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Joe Jonas Disses His Ex

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Write what you know, they say!

She wrote about him. Now, it's his time to write about her!

In the song Much Better off the new Jonai album, Joe Jonas takes a shot at his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, with the lyrics "And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter. But now I see, Everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better."

J.J. is clearly referencing Taylor's hit Teardrops On My Guitar.

According to the boys, the album's material is all "about things we've gone through, personal experiences."

Like that one time their dad told them they couldn't rent the limo past midnight!

Check out the clip above for a preview of the song, which they say is "influenced muscially by the Bee Gees & Neil Diamond."

All right, we give them credit for acknowledging their pop predecessors!

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249 comments to “Joe Jonas Disses His Ex”

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  1. 201

    Re: gabrielfnts2
    Nice try there.
    A Little Bit Longer DID go number 1.
    The only reason why Jonas was moved to Sunday was because of iCarly, and that show beats everything on the Disney Channel.
    The Jonas Brothers Tour is the top tour of the year so far, NOT Taylor Swift's.
    Are you a dumbass? The reason why the song was released now is because their album was released 2 months prior to the breakup. Did you seriously expect him to create a whole new album 3 months later to address his feelings?
    Plus, a lot of people DO break up over the phone, especially people with hectic schedules. So, she wanted it to be done differently, is that his fault?
    Doesn't mean he has no balls, it means he didn't want to wait 3 more months.
    Anyways, Taylor and Joe are BOTH very successful.
    Taylor has number 1 albums, they have number 1 tours.
    She has her Amas and Country Awards, they have their Ama and several other random awards.
    She makes lists, they make lists.
    They are successful in their own ways.
    The Jonai are not fading, nor is she.
    So lets all just leave the situation alone now.

  2. 202

    Re: ashiiiex – that's a lie, every magazine is saying that the jonas show is getting low ratings

  3. 203

    Re: JoeJonasluver – I am going to prove you wrong… Thier tour still hasnt sold out every show, where as taylor swift tour has, and she sold out madison squar in one minute and it took Jonas Brothers 2 albums to become famous and it took Taylor Swift only one album to become famouse and her fearless album went double or triple platinum.their A little bit longer cd did go platinum but it didnt go double or triple like Taylor…and every mag is saying that the jonas show has low ratings and if the joas brothers are so popular and they have die hard fans then how come their parionade song is #44 on itunes and if thier album did so good then why was taylor's cd the only best selling cd of 2008? explain that to me, ok yeah some people break up over the phone but if they really had a heart they could have waited and found time to break up in person… and the jonas brothers are not doing so well because their music isnt that good. I bet you that the jonas brothers new cd will go to number 2 on billboard hot 200 and that is it.. and even if they move the show to sunday because of icarly that just proves that tweens rather see icarly than the jonas show… and if they are soo popular why and these super fans claim that the jonas brothers are better then why cant they sell as many records as taylor

  4. 204

    LOL people are dumb. The sunday showing of Jonas only had 3 million viewers. Which was how all the fans said "OH IT"S CAUSE IT"S ON SATURDAY THAT NO ONE WATCHES"
    No, different day same very low numbers. The show wont last hopefully. It's a piece of garbage, making Camp Rock seem like an entertaining alternative, and don't get me started on that shitty movie. As someone who was into JB last year, I can honestly say they're going way down into the shitter famewise, but not only that there songs are really getting worse then ever. And no, it's not cause of Taylor I'm saying this (Although I do like her), it's because simply put, there new songs are shallow attempts at maturity, but they are still the same tween garbage, just with even worse lyrics then there first record. They suck, and over the last year they've all turned into pricks except for maybe Kevin. This time next year, they'll be gone.

  5. 205

    GO JOSEPH! Yeah, don't let anyone stand in your way. I believe Joe had the right to do that because Taylor took soo many hits at him. Talking about the so called "27 second phone call". Making fun of his Camp Rock doll in one of her videos. And so on. Love Joe, and love all the song previews!

  6. 206

    Oh my gosh wow you people are lame! Taylor can write about him, but he can't write about her?! And you know what, a lot of people are like: 'Oh that song's about Camilla!' But if you watched their earlier live chats, Nick Jonas said that Much Better was inspired by fans! The 'Girl In Front Of Me' that would be fans people! All they need is their FANS!

  7. 207

    TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!=)

  8. 208

    but i love jobros =P

  9. 209

    Re: gabrielfnts2 – JB world tour sold out more shows than TSwift.Check the fucking stats bitch & quit with your jealously.

  10. 210

    & Jb sould out MSG 3 times.

  11. 211

    these assholes. what do they know about women anyways? they need to shut the fuck up and get laid already. fuckheads. i am so sick of them.

  12. 212

    What a bunch of dickheads. I hope taylor writes a song about him and says his name over and over and over again. I think it really shows how untalented they are a "creative" song writers, bc they couldn't even come up with their own line. THEY PLAGIARIZED. It doesn't matter if the structure of the sentence is changed they stole Swift's unique line. These guys are losers and have no talent. If they think they are like the Bee Gees and Neil Diamond they have another thing comming. I'm sorry to say they are from where I live. Really sorry. I hate them.

  13. 213

    Re: ashiiiex – they may have sold out MSG 3 times but did they sell it out all 3 times in less than one minute? I dont think so… and that is because they been on more tours than Taylor, so that is the reason, and let me just say, I really think thier 15 minutes of fame is almost up because soon disney will drop them from their lable and the joebro fags will be hasbeens.. and taylor will stll be winning awards for her hit records… And as I've said before it took taylor one cd to become famous where as it took the jonas brohter 2 cd's to become famous.. and that says alot… It shows that Taylor is much better than the joefags

  14. 214

    All of these comments are so fucking annoying. The Jonas Brothers DO have talent. Playing three instruments considers at least SOME hint of musical talent, miss swift only plays guitar.

    As for the whole "using Taylor's song in the lyrics." I don't think many of you remember the song FOREVER AND ALWAYS. "I HOLD ON to the night YOU LOOKED ME IN THE EYES and told me you, loved me." She used their songs too dipshits. And dissing her months later to get attention? Hello! He isn't going to make another album one month later sharing his true feelings. This is the time their album comes out, because of this..his feelings and his side of the story about the breakup are going to be shared later than hers. I don't know the whole story, nor do I think we will EVER get the real truth from both parties. Joe said Taylor hung up the phone and Joe tried calling back numerous times to talk it out…she wouldn't have it. Yes, these lyrics are a little harsh, but what do you expect? He didn't bash her in ANY way possible. Even when asked about her, Joe called her a superstar. Now that he is FINALLY showing his feelings about it, he's getting bashed? Come on people, play fair, joe does.

  15. 215

    And I can assure you, Taylor's next album will be MUCH worse than this one song. Given Joe's name will be mentioned NUMEROUS times and bashed beyound belief. I think we've only begun to see the wrath of Taylor Swift. You think joe's bringing up the past to "get attention?" Just wait my friends. Just wait.

  16. 216

    Re: ashiiiex – and what do I have to be jealous about? What do u want me to be jealous of some fag brothers who have to wear rings to show thier faith to god, taylor doesnt need a right to show her fait to god, because she belives in herself alot to not have to wear a fag ring those fags… Also at least taylor writes or cowrites her own songs, where as nick jonas writes most of the songs on the album because Joe and Kevin are to dumb to write songs

  17. 217

    Joe had every right to break up with her without her constantly whining about it to the press. She proves how pathetic she is the way she acts in interviews and her immature youtube attacks. That "i like to be honest' excuse is so lame. Move on.

    I'm glad he's found someone better for him. Can't wait for the song….it sounds good and from the heart. Frankly, everything we go through in life is supposed to help us learn and lead us to something better, so it sounds like a universally sound message. As for Joe, if Camilla turns out not to be the one he marries, then eventually he'll find his true love. If Taylor does or doesn't, I could care less. She seems pretty fake and cold, so I'm not suprised he would eventually dump her.

    TEAM JOE!!!!

  18. 218

    Re: lolololo

    I can't believe these comments. Taylor is not sweet nor an 'angel'. She is so whiny and vengeful, repeating her whoa is me tale for the past 8 months. No wonder he was so unhappy dating her. She's the douche bag.

    Joe is so much better off without her, and why shouldn't he sing about that revelation like she sang about her boo hoo broken heart? Double standard idiots — he has as much right to sing about his experiences and mouse face does.

  19. 219

    Re: PhoenixGX93

    Omg — all you people, he wrote it seven months later and she did it right away?! Are you stupid - her album came out then and she capitalized on pity. His didn't come out until 7 months later (that's why it's now) and he's writing about how he's better and happier aftrer that horrid experience.

    Use your brains instead of talking about how he's dragging it out and blah blah. Album out June 2009 - song out June 2009. That's the way the music business works dweeb.

  20. 220

    Re: Wassy

    much better is much better. It's a great song.

    forever and always is another one of her boring fairytale princess romeo whit horsee crappy whiny songs that she sings off key on. the girl doesn't know how to sing on key. Every time I hear her live–ouch. she must record the songs a 100 times to get something decent for the radio.

  21. 221

    Re: Wassy

    Quit 'spreading rumors that aren't true' yourself. Maybe YOU should take your own advice….if that's not too complicated for you.

  22. 222

    Re: myers1978

    totally agree with you

  23. 223

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover

    You are so right; SHe is the one that is so bitter after two months of dating Joe. Kinda sick actually that she is so bitter and hurt. Guess he's just someone you can't get over easily.

  24. 224

    Re: footefetish

    he's proved he's much better than her every day and he continues to. She proves she is a hateful mouse faced (gorgeous no way) twit. "I love to sing about someone while they sit in the audience and squirm." Quote from her and proves how bitchy, psychotic, crazed and bitter she is. She outta see a therapist, cause she needs oen.

  25. 225

    Re: Michaeeelaaa

    I agree with you totally and I'm not a teenie either. haven't been a teen for a long time.

    Joe is the good guy.

  26. 226

    Re: ashiiiex

    Paranoid is an awesome song too!!!!!

  27. 227

    Re: Jamaikafnk

    Of for goodness sake. He's 19. If they break up, fine he'll find eventually the person that will be the right one for him. You people that are all into, it'll serve him right, get over it like TS should. People break up. He didn't owe her 'forever' after dating a few months.

  28. 228

    Re: gabrielfnts2

    Get over it. The Jonas Brothers sell out in minutes too. Their last album was off the charts. They've both been succesful, although personally Taylor Swift's whiny off-key singing and songs that sound exactly the same make me sick. So quick trying to paint a picture that she is so much more successsful… she ain't. While I agree she has been successful professionally though, she's a personal disaster. Stalking ex-boyfriends, always getting dumped, whiny, and hateful. Joe's much more of a success in his personal life and not blasting her when obviously he could say lots about what a fake, vengeful #$#$ she's been.

  29. 229

    Re: gabrielfnts2

    Two million people watched JONAS first episode and the numbers are going up. It was up to 4 million or whatever the last one. It's a funny, great show. The two million number for the first was less than icarly the highest rated show though that has a regular following, so the 'media' who loves to look for sound bytes that are 'slanderous' 'reported that.' The media reports the same thing for months and months even when news changes, even when it's not true. You need a course in how the media works in this world. And you shouldn't be calling someone a 'liar' based on the 'media reports.' OMG.

  30. 230

    Re: ashiiiex

    yeah that Re: gabrielfnts2 sure is full of jealousy and hatred…i think it trickles down from her 'idol' barf.

  31. Wassy says – reply to this


    Ok JB is losing fans! Ok they aren't big as they used to be! So please shut up and DIE

  32. 232

    Re: gabrielfnts2

    welll you are proving what an idiot you are by this comment — now all you can come up with his calling them 'fags' and criticize their rings. Shame on you. They have worn those rings since they were younger and it was a personal decision and now that they are RIGHTFULLY famous because of their great talent people ask them about them. That's why we know about the rings.

    you are a prejudiced witch apparently against 'fags' and again you should be ashamed. I won't call Taylor a lesbo because I'm not prejudiced but I will call her an cold fish, cause that's what she is.

  33. 233

    Re: gabrielfnts2 – lol at your immaturity the joefags? seriously? what are you 10? I don't know how fast they sold out MSG but selling it out 3 times is HUGE and most artists dream of doing something huge like that.If Taylor could carry a note I would give her some credit but unfortunately she can't so i don't take her or her fans seriously.Peace.

  34. 234

    She brings it up every chance she gets.
    She can CHILL. seriously.
    He looks so much better the way he handled it and continues to handle it.
    She's like putting a stereotype on girls that we're dependent and cant't get over boyfriends. ever….
    ugh like grow up and get the fuck over it.

  35. 235

    And no losers, HE is much better than taylor.
    Besides, taylor took a shot at him first, now its his turn (;

  36. 236

    Re: what is up? – I love all people even gay people, I should have never called them fags, I said that out of anger… and she can play the piano as well not just the gutiar… and my thing is with the rigns is that you really dont need rings to promis yourself to god that you wont have sex untill ur married, I just think it's a pointless thing… so when they said they wear those I thought appereantly they dont trust them selfs enough…And I am going to say this as my last comment on this post, in 5 or more years when Taylor Swift is still successful because she worked hard for her success on her own instead of using Disney to make her famous or using her siblings to become famous and the jonas brothers become hasbeens I will be telling all these jonas brothers fans " I TOLD YOU SO"

  37. 237

    and one more thing when the jonas brothers new album with thier stupid weird album name comes out and their sales dont do that good I will come back on this post and laugh at all of you jonas brothers fans

  38. 238

    LV & TT may do well since I'm sure it will get ALOT of publicity for Miley being on it and this song bout' Taylor, but I don't see it outselling the last one or even selling well for a very long period of time

  39. 239

    dam thats fucked up!!! Oh man I'm so NOT buying there cd now !!! Dam that's a low blow! I gotta stick up for my girl! I think almost every girl can relate to forever & always MUCH more, its like who hasn't been waiting for a guy to call and had promises broken? Its the anthem for when guys screw u over! lol Home girl was just venting its what girls do when their upset she just decided 2 share it with the world and I'm glad she did plus it was last year hes just a little too late!

    hmm…Its just so high school I think its kinds funny except everything is in front of the public & media =) so we can see their drama hahah

  40. 240

    Re: Jamaikafnk – I totally agree with u Karma!!!

  41. 241

    p.s. I totally think they copied this song it songs very familiar!!!! like an old 80's song if u just listen to the background music and tune out their voices!

  42. 242

    Poor Taylor. Oh well, she's not associated with Disney, so five years from now, she'll still be winning Grammy's while the "Jo Bros" will vanish into the black hole known as the "former Disney Channel Stars" along with their BFF, Slimy Virus!

  43. 243

    thats a new level of loww

  44. 244

    it pisses me off so much that everyone criticizes taylor because she writes songs about her real relationships. music is a way to express yourself and deal with things. if we cant use music to talk about things in our life, then what is the point of music? here is a girl who actually writes her OWN music and its damn good. shes 19 and relationship problems are what girls are facing. thats why she's so successful, she's able to connect on a real level with her audience and she's able to give them something they can actually relate to and understand and apply to their own lives.
    i hate how people are so quick to criticize her over admitting to writing about real relationships yet no one sees how immature the jonas brothers are acting. i dont get how people can call taylor immature. the worst she's done is put someones actual name in a song (lovingly though). but for the jonas brothers to put taylors lyrics in their song to diss her, its pathetic of them. theyre disney stars, they arent having a rap battle so it was so unnecessary of them. and this isnt even the first time theyre lyrics have been questioned regarding taylor.
    theres a big difference between writing about relationships and actually putting in specific details to actually hurt someone. people need to take off their disney glasses and realize the jonas brothers dont have halos around their heads and that theyre even too immature for disney.
    team taylor 100000%

  45. 245

    HYPOCRITESSSS. shes gonna be around WAY longer than the gaybros. FUCK EM

  46. 246

    Hate them, like it's her JOB to write about stuff that happens to her and be a good role model and stuff and I think she's pretty fucking good at her job they don't have to make such an obvious attack, they suck they're over it's just little 8 year olds who still listen to S.O.S. Hate 'em! And especially Joe, he's suuuch a douche go Taylor we've got your back hoooney

  47. 247

    Joe is just taking a stand for himself. He's been trying so hard to be really mature about the situation… but Taylor keeps on snobbing about it… he feels it's below the belt… so now he's taking a stnad for himself.

    Way to go, Joe

  48. 248

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover – Thank you! At least you understand…

  49. 249

    maybe the loser brothers should go back home and watch High School Fucking Musical and cry till they die and rot.
    seriously, no one wants them now. well not exactly, 13 year-old chicks for exception. wtf? their fans are still kids and immature. what's so special about them, i don't even know. because they're 'hot'? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH, well that's unnecessary to discuss.
    they're over-rated and a bunch of fuckers who wear purity rings for shit.
    obviously taylor swift is more successful and powerful than them. her fan-base is more dedicated and mature.
    they're worthless and she's priceless. i dont give a fuck whose the one to blame about the songs and all, but all i know is the jonas sisters should DIE. face it, taylor swift will be around for decades and write even more beautiful songs and will be an amazing role-model who doesn't have to prove herself as a virgin by wearing a stupid ring that resembles NOTHING. nyeh

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