

    PANCAKE BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  64. 464

    Pics are real and Rihanna leaked them herself… so obvious that is part to get her career back… let's see… how many pics of "Riri" with those stupid outfits where all over the place during the week??? TONS! She is trying to get back in the spotlight and a photo scandal seems just right, it worked for Paris Hilton and recently for Cassie so Rihanna is just doing it for the heck of it I don't think there's any remorse on her part, and as usual there will be no comments from her part…

  65. 465

    Pics are real and Rihanna leaked them herself… so obvious that is part to get her career back… let's see… how many pics of "Riri" with those stupid outfits where all over the place during the week??? TONS! She is trying to get back in the spotlight and a photo scandal seems just right, it worked for Paris Hilton and recently for Cassie so Rihanna is just doing it for the heck of it I don't think there's any remorse on her part, and as usual there will be no comments from her part… .

  66. 466

    are you even serious???
    why would you post these?
    only 2 of those pictures show her face. so what would make you certain that the other 5 are her? that's kind of ridiculous and also really disrespectful.

  67. 467

    i dont know if some of these pics are actually her..celebs need to learn though. - - - you. will. never. have. privacy.

  68. 468

    THAT is one fine ass. I'd tap that 2 times.

  69. 469

    Rumor has it ;) that… these pics are of Cassie (Diddy's girl) NOT Rhianna…???

  70. 470


  71. 471


  72. 472

    Wow, what a bunch of idiotic children. I would admittedly get more turned on by seeing Zac Efron nude…but ultimately I find it ridiculous how people get so ridiculously dramatic about the human body.

  73. 473

    Stop complaining that Perez is a jerk for posting this. All you people log on to see what gossip he dishes out…take it all or take none of it.

  74. 474


    A spokesperson for Brown has released a statement to ESSENCE.com denouncing any connection to the photos. “This is both a false and defamatory statement. Chris has not released or ‘leaked’ any photos of Rihanna (or anyone else for that matter).”

    Reps for Rihanna could not be reached for comment.—CM

  75. LIP says – reply to this


    OMG! She looks great!

  76. 476

    ahh this shit is fake if u properly look at the pics its not her there are 2 pic of her there but she is clothed the others are just some slute that had time and a camera gosh ppl

  77. 477


  78. 478

    HORRIBLE! Shes been through ENOUGH!

  79. 479

    sweet ass VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 480

    Seriously, is anyone that surprise? She parades around stage half naked most of the time so this wasn't shocking. And to say that Chris "leaked" this, seriously how do you know it was him? And if you adore "Ri Ri" so much Perez why in the world would you even post these for people to see? I dont get it which these chicks, I understand long distance relationships are hard but, get a phone and have some phone sex. Why risk having pose nude, it's happen before with others and it would happen to you one way or the other.

  81. 481

    1st off stop blamming chris for everything.
    2nd off shes retarted, who takes naked photos of themselves?
    3rd off i feel bad, that really suckss that they got realeased.

  82. 482

    well, at least she's hot!…O.o

  83. 483

    Perez! Shame on you for not doing your homework. The tats Rihanna has (12 at current count ) are no where to be found. The face is hidden and it is obviously not her. Shame on you. You want respect and you publish crap like this. What makes you any different than Carrie Prejean? Nothing! Check your facts BEFORE you publish. Wow and to think I thought you had some intelligence about you. Now I just have to wonder….

  84. 484

    the note written on the mirror is a girls handwriting- this whole thing looks staged by the girl taking the pics

  85. 485

    She is a great role model for young women, if only more hot chicks would follow in her footsteps by having they're naked photo's leaked, the world would be a better place.

  86. 486

    Re: fiercebitch – i agreee

  87. 487


  88. 488

    DEF jam wants it removed

  89. 489

    I think this is so fucked up. She took these pictures and trusted who ever did have these pictures. She cant do anything about it now so she should just be happy she looks good in them lol .

  90. 490

    The picture of her grabbing her own ass is so awkward, all the pictures of her ass are actually.

    Does anyone else predict she's going to be a Whitney Houston-caliber disaster in the future? She's shy, she's talented, she likes douche bags, has kind of a dark side?

  91. 491


  92. 492

    just cause its the body of a black girl doesn't mean its riri mario

  93. 493

    ok…dunno if im shocked….or turned on…my god thats a beautiful body rite there!!!

  94. Nenns says – reply to this


    Take this shit down Perezzo!!!

  95. 495

    This so so mean spirited. Young girls send these pics to their boyfriends all the time. C'mon but clearly she was not dating someone trustworthy. Chris Brown is a poor excuse for a man not to mention a vindictive asshole!

  96. 496

    This is fucked up shit.

  97. 497

    why on earth would you be promoting this on your site? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT MORE PEOPLE TO SEE THESE PICTURES? seriously perez sometimes you're an asshole. You know almost everyone on the human population with internet goes to your site. Wtf; thie time its messed up man..

  98. 498

    wowwwww!!!!!!! chris chris chris. now, mario dont blame him as much as i cant stand him. not right. we know nothing of this. although the mirror picture says "i love you baby, i miss you" look closely. and am sure that was FOR HIM. (lets hope)

  99. 499

    hey perez i adore you and think your fantasic. I know my opinion has very little value on this site veiwed by billions buts I think that if you support Rihanna as I do and want het to heal from and vanish away from that ass of a human being then you would remove the link to these pictures.
    I know….blah blah blah me but that is my soap box comment of the day.
    love lots and lots

  100. 500

    Some of them look like she took them herself. Good for her she looks GREAT!!! Maybe now she can find some one alot better than Chris Brown.You go Girl!!!

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