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Save The Seals

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One of the best things about having a widely-read website is being able to share our thoughts about important issues. From gay rights to health care reform, Perez has spoken out repeatedly about social concerns that matter to him. That's why we jumped at the chance to star in PETA's 'Save the Seals' Celebrity Ad Campaign.

Every year, sealers bash in the skulls of baby seals and hook them in their eyes, cheeks or mouths, then drag them across the ice – sometimes while they are still conscious!

This is disgusting and wrong!!!!

The European Union and the U.S. have banned seal fur. And world leaders as diverse as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Obama have condemned the massacre of baby seals.

Get with it, Canada!

We are so outraged by this unnecessary cruelty! We've taken part in the 'Save the Seals' Celebrity Ad Campaign alongside Kelly Osbourne, Jennie Garth, and more. And we encourage our Perezcious readers to CLICK HERE to find out what YOU can do to help!

Please join us in trying to STOP the seal slaughter!


Update: CLICK HERE to get your own Save The Seals t-shirt!

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470 comments to “Save The Seals”

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  1. 101

    Re: sarahhodds

    Actually asshole, I'm SHOCKED at how ignorant you are! So basically your saying since everyone has OVER FISHED newfoundland that now it gives you the right to KILL animals who actually need the remaining food to survive???? That's your logic? SAD juvenile thinking!

  2. 102

    Dear Perez:
    While the seal hunt may seem archaic, it is actually a very viable form of commerce for many Inuit up North. Not only do the Inuit sell the fur, but they also consume every bit of the seals. There is also an over abundance of seals right now and their natural predators (the polar bears) are dying in alarming rates. This means that the seals are over-consuming fish at also an alarming rate. Maybe you should research the topic before you plaster images of yourself all over the internet saying that you're supporting something "bad".
    Perhaps you should focus on why the polar bears are almost at extinction because of global warming and the lack of ice flows that the polar bears live on while they are hunting/swimming. Or perhaps you would do better to focus on the horrendous atrocities being committed by your own country against other countries like Iraq and the fact that your country lacks even the basic of health care.
    As a Canadian, I think THAT is an ATROCITY and shame on the USA for not providing basic health care for its inhabitants.

  3. 103

    Perez I am surprised and disappointed you would agree to do something like this without knowing all the sides of the argument in this issue. For thousands of years indigenous people have lived off the meat and fur of these animals. It is their way of life. I hope you have stopped eating all beef chicken and fish because you do know that these animals are treated far worse by any measurable standard. Think about this when you drink a glass of milk: The cow that provided that milk sits in a stall which is barely large enough for its huge overweight body, pumped full of artificial hormones, for its entire life. What do you think is worse - living as a free animal and being hunted, or never having freedom?

    Ps: Regulatory requirements state that baby seals are not killed. Yes they are young, but do not distort the facts.

  4. 104

    Get with it Canada??? For real??? You're insulting an entire country you asshat!!! Not everyone in Canada takes part in the seal hunt ya know!! Not everyone agrees with it either but we understand why it is done. Canada has far less issues than the US ever thought of having but you don't see us jumping on an ad campagain and attacking an entire nation over one issue. Baby seals are not hunted!!! The least you could do before slapping your name all over an ad campagain is to ensure that it has the facts straight. I think you just lost a ton of your once loyal Canadian fans. Oh… and don't get me started on PETA–what a bunch of douches!!!

  5. 105

    IT HAPPENS IN MY PROVINCE READ HERE– I am from Newfoundland. We get a lot of shit for this every year. It does not hurt the seal population, it is our culture, and many people live off of it and need the jobs. The tool used to kill them is the most humane way to do it ( we also chop moose to pieces in the woods to get it on our vehicle… its dead already, so who cares how it is transported, in reference to the dragging). All that needs to be done is some regulation on how the hakapik is used. Many hunters do not use them properly and this is the cause of all of the outrage. We want them killed humanely too, and they ARE killed humanely when the tool is used properly! THANKS! P.S. half the people supporting this actually believe we live in igloos and so on and have said so on national television embarrassing themselves. KNOW YOUR FACTS.

  6. 106


  7. 107

    Thank you for doing this.

  8. 108

    Are you a celebrity now?

  9. 109

    Wow have you ever been up north the communities that have only limited industies and deal with global warming…

    There are thousands of seal the rats of the north.

    Save a Polar Bear Save the Cod. Save something that is has reduction on population not an increase.

    Save the Seals is silly.

    They have a history of hunting seals before north america was colonized .

    the Shocking thing is the visual of the white and red and the uneducated can get over it !

  10. 110

    Get a fucking clue Mario.

  11. 111

    you actually look good here. you should look like this more often.

  12. 112

    Re: sugerqueen – OMG where are you from lol

  13. 113

    I think that PETA and Perez both need to get their facts straight on the Canadian Seal hunt. The reason that seals are slaughtered is not only for fur harvesting purposes, but also because seals are predators who are greatly depleating the fish supply. The fish are the livlihood in many regions of Canada, and seals are overpopulated. So before you get out there to promote some "very worthwhile cause" I think you should do a little bit of research on the topic at hand. That being said, I am still an opponent to the seal hunt but at least I know why I am!

  14. 114

    I want that seal t-shirt. Is that part of the campaign? Can we buy a shirt to support?

  15. 115

    Re: rachelleio – Hey. It is wrong. Cute or not. And I do condem the killings of the other animals you refer to.

  16. 116

    Re: notlori – baby seals are not hunted, as you say, because they are DEFENSELESS AND CANNOT ESCAPE. there is no hunting involved. and i don't give a shit what they are clubbed with, because they ARE clubbed and don't you dare insult people's intelligence by saying they die from a single blow. THEY ARE BEATEN TO DEATH. let me give you a single blow to your head and see how you feel. the seal hunt is no longer a necessity to the inuit. they have progressed in so many areas of their lives, why not this one?

  17. 117

    Don't make it sound like all of Canada kills seals for the love of God.
    It's only the native traditionalists who take part, in addition to other sick bastards…. it's not like we all climb out of our igloos, jump on our polar bears and go seal clubbing after a trip to Walmart. Jesus… think about it!

  18. 118

    WTF! some people on here should be clubbed themselves - i'm sorry im not normally a mean person but all you people from canada/newfoundland or whatever the hell it is.. your saying that "its not as bad as peta is saying it is".. "they only shoot them" .. are you serioulsy screwed in the head? you are still killing an innocent beautiful animal.. who cares if its eating all the fish.. fish are ugly and there are enough of them! seals are so beautiful and they don't deserve to be shot, nor does ANY animal.. animal cruelty is the worst thing ever, its sad and its depressing and all you people who don't agree with perez should seriusly go to hell.. because its just not right.

  19. 119

    To all the stupid Americans…

    Shut the hell up. You do not know what you are talking about in regards to the seal hunt. Think about it the next time you eat beef or chicken or pork. Think about how those animals were slaughtered. How humane are they killed? They have theirs throats slit and left to bleed to death. Or, they just cut off their heads! The seal hunt is a vital part of communities in Canada. The irony is you Americans don't want to acknowledge that each one of you are part of the slaughter of millions of innocent animals a year. Get a life you bunch of ignorant assholes!! Perez…if you really knew what you were talking about you would be wearing a shirt with grown seals…not baby ones. You Americans have more to worry about than seals in Canada….how about your crime and murder rate? Stick to matters in your own country…because in reality….the US is crumbling!!

  20. 120

    Not ONE Peta member has ever tried to stop a fur trader from clubbing a baby seal. Not ONE Peta member has ever found a home for a stray dog or cat. NOT ONE Peta member ever does anything REAL to help animals - they just get stupid celebrities to jump on the bandwagon so they can get more money. PETAKILLSANIMALS.COM

  21. 121

    Yes, let's put a stop to seal hunting then see native culture disappear before our eyes. You're an idiot Perez….seal is one of the only things these people have to eat, you ban seal hunting, these people will die. What else do you think they have to eat, leafy greens??? They don't have the luxuries you do f**k face.
    Put a stop to the bullshit PETA puts out. Animals over humans? NEVER!

  22. 122

    So, Perez … you're outraged, are ya? Seals (NOT BABY SEALS) are killed very quickly. What are you suggesting be done? Should we not have a seal hunt so the HUGE seal population can starve to death? I suppose that's what you and your "D" list celebrity friends would prefer. Typical crap coming from Americans who have no clue of the facts and no nothing about the world outside their borders. Go back to sleep, Perez.

  23. 123

    aweeee!! can we buy that shirt to donate?!

  24. 124

    Really??? Let's support the organization that promotes Faux fur?? And Pleather?? Perhaps it is time for some focus on the origins of these so called "ethical options".
    Faux fur is a PETROLEUM based product. So all of those images we see of animals dying horrible deaths due to oil spills…. yup…. faux fur, pleather, gortex… not to mention the environmental damage (thus animals being killed ) due to the processing of petroleum. To top it all off these products are not bio-degradable!!
    The native population of Canada has very little options for food. Seal meat has and will continue to be a logical part of their diet. As seal multiply like rabbits and if left unchecked deplete another source of nutrition, fish.
    As far as the whole stupid debate about seal skin and fur… Is it a better idea to throw the hide/fur away? Our native people honour the spirit of animals therefor let nothing go to waste. Unlike many North Americans and Europeans they have true respect for animals and the environment!!
    Oh… and I bet that T-shirt is made out of cotton!! One of the most toxic crops on our planet…. which kills animals… duh!! Unless it is made out of hemp, soy, bamboo or as a last resort organic cotton then it also plays a part of the hipocrasy that is Peta!

  25. 125


    I don't know if you read these comments, but I sincerely hope you see this one.

    I cannot support your position on this issue. You obviously have swallowed PETA's propaganda hook, line, and sinker. I'm sad to see that you've completely sold out and dissed many of your Canadian fans by joining this misguided cause. The seal hunt is not "disgusting" or "wrong;" it is a part of Canadian aboriginal people's cultural heritage, and is the livelihood of many rural Canadians who would otherwise have no other means of income. It is legal in Canada to hunt seals who have reached a certain age and when the hunter is properly licenced. Many of the scare tactics used by PETA are in fact decades old images of people who have used improper means of killing seals, before these legal requirements were put into place. Baby seals are never legally killed in Canada. People who break the law by killing baby seals and are caught face legal penalties, just as a hunter would who kills out-of-season.

    You have lost a big fan, and I will never log onto your site again. Although I have supported many of your other causes, I will not have your back on this one. This is the danger you face when you politicize yourself, Perez. This is a sad day for me, but I have to stick by my principles.

    I SUPPORT THE SEAL HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 126

    Okay the only thing i agree with is that perez should get his facts right a little.. yes he got wrong that they are not baby seals.. they are actually fully grown seals..
    jesus christ people. okay yes its an important part for candian culture.. heres an idea.. find a new hobby instead of killing innocent beautiful animals.

  27. 127

    Oh my. I roll my eyes at this. NO ONE KILLS BABY SEALS. It is so frowned down upon in hunting circles. NO ONE HUNTS FOR FUN. they are all trying to make a living. Before anyone puts on a anti seal hunt shirt they should know the real facts and not the "facts" like, "BABY SEALS ARE HAVING THEIR NECKS SLIT IN NEWFINLIND FOR NO REASON." I enjoy how their are Newfoundlanders here that all agree that we don't mind the seal hunt at all.

  28. 128

    Re: Laroccakiddd – So Canadians are disgusting people?
    Cya on the ice.Don't forget your club.

  29. 129

    First of all, it is not "Canada's seal hunt", the entire Canadian population doesn't go around bashing in the skulls of seals for shear pleasure. There are designated areas that this takes place. The images of cute little white seals being killed are lies, they are not allowed to be killed (this law came into effect in 1987). The seals lose their white coat around 14 days after birth, after that they are allowed to be killed. This has been done by our native population forever and it is a significant part of their livelihood. Before you decide to condemn them for this why not think of a feasible solution for them as well. They use all parts of the seal for food, skin, fuel and trade goods. Don't jump on the "save the cute animal" bandwagon until you know all the facts.

  30. 130

    Damn Perez! You look good when you are not wearing crazy clothes and when your hair is au naturel!!
    Save the seals!! I am from Canada and couldn't agree more with you!

  31. 131

    Its very clear to see who is from Canada here and who is not.

  32. 132

    Awesome cause, and most of your commentators are right P, you look really good in that shot. Good to see you lending your name to a cause you feel passionately for. All the haters bitching about this post, we FUCKING LOVE YOUR INSANE WHINING :)

  33. 133

    I can not believe this barbaric practice still goes on.
    Just as the dolphin slaughters by the hands of Japan's fishermen.
    Just as the shark slaughters for a single fin by China's fishermen.

  34. 134

    Re: walrus gumboot – Crawl back into your hole, loser.
    "Hype Flags - a "Hype Flag" is anything that challenges the credibility of your press release. Examples of "Hype Flags" include an abundance of exclamation points or wild product and service claims."

  35. 135

    At least Canadians don't let humans die because they can't afford healthcare.

  36. 136

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! As a Canadian, you can't imagine how proud I am that you are standing up for Seals!!

    But also remember, our PM is much like George W. Bush….hopefully he'll be booted out soon, so we can get back to being progressive again.

  37. 137

    MelissaMay1: Go get an education on what "omnivore" means, and the fact that you are one. Then research the annual seal hunt, its methodologies and its benefits for the struggling inuit population. Perhaps you may find it interesting that this is a carefully controlled harvest of overpopulated adult seals, and not a year-round bash fest of baby seals like PeTA tries to promote. Then look up "douche" in the dictionary, and you'll find a picture of the average US citizen attempting to comment on something Canadian. Then go fuck yourself, and call Perez to join you.
    PS: Your comments are pretty good, but they should be directed to your President while he considers the next steps for war in the Middle East. F*n' US ignorami…

  38. 138

    lookin' good perez! THis also happens in Sweden, it's really sad :(

  39. 139


  40. 140

    After seeing all the misinformation being thrown around by uneducated Americans about Canada's health care system it's no surprise that z-listers like Mario base his opinion on lies. This is the same person who reported Jaclyn Smith had been shot and MIchael Jackson was faking it. Only an idiot would believe anything on this site.

  41. 141

    Re: Laroccakiddd
    They are eating the seal… the eyeball is given to the children as a treats. I never knew a comment could be so backwards are wrong. Learn your facts.

  42. TxKat says – reply to this


    Good for you, Perez. A really great cause.

  43. AG420 says – reply to this


    Re: duelastar – I one hundred percent agree with you! perez is a fucking ass

  44. 144

    Looking good, Perez! Good for you!

  45. 145

    come on perez! its not baby seals they kill and they don't do it for fun or to trade the fur. you see pictures and videos of the men after there done doing it and they have tears in their eyes. If you have another way to help save eastern canadas eco system let us know!

  46. 146

    Re: duelastar – Hey dipshit…it's not just PETA, go to the Humane Society or IFAW's website if you don't support PETA. They only club seals that are between 1 & 6 weeks old for their fur. Their fur which only nets them $15 per pelt by the way. Oh and the gas that it takes to run their boats for this hunt, costs almost at much as they make for the seal skins. Actually do some research before commenting. Oh and hey Shelleybean, it's not the "natives" that go hunting for seals, it's the Canadian fisherman that only participate in the hunt in their off season to make an extra buck. Again, do research and get all the facts before commenting!

  47. 147

    Re: melissamay1 – For our native people this is not a "hobby" it is a source of food. Lentils don't grow up north… or many other sources of protein that are readily available to those who live in L.A. for example. The cost of flying such resources to these regions is ridiculous!!! And then factor in the carbon emmissions…

  48. 148

    Wow so now I've lost all repsect for you as a person. I suggest everyone who is against the seal hunt watch My Ancestors were Rogues and Murderers.

    And no one club seals anymore. Only the Magdelan Islands which are off of Quebec. Way to go Perez, anything for a buck eh?

  49. 149

    cute t-shirt

  50. 150

    Being from the East Coast of Canada and also a vet assistant I have this to say, I don't agree that the seals fur should be skinned in a digusting way or that it should even be sold. however..there is such a surplus of seals over here that they're eating all the fish.. and if we didn't step in over half of all martimers who are in the fishing industry could lose their jobs if we let the fish levels get too low.. I would say let them hunt until the balance of seals has been rectified and then stop it… people hunt lots of things deer, rabbits whatever…i don't think we judge one country for it…its a little hypocritical.. I support not killing them in inhumane ways and not selling their fur!

  51. 151

    Anybody that would buy, or wear, seal fur needs to educate themselves and JUST STOP.
    I agree that hunting certain animals does, in fact, control their populations and keep them in healthier numbers, BUT why can't we be more humane about the killing?

  52. 152

    totally support you perez!
    some of you people are so heartless, and YES it's the same as chicken/pig cruelty, but you all need to stop complaining because THIS is the one that perez obviously cares about, if your passion is for helping farm animals then you should be doing something about it instead of complaining that nobody cares about them! and it isnt about taking away people's resources, it's about stopping the UNNESSESSARY and inhumane massacre of seals that is going on

  53. 153

    Re: Trancelike – I would like to see Mario drive up to Newfoundland in his little pink electric car and stop you guys from hunting!I'll bet a village could survive a winter on his blubber alone.

  54. 154

    fine, save the seals, just dont help peta with it, their a bunch of twats who want us all to eat leaves. :)

  55. fUkRD says – reply to this


    Re: tbuck – ok, so you did not know,..but please, please before you side with Perez, please reasearch the topic and realise that Perez has no facts, just bs. Read everyone elses comments on here and you will see. Baby white seals have not been hunted in 20 years, it is illegal. So their whole Campaign is a fake. The ones that are hunted are needed for food, heat and clothes. Would you rather people died of starvation instead? There are no rich people in the North, they are just barely surviving up there, so the seal hunt is for necessity, not riches or glamour like wearing the fur of slaughtered animals is to the Americans and especially the celebrities and clothing designers. Americans that continue to wear fur do it to look good, not to keep from freezing in -40 cold weather. Please see the difference.

  56. 156

    the new you is looking good.

  57. 157

    This is dumb, white coat seal hunting was banned in the 80's. The seal hunt is a tradition that gives a boost to the dying economy of the east coast of Canada, and allows for population control. Without it the seals would most likely die anyways due to over population and a destruction of their habitat.
    Peta is bat-shit crazy.

  58. 158

    well maybe we should kill all the polar bears cause the eat those yummy little baby seals

  59. 159

    Re: MEGAAA – okay first of all im not from US, im from AUS. okay yes its canadians way of life, but its still sad that innocent animals have to be killed. and if you were to look up douche in the dictionary, you would probably find a bunch of fucked up canadians killing seals :) thank you and goodnight.

  60. fUkRD says – reply to this


    Re: pooface – well said,…this is really bothersome to many Canadians I think, as these people have NO CLUE of real life up North, most don't have a clue about life in general outside of debt riden, celebrity governed, over-glamourized California. Perez needs to just stick to talking about the obviously most important breaking news in america,…ballon boy, britney spears and Jon & Kate.

  61. 161

    Read and research before you go to print. The fact that you have a web site that millions read places some responsibility on your ignorant shoulders. Dumb ass…

  62. 162

    Re: Zoesmom
    # 136
    You have all my sympathies. I had no idea Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a George W. Bush-like idiot.
    America has so many deep problems to work-out, guess we ignore our neighbors to the North .. until, of course, we need you for something. Sigh.
    Anyway, good luck with the W-clone. I feel really really bad for your country … Bush kicked America so far down .. we are still trying to claw our way out ..

  63. 163


  64. 164

    looks like Kelly Clarkson isn;t the only one that gets photo shopped.
    But I do got to admit… supporting peta is a very cool thing perez.
    Hate you but I just keep away from this site!!!

  65. 165

    Wow!! Another TRENDY CELEBTRITY CAUSE! Yet again, being misinformed. I guess it takes too much time and effort to actually check your facts or dig a little deeper. It has e=been illegal to "club babe seal" for over 20 years.. I cant believe people are going by the same few pictures presented in the media.. over and over….

    Well you can all pat yourselves on the back! The seal hunt is disappearing rapidly. Too bad people aren't standing up for the thousands of families that depend on this to put the food on the table and get their children a decent education. I know family and friends who HAVE HAD TO RESORT TO GOING ON SOCIAL ASSISTANCE a.k.a WELFARE because there's currently no market. And guess what? They cant get any other jobs because there are none!! Good job.. hope you feel good about yourself.

  66. Patsy says – reply to this


    Do your research idiot! A different way of killing yes, but stop being brainwhashed by PETA.

  67. 167

    people are so uninformed about the seal hunt in canada…….1 they don't bash in skulls anymore thats illegal they are shot……its also illegal to kill baby seals if cought with a baby seal on board your boat you go to jail and have your boat taken……..a fuckin baby seal is not worth havin your boat taken. some people in canada depend on the seal hunt and fishery in general to survive…..get educated before you guys start running your mouths about canadians and the seal hunt.

  68. 168

    Lets ban veal eating too! baby cows people, baby cows……

  69. 169

    What you Americans need to realize is that this is a native traditon that has been going on for ages and Canada's north. It is a livelihood that supports communities, and without it they wouldnt survive. If it werent cute little baby seals that were the topic of this discussion, there would be no celebrity backlash to this. How about you worry about your own traditions and let us worry about ours.

  70. Patsy says – reply to this


    Re: simone20
    well said!

  71. harty says – reply to this


    Actually, you might want to get your facts straight. The seal hunt is one of the most well executed, environmentally-sound and animal-friendly forms of hunting. Not only do the animals live a full life not cooped up on a cage (like the chickens, pigs or cows you ate for dinner yesterday, or the salmon you had for lunch that previously lived in a tiny tank with hundreds of his brethren) but there are strict guidelines as to the number of seals that can be slaughtered and moreover, unlike conventional was of slaughtering animals, nothing goes to waste. From the meat, to the fur, to the blubber, these seals are not sacrificed in vain. How dare you impose your morally superior, all be it flawed opinions without first reflecting on the choices that you support through your eating habits with the same degree of disgust and scrutiny. If you don't agree with the seal slaughter, fine - but maybe you'd like to reconsider eating fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, swine, poultry and cattle since the animals used here have a much poorer quality of life, are often tormented by factory workers. Get off your moral high horse

  72. 172

    Oh yeah and also to all you canadians that are supporting this shit, type canadian seal hunt in google, click images.. and then have a quick glance at the pictures that come up.. not very nice is it. how about we put your heads there.. and ill go grab my club.
    get over this "culture" thing. its just screwed up. im a vego so i dont support any of this animal cruelty shit. its fucked.

    and you guys can say all the shit you like to me, im sure billions of people would support what im saying.. JSUT cause your from canada.. of course your going to support you land and what you do.. but you should be ashamed.. i just dont think you get the fact that your killing innocent animals.. fair enough if the seals attack you.. with their massive big giagantic sharp teeth.. -.-
    get a life people. stop hurting animals, they dont hurt you. they dont deserve it.

  73. fUkRD says – reply to this


    Re: walrus gumboot – oh, get the fuck over yourself, you bloody hypocrite,….YOUR COUNTRY IS POLUTING THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD

  74. 174

    Seriously Perez?? Why don't you do some independent research and get the facts rather that regurgitating the emotional, factless opinions of people with too much money, too much time and too little knowledge?? This is by far the lamest bandwagon you've jumped on yet. Find your own voice.

  75. 175

    Perez luv, I adore you, but please please please take the time to get your facts straight.
    -The seal hunt bans the hunting of baby seals. Only adults are hunted, and they are done so typically with compressed air guns..
    - The seal has NO natural predators on the Canadian East coast. If they are NOT hunted, they multiply to distressing numbers and eat all the fish. The fish feed the families in Eastern Canada.
    - The seal hunt is NO different than sanctioned elk, deer, and moose hunts throughout not only Canada but the United States as well.
    - Those who hunt baby seals, or hunt with a club are POACHERS. Guess what? They're POACHERS. They're going to do what they want. Because they're POACHERS. They don't follow the laws. These are the same people who hunt deer, elk, and moose off season, in the dead of night.

  76. fUkRD says – reply to this


    Re: SWEETPIECE! – 'find another job'…yes,…maybe all the inuit can be lawn care workers like the mehicans in california,…or maybe, they can be cab drivers or, oh I got it,..they can be celebrity photographers!! yes,..thats the answere get another job,…maybe they can melt the snow and botle it as water from the North and then sell it to the retarded californians.

  77. fUkRD says – reply to this


    CLUB MARIO!! club Mario!

  78. 178

    Isn't Pamela Anderson a member of PETA? You know her, you're constantly posting that she's a brain-dead bimbo that no one cares about. One thing no one cares about is Hollywood non-celebs who join whatever is the fashionable cause of the week. Your opinion means nothing. Now that you've joined the sheep it means your cause will fail, just like anything you attach your name to. Your tour, your book, your fashion line, your record label, your Slimy bastard, lmaoooooooo. Failure they name is Mario.

  79. 179

    the baby seals which are hunted are as numerous as baby rats in new york city. the peta videos you view are inhumane and cruel yes, but are also out of date stock footage from decades ago. these sick practices are not endorsed by canadian people just as poaching is not endorsed by other game- associated economies. i urge you to visit the towns which depend on this profession to feed and clothe families and children in the canadian sub arctic. it ain't an easy life for anyone. if you want to truly fight an inhumane hunting practise, pay attention to US fisherman depleting wild caught pacifac salmon stocks to the point of inevitable extinction. for the purpose of consume and consume some more. the "american dream." canada regulates the seal hunt like we regulate our guns. hence, no cruelty, no population reduction. don't get me wrong, i generally support PETA, regardless of how militant they can be…but they have the wrong spin on this one for sure. and so do you perez. i'm surprised at your blind ignorance. do a little research before you take a stand. the seal hunt has been a part of canadian culture since there was no issue with homosexuality. it's aboriginal. so suck on it!

  80. 180

    Don't blame Canada, blame the government. I'm sure everyone is disgusted by some of the things that their government backs, but it sure doesn't mean you personally endorse it. I can't stand the seal hunt. I think it's barbaric and inhumane, however, that's not my choice. It's our government. The seal hunt in no way represents me as a Canadian. You people need to think a little more clearly before you bash a country as a whole for something a few individuals condone.

  81. 181

    Which one is the Seal?

  82. 182

    Fuck off, im live in Newfoundland. Its no different then killing any other animal for food morons

  83. 183

    a good use of your time :)
    good work!

  84. 184

    Nothing annoys me more than when idiot celebrities spout off their mouth about something they know NOTHING about. I'm Canadian and this whole seal hunt business is so MISUNDERSTOOD it's not even funny. I bet these idiots couldn't even find Newfoundland on a map. They don't get it. If Canada tried to ban the seal hunt we would be accused of stomping all over our Aboriginals' culture. There would be major public uprising from our Natives. Whatever. After he posed for this ad he probably went and ate some chicken that had been raised in horrible conditions. The seals killed in seal hunts are actually killed quickly and do not suffer like a lot of the animals we eat everyday do. And they aren't killed for sport. Canadian aboriginals survive off of them. Its' complicated and not as simple as evil Canadians running around killing baby seals for sport. Morons. Idiots should spout off their mouthes about issues they know nothing about.

  85. 185

    Re: melissamay1 – You are a tard who lives in a country that worships celebrities and reality shows. Don't pretend you know anything about another country's culture when your culture is in the toilet.

  86. 186

    you had bettter give up meat and leather then piggy, if u don't then you just look a dumbass getting behind an easy target

  87. Trixy says – reply to this


    I would just like to comment on this because I'm Canadian…I don't like how you generalize by saying "Come on Canada." It's not like we are all doing it.
    It's horrible what they are doing to the seals but people could mis-understand your statement and blame the entire country, because we all know how humans by nature blame every one person in a country for a few people's act right?

  88. 188

    The video you all are talking about was filmed by Peta and not part of the cull that happenes here every year, Peta kills baby seals. You should do some research before jumping to conclusions. We do not kill baby seals and the reason we use a club is beacuse it is the most humane way to kill them. Peta is the worst offender (not defender) of animal rights in the world. There are (many) better organizations that care about animals that exist and you don't hear them talking about the seal hunt. This is part of our culture and none of your business.

  89. 189

    People in Canada have been hunting seals for at least 4,000 years. Seal meat is an important source of food for residents of small coastal communities. They are NOT killing baby seals! I'm guessing that all you PETA celebs are vegetarians?

  90. 190

    I love this pic! the sincerity in your eyes! you go girl!

  91. 191

    awwww you are sooooo swweeeet perez!!!

  92. 192

    Thank you, Perez. This is an important cause. There is simply no reason for the slaughter of baby seals.

  93. 193

    thank you for bringing awareness to this cause- i have joined in with your fight and sent the email through you and peta- as well as ordered 3 tshirts and donated money hope it helps some. these are the times i think of hurting human beings- terrible to have hose thoughts cross my mind- i will remain civilized unlike them and campaign and donate. these poor creatures are completely defenseless and friendly to humans- really sick!

  94. 194

    You're just another example of why the world dislikes America. America likes to think it can force it's opinions on other countries, America likes to think they are the voice of reason an that what it says is the truth. If you want to talk about atrocities, look in the mirror and see the atrocities America commits around the world every day. Fuck yourself Mario, you've done nothing but spread the lies and propaganda that PETA is famous for, you're just another sheep. You've joined another cause that you know nothing about but hope that it gets you the attention a famewhore like you craves. Keep your trashy US ass in America. You're not welcome or respected in Canada.

  95. 195

    May I remind you that not all Canadians actually hunt baby seal. It's not every single one of us, pack our bags, and our clubs and go to kill the seals. It's not like that at all. The inuit, which is a small portion of people who live in the North, do it traditionally. Yes, as gross and barbaric as it sounds, they do, but at least they use ALL the seal, which is more than what the Canadian beef farmers can say.
    And what the hell does the Olympics have to do with anything?! Vancouver is on the other side of the country, and you shouldnt be protesting the athelets, because its not like they gave the Inuit permission do club the seals.
    Theyre just there to do what they do best.
    Don't ruin it for them.

  96. 196

    Eugh uneducated comments from the whole lot of you.
    They don't kill baby seals - there are rules against that. Its a sustainable and humane harvest/cull. Showing videos from the 70s is a great way to rile up uneducated celebrities, but has nothing to do with how they are killed today. Babies have white fur, and its illegal to hunt them in Canada.
    Why are we drawing this arbitrary line where its OK to kill/eat cows, pigs, fish, chickens, but not seals? Not to mention the importance of this (small scale) industry on smaller aboriginal and other northern communties.

  97. 197

    Re: melissamay1 – So quick question…. what are you wearing? I take it involves no animal cruelty, correct.
    Oh…. and we are so sorry… we Canadians completely for got that Australians never kill kangaroo, rabbits (google that problem in your own country and how it is being handled before you judge so harshly)… so would you wear faux fur??

  98. 198

    Oh Perez… and I know you know this because your smart, but please let PETA know that it's only a VERY small percentage of "Canadians" that supposedly hunt seal. Peta is giving Canada a very bad name.

  99. 199

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – Yeah right, and the US has mistakenly executed innocent people while enforcing capital punishment. If you want to talk about civilized societies, the US is third world. But these people weren't cute little cuddly animals so I guess it's ok. Give your head a shake before you comment on something you know nothing about.

  100. 200

    I am Canadian. And I have no problem with the Seal Hunt. I believe you have a right to your opinion…just make sure it is an informed one please. The Seal Hunt like any other hunting program i.e deer, moose. Is in place for a reason. Over-population. The Seals are hunted based on the government determining what the enviroment and population can hold. If not hunted they will starve because of lack of food and lack of predators. In Canada it is illegal to hunt the white baby seals. As for the method..the Inuit people of Canada (eskimos) have been practicing this hunting method for thousands of years. Please don't get your info from PETA. Please visit the Canadian Department of Oceans and Fisheries branch for statistics and what is really going on.

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