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Feliz Navidad from Justin Bieber!

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Justin Bieber, the BIGGEST selling artist on Island Def Jam over Mariah Carey, Rihanna AND Bon Jovi, was invited to sing Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas" at the White House for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Justin is also the first artist to have all of his songs from his debut hit the Top 100 and his first 4 singles in the Top 40 BEFORE the album's release!

Congrats to Justin and happy holidays!

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181 comments to “Feliz Navidad from Justin Bieber!”

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  1. 101

    Re: ride00 – i feel bad for people who have to read your horrible coments

  2. 102

    Re: Tishelle – if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. people dont need to read your lousy coments

  3. 103

    Re: Zombie Hitler – you didnt want to sound mean so why even say something mean. you dont make sense

  4. 104

    Re: xqueenx – well your coment on bieber is irritaing to read and your not president nor will you ever be cuz presidents dont leave mean coments like you and you shouldnt care about him if you dont like him so why even leave a coment

  5. 105

    Re: Plasmic Honey – you really need to stop being a bully because that makes you bitter and your language is a disgrace. very immature to call people names.

  6. 106

    he's pretty adorable, and i think he has a pretty good voice.
    good for him :)

  7. 107


  8. Genn says – reply to this


    Aw, what a cutie. I remember watching him on youtube, and look at where he is now.

  9. 109

    who paid for all this fuckery?

  10. 110

    woa, some of you give bad commnts to him !
    He did he's best, everyone likes his performance even barack obama liked it ! :) If you hate him why are you wasting your time to watch this vid and commnting here. ahmm If he's not a good singer why he is famous now! lol

  11. 111

    If you guys check his youtube page you will see that he said he was really nervous and didn't know what to do with his hands which is why he kept switching them back and forth. here is what he said:

    These past 2 years have been amazing…I have gone from singing in my little town of Stratford to singing the same song, SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMAS by Stevie Wonder, to the President of the United States! It was an incredible honor and I was really nervous. You can tell by my hands, I didnt know what to do with them. I was like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights. haha. But what I am getting at is that all this has happened thanks to youtube videos and fans like you. You have all changed my life forever and continue to change it with your support everyday. I am extremely grateful and I hope you enjoy this vid and know that I wish you all a merry christmas and a great holiday season. Thank you again and best wishes to you

  12. 112

    lol look it's the solo version of hanson. and just like hanson, his voice will sound like crap after he hits puberty and can't sing all high anymore.

  13. 113

    Re: ILoveJustinBieber101 – you should learn to type, spell, and use grammar properly if you want people to take you seriously.

  14. 114

    Re: bitchgetoffme – even though i kind of agree with what you're saying, is your caps lock button broken or something? is that why you always type in caps? or do you just think you're badass because you're "yelling" on the internet.

  15. 115

    Re: moolalvr – LMAO!!!! What are you 10? How the hell is he a LEGEND????You can not compare him to Michael….that should just be illegal….You were kidding right…..

  16. 116

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE HES NOT BAD AT ALL effin haters back off. he may not be like mariah cary or who ever but hes still good hes way better than all those disney little hoes

  17. 117

    I love this boyy.. hes awesome & talented!

  18. 118

    Does he have some obsessive compulsive disorder where he has to keep one hand on his stomach at all times? That's fucking irritating watching him. It chaulks up there with Jessica Simpson's flipper movement when she's gettin into a song.

  19. 119

    SO proud of ya JB! Ur awsome. good job kiddo, keep it up!! Stoked for u. xo

  20. 120

    handsome kid

  21. 121

    correction: this is the national building museum not the white house.

  22. 122

    i love him!

  23. 123

    what the hell, you guys have no taste. justin bieber is sooo amazing. and hes sexyy. HES MY FRIGENN FUTUREE HUSBANDD!

  24. 124

    This kid is horrible, Heres even more proof that tweens have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to talent. He was lucky enough to be the caboose on a tween fad train, Give him 2-3 years most before we stop seeing him…If you guys havnt noticed..That whole Jonas Brothers and Miley cyrus thing is starting to die down :P see fads fads fads

  25. 125

    congrats justin

  26. 126

    Seariously , get a life . Did they ask you to sing for Obama ? no . They asked Justin . why ? cause hes extremly talented and hes a great person. Not everyone has to be a fan , but you dont have to be a hater either! He deserved this , CONGRATS JUSTIN ! keep up the good work ! and dont let the haters bring you down ! (:

  27. 127

    hes terrible

  28. 128

    If you would understand the song, it's meant to be sung by A CHILD. Who else is the most popular child right now? Justin may not be the best singer, but he's conducting himself with grace and has a great attitude. It's sad to think adults are hating on a 15-year-old, especially at this time of year. Maybe some people should actually listen to the song's lyrics. Canada is proud of him.

  29. Seto says – reply to this


    Re: betterblogger – roflmao!!! haha good 1! :)

  30. Seto says – reply to this


    Re: Zombie Hitler – lol! i love your comments

  31. 131

    Justin tweeted this haha !!!

    he is really hot man !!

    Portuguese fans love him so much

  32. 132

    congrats justin!!! :)

  33. 133

    To all the haters out there, people like you are the reason this world is so Screwed up! Why hat eon someone's talent? why not be happy that a young man is doing something with his life? would it be better if he was out doing drugs, stealing or gangbanging? What makes these people qualifed to judge Justin and say he has no talent? Obviously , someone at his record label thought he had it in him and looking at the success of his album, they were right. It doesn't matter if tweens are buying his records or not, the fact is "they are selling". people should be inspired by his success not knock it!

  34. 134

    whether or not Justin is successful 3 years from now, doesn't matter. by that time he'll make enough money to last him and his family a lifetime!

  35. 135

    he's got soul. you can't deny it.

  36. 136

    Um…..yeah…..how do I say this nicely? That was awful and utterly embarrassing. I'm sure the young man was nervous and tried his best, but off key and painful to hear……..ugh…….

  37. 137

    Justin Bieber is amazing, and soo hott! i think he did an amazing job. stop hating on him.

  38. 138

    Re: Zombie Hitler – -
    sorry, I like your comments but you are off on this one
    Canada is not the "little brother" of the U.S. - we are cousins - Canada is the polite, refined capable cousin that everyone likes - the U.S. is the fat, unemployed boorish slob of a cousin who clings desperately to their high school football memories

  39. 139

    keep our
    headz full
    of puppydoggz
    and kittenz…hez cute
    merry jesus to all and to all
    a good life♥

  40. 140

    Justin Bieber is so amazing!!! I love him :) He is such a good singer maybe someday i will get to meet him that will make my life!!! I LOVE JB!!
    Skylar :)

  41. 141

    Re: shanghai84 – no sorry i just like typing in caps ill stop.

  42. 142

    to all you justin bieber haters leave him alone hes just 15 trying to achieve his goals of being a pop star just think about it what if you were singing andd everyone at your concert was making fun of you and commenting on how you sing and how you dress and how you look that would be sooo embaressing and you would probibly get mad now dont you think you should be a little bit nicer to justin because i bet he would feel the same way and if you just dont like his singing THEN JUST DONT LISTEN TO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 143

    Is it just me or does anyone else think this kids isn't that great? I think he's okay,just not "sensational". I'm NOT trying to be a jerk,just stating my opinion.
    I do wish him all the best,though.

  44. 144

    i thought he was really lame at first but then i saw him live at this event and he was actually pretty good. good for him.

  45. 145

    Mickey Dolenz called and wants his hair back.

  46. 146

    what fascinates me, is not the kids amazing rags to riches story, but the fact that, save swooning tween girls, and a hip look, he has NO VOICE. I know so many struggling older teens in NY and LA and Boston, who have oodles of talent, their voices sore when they sing, and they are NOT jealous, but agitated that they can't even get a gig, because they dont 'know' anyone in the industry, but this kid, who sounds like really bad karoake, breaks records.

    Anyone, ANYONE, with the right marketing and tons of $$$$$$ can become famous. Someone who is good looking for marketing tools, like JB, or someone that looks unmarketable, BUT has RAW talent, like Susan Boyle. Goes to show the we label as raw talent in this world.

    I genuinely felt bad for the Obama man, having to sit through the BUTCHERING of Stevie Wonder's amazing song. People keep complaining about him touching his chest so much and switching mics; come on the kid is a child, singing in front of the world's media leaders and leaders of the free world. Save all that, it was a horrific performance, and a travesty to not have 10000 kids that could sing better than he, who are AMERICAN, who could have, and should have been up there.

    Goes to show, anyone with money, can make it to the top….or help you get there…and all those kids, all those adults who think life has passed them by, people like Lohan, Beiber and all the other non-talent, this is YOUR wake up call, go make it happen…

  47. 147

    Go back to Canada you little asshole!

  48. 148

    Re: betterblogger – LMAO!!

  49. 149

    He can't sing, hold a microphone, get a decent haircut (though that might still happen in the future) or move on stage. He also looks like a total dork and is so not cute, not even in an young & awkward kind of way. So why does he sell so many records??

  50. 150

    okkayy, all u justin bieber haters are just jelous because people like him and he can sing, this kid is amazing no matter if he is a canadian or not. i'm pretty damn sure he has accomplished a hell of alot more goals than you had, so what he didn't know what to do with his handds, i'm sure u wouldn't either, and give him a break he was nervous, you would be to if you were up there singing for the preseident of the united states, i sure would be. so go get a life.

  51. 151

    i agree with ryan22 , Justin has amazing talent! i think everyone judges him cause they dont know his background and they are not aware of how he came to be the artist he is. they just assume some next shit, which is really unfortunate. if people took the time to see his story and how he came from nothing, they would appreciate his talent a lot more.. and hes moving his hands around so much because he nervous, like hes 15 years old and he is performing for the president, and a bunch of other very important people, hes obviously going to be nervous; i dont get why people constantly pick on him, and try to find imperfections about him, like just shut up hah ..anyway this thing is getting kinda long

  52. 152

    OK, why is this guy so famous? He's my age and he sounds like a 12 year old. His voice isn't exactly unique. I'm not hating on him just saying, why do people buy his albums? Bands like Kings of Leon, The Killers, Travis, Coldplay should be doing singing in front of Obama. No offense to the Canadias, Im not even american but still where did he come from?? Besides I really find it hard to believe that he has sold more than Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Bon Jovi, ESPECIALLY Bon Jovi.

  53. 153

    This kid doesn't deserve his fame. His career will be over when his voice changes.

  54. 154

    Re: ILoveJustinBieber101 – Then you obviously haven't listened to much music, especially of different genres. Tarja Turunen would slaughter him in a singing competition.

  55. 155

    Re: realitybites – Agreed.

  56. 156

    Re: realitybites – I have to agree with you.

  57. 157


  58. 158

    im no JB fan but i hope yuou guys never EVER critisize Perez for making fun of little kids, may i remind you JB is just 15.
    He's a pretty good singer, so don't put down his talent, he will get better as he gets older. I felt that someone else shouldve been called to perform but he did allright, not AMAZINg, but he did great.
    And everyone needs to STOP using MJ as a bar for young singers, it isn't fair.MJ was a great talent and as most of you say can NEVER be replaced, so eave it at that but be fair to other young singers…
    But what gets me mad is that most people are blinded by who they rep,like
    "Oh he's a a tween idol, he sucks.." those who say that are really ignorant, listen to him and maybe you will see that he has a nice voice.
    Re: bitchgetoffme – shut the fuck up what are you some conspiracy theorists, lol.

  59. 159

    He looks like one of those stylish young androg lesbians in West Hollywood

  60. 160

    The only people that find this girl talented is Little girls and pedos like you mario.He will soon be faded along with aaron cater and the new kids on the block,Lmao!

  61. 161

    congrats justin! and those negative comments are unnecessarily harsh. he did a good job, who wouldn't be nervous singing to one of the most iconic american presidents

  62. 162

    He sucks.

  63. 163

    he sucks

  64. 164

    Re: kristen32 – yeah Jojo did it before and she's ten times better.
    Raw talent just too underrated!

  65. 165

    i dont get all the hate comments. if you don't like him, don't listen. if you dont like him, dont even comment. if you don't like him… how are you even at this page! its obvious this page has Justin singing on it…Everyone does or has hated someone in their life,some hate celebrities, some just normal everyday people. Some just hate them because they are annoying, some because of something they did to them or a close one, some maybe because they're jealous or dont know themm well enough…. there are many reasons to hate someone. They can be a realistic reason, or just a stupid one that makes no sense. I doubt Justin has ever done anything rude or mean to you, most of you have probably never met him or had an actual conversation with him and im sure none of you haters here have acheived as much as he has at such a young age. What he has done is AMAZING. He used to be under the poverty line, he never had anny singing lessons or anything. and he has still done something none of you could have done! I couldnt even have done it! So please just shuuut up! Show some respect and …

    if you dont have anything nice to say. dont say anything at all! and stop wasting your time commenting on something you hate, its just stupid.

  66. 166

    everyone thats hating Justin needs to grow the hell up! he is a great singer and he was brave to go up on that stage and sing infront of Obama even though he was scared to. i would like to see anyone thats hating on him go on stage and sing infront of Obama oh wait you cant you have no talent sooo shut the hell up! Justin Bieber is awesome and you all know it!!!!! Love him!

  67. ELR says – reply to this


    I am baffled at the sales figures. His hype is just awful. He has no purpose.

  68. 168

    the comments arent neccessary. i dont like justin beiber music i think it sucks but im not gonna say i hate him because i dont know him. people need to grown up.

  69. 169

    I honestly think it's absolutely pathetic that all of these people are leaving rude comments. Lots of you always complain when Perez makes fun of other artists, but when you don't like one… you do the exact same thing. Thats pretty hypocritical if you ask me. Here's a thought… if you don't like it— DON'T COMMENT! It's a waste of your time.

    Also, aren't most of you guys commenting older than this kid? Thats fucking ridiculous that you feel the need to put down a 15 year old boy. Think about how much of a dick that makes you. Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This kid is 15 years old and a new artist. He's actually very talented. He even said it himself that he was very nervous for this performance. I mean, come on… If you were 15 and singing in front of the most powerful man on the planet, wouldn't you be nervous?

    Great job, Justin.

  70. 170

    Omg i cant believe it all haters are here and push him down he's a great artist and he's just 15 and it's so absurd to say bad about him he's learning how to be a celebriti and the result is pretty good he is not in him best level but he's learning c'mon guys u are just jealous cuz he is what u will never be he pay his own bills and have the money u will never had he's talented and u cant admit it just because he's a young man dont tell me that USHER have no talent

  71. 171

    dont tell me that usher is not talented cuz he work for him and usher is one of the most singer it's just like u say usher sucks

  72. 172

    he wass soooooooo amazinggg!!! that is such an honor to sing or Obama… hes so luckyy.. he deserves all of thiss! ilovehim

  73. 173

    its amazing how negative you people can be!!
    justin bieber is an amazing singer and an amazing person and i cant believe someone can say all this crap about him!!
    and the reason he keeps switching hands and stuff is because he is nervous ok? why dont you try singin in front of the president and hundreds of other people

  74. 174

    well i admit sometimes he go out of tune but why you hate him? what he do to you? I want to see you there.. well, i'm sure he's best than you. n' something else all you haters doesn't have something better than write bad things about everybody?

  75. 175

    MANriah Scarey = AIDS infected drag queen.

  76. 176

    @moolalvr , omg are you a gronk or something , no one can ever compare MJ to any singer..hes probably the best singer of all time,& you compare justin beiber that fucked up singer,who i dont even know is a fame whore ..get your facts right please ….& to Perez Hilton Justin Beiber will never ever be bigger that Mariah Carey or Rihanna .. & one more thing Perez hunny.if you think Justin Beiber's better . well go suck justin beibers dick & have fun . cuz i know you will you hay homo piece of shit. byee yall happy new year & i wish you all the best .

  77. jmj says – reply to this


    Anyone notice how many times he grabs his jacket per perormance? We counted about 30 half way through the song during the NYE show. And then he tried to fondle Selena Gomez.

  78. 178

    ALL THE HATERS: SHUT UP! Justin Bieber is Amazingly Talented and why are you even stalking him on Perez if you dont like him?! seriously.

  79. 179

    Re: Romy23 – whatever. he CAN SING AMAZINGLY considering he never had any singing lessons or anything, he was nervous so thats why he kept swapping hands and he even said so himself! and his haircut is HOTTTT! SO STFU and get a life that doesn't involve leaving stupid comments on here! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  80. 180

    Re: Gossip Gyrl – LMAO its so true. All these tweens and groupie girls here, perhaps need to do research on raw pinnacle talent. Don't get me wrong his use of a social medium, to make his dreams a reality, are very noble and sends messages to others in the world, to make their dreams come true, but sadly it was promoted by people who seek to capitalize on the money his image will promote: 1. he's adorable for his age, 2. even if he has awful releases, the girls will still buy the albums, and fem boys, and closet jocks, and 3. he's marketable. It isn't rocket science.

    It is just sad that there are people at places like NYU and school's all over the world, where people are trying to make it big, THAT CAN SING. I am not saying the kid doesn't have spunk, he does, but raw, singing ability? You cannot be serious. Billy Gilman, at Beiber's age, NOW that is talent. Go get your heads out of your own buttholes, because JB is a good of a singer as Roasanne was when she sang the national Anthem. In fact I can sing better than Justin. Hell I can sing amazingly better than Justin, and I am awful.

  81. 181

    Have you noticed that whenever someone doesnt like person, all of a sudden there haters and there jealous?

    Seriously? WTF? Some people like him, some people hate him, and some people just dont give a damn about him. EVERYONE has an opinion.

    You "fans", I dont realize why you waste your time. Everyone has an opinion and theres at least 1 person out there that hates EVERYONE. You cant win, so why try?

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