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M.I.A. Slams Labelmate Lady GaGa!

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M.I.A. recently gave some very candid opinions to NME regarding Lady GaGa and Twilight!

Do we still need record labels?
Are they even interested in making money from music anymore? Lady Gaga plugs 15 things in her new video. Dude, she even plugs a burger! That’s probably how they’re making money right now - buying up the burger joint, putting the burger in a music video and making loads of burger money.

Do you think those programmes and the internet have destroyed the mythology around popstars?
I don’t know. Again, there’s Lady Gaga - people say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently, but she spits it out exactly the same! None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I fucking do! That’s a talent and she’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry last stab at making itself important - saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do It Yourself.

How important are image and visuals to your music?
Very. But it’s not like “Haus of Gaga” (laughs). Me blindfolded with naked men feeding me apples and shit.

Would you ever make a record for a Twilight soundtrack?
They asked me. Luckily Jimmy [Iovine, chairmen of M.I.A.’s US label Interscope] had beef with the Twilight people, so he stepped in and told them to fuck off.

Can't say we agree with her take on GaGaLupe!!!!!

What do U think about M.I.A.'s statements???

[Image via AP Images.]

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416 comments to “M.I.A. Slams Labelmate Lady GaGa!”

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  1. 201

    Lady Gaga pretends to be the next Michael Jackson with her lame video Telephone but I don't recall Michael Jackson advertising Burger King in his iconic video Thriller.Even Rihanna slammed Lady Gaga and called her a sell-out.

  2. 202

    You don't agree with her, wow, how surprising

  3. 203

    Okay why are so many people here making comments about Gaga endorsing products? Open your eyes people almost every singer does that in their videos.

  4. 204

    Team MIA. I LOVE MIA and admire her subversive musical style (using gunshots in a song for example). I also think Lady GaGa is pretty great, but I agree her music is little more interesting than a Mandy Moore ballad. While GaGa's style seeks to subvert social norms, her music falls somewhat flat.

    At the end of the day, we're comparing hipsters here. Two women who are unique individuals who represent progressive ideals. I think MIA's point is that GaGA has SOLD OUT, plugging phones and "burgers" in her videos, while MIA plugs nothing but the speakers in.

  5. 205

    uh oh…someone sounds like a jealous has-been who spent the last year raising a fugly little rat she calls a baby.

  6. Freek says – reply to this


    you know what, mia aint even worth zlaming…… GO GAGA!!!!!!! LITTLE MONZTER FOREVER!!!

  7. 207

    The Gaga stans aren't gonna like this…

  8. 208

    it is ibiza but not in a bad way….

  9. 209

    "I don't care about Madonna but for a girl who has been famous for exactly 15 minutes to call herself original"
    Perhaps you should learn to understand what Warhol meant when he coined his famous 15 minutes quote. For someone who has had an album out close to 2 years now that's still in the top ten in charts around the world, numerous international hit singles, and a HUGE fanbase, Lady GaGa is hardly the type of person whose 15 minutes are almost up–literally and figuratively.

  10. 210

    Hahaha cracked up about the twilight comment.

  11. 211

    Re: tick_tock_tick_tock – [re=4913610]
    "M.I.A is right. Gaga's music is not innovative. Gaga's "crazy outfits" have overshadowed any talent she has.
    The irony of it all is someone with a Madonna avatar is saying this. Madonna's music has hardly been innovative, especially for someone who is supposed to be a best-seller, and everyone knows the controversies she's created around herself have always overshadowed the marginal talent she has.

  12. 212

    Lady Gaga is tried to be avant garde, but she obviously just throws a bunch of weird shit together, makes up random repetitive melodies and because no one else is willing to put crap like that out people think its amazing- it really shows how bad the music industry has gotten… MIA has lived the life she sings about and I am glad she is critical of Lady CaCa

  13. retta says – reply to this


    The most creative thing about GaGa are her outfits. Sorry but her music sounds like a commercial theme song. Her nonsensical lyrics combined with her generic melodies bores me. MIA is the sh*t for sure. Sorry boo.

  14. 214


  15. 215

    gaga's cool, but M.I.A. is correct!!!!!!!

  16. 216

    Why am I not surprised that Perez didn't agreed?…duh

  17. 217

    Re: Starlit – EXACTLY!! everything gaga does sounds the same. they just throw her in some weird costume and then laugh at all the dumbasses who think she's oh so creative while wiping their asses with the money she's making.

  18. 218

    MIA is obviously a complete hater. What's the damage? SERIOUSLY - "paper planes" only became trendy when it was used in a commercial to promote Pineapple Express. Then it blew up in clubs and on the radio - but nobody gives two shits about anything else she's spewed out.. maybe random-ass-people who try REALLY hard not to be trendy.. Lets look at Gaga on the other hand. People from all corners of the industry are just dying to get their hands on her.. Even alone she has chart-toppers left and right… I think MIA needs to check her dome for bumps - because she must have taken a blow to the head.

  19. 219

    Speak it, sistah! I love MIA

  20. 220

    I tend to agree with her on this one. I love Gaga for her image and kind of opening masses up to performance art, but it is true that the music just doesn't match the image at all. It falls really short. A couple of great tracks on each album but then just fluff.

  21. hehee says – reply to this


    MIA is MUCH more interesting than gaga. gage tries to hard with the visuals and you know that she cares more about that, than her music. MIA makes music from her sole.

  22. 222

    MIA is jealous
    MIA is a One hit wonder
    LADY GAGA has 6…just dance, poker face, paparazzi, love game, bad romance, telephone…

    she is a bitch..so she needs to shut the fuck because she fucking sucks like the balls that got her pregnant..

  23. 223

    Re: DanielDax

    Ok not 15 minutes but no more than twenty. LOL She is a joke no respected musician would ever call Gaga original. She sings about riding disco sticks and wears lobsters on her head, what a trend setter! what an artist. What originality. VOMIT!

  24. Brtt says – reply to this


    Re: giorgio85
    What's wrong with saying you want to be bigger than the biggest artist in the world (if she really did say that)? It just shows she has some ambition. Twenty-five years ago, Madonna said on national TV she wanted to rule the world, and everyone thought she was bonkers.

  25. 225

    fuck MIA , shes had 1 hit song and gaga has had god knows how many .

    she has no room to talk shit in the possition shes in .

  26. 226

    Yea yea! I have new respect for MIA.

  27. 227

    jealousy is the sincerest form of flattery

  28. 228

    MIA doesn't seem to get it really.
    1) Lady Gaga indeed has a lot of product placement going on in her video for telephone, but that was exactly the point. Gaga wanted to poke fun at american media culture.
    2) Who says Gaga's music should be super weird and innovative, because her clothes are? Again, Gaga intends to make pop music for the masses combined with her performance art, het creative videos, her vision etc. (Warhol)
    3) She's not claiming to be like Madonna or Grace Jones, she just takes inspiration from them.
    4) Why is she again talking about Gaga and laughing at the Haus of Gaga? Nobody asked her anything about Gaga.

  29. 229

    M.I.A. is just jealous that everyone LOVES GAGA and no one likes her

  30. DavHa says – reply to this


    Spot on

  31. 231

    yes yes yes yes! finally someone agrees. lady gaga's music sounds like horrible 80's dance/electronica with a little disco smashed in. i guess if you like that sort of thing that's cool BUT DON'T SAY SHE'S THE GREATEST ARTIST EVER who pushes the envelope because it's been done before. i don't like music because i want to watch a video that you say is a "comment on post-modernity," i like it because it's always changing and moving forward, and lady gag's music is unfortunately not doing that. M.I.A. FOREVER!

  32. 232

    Speak it grrl

  33. 233

    ima have to kick this ugly bitches asszzzsz! m.i.a =missing in action AKA nobody likes your sorry wannabe slut!baby gaga is art!your a wreck! you and kesha should do an albumb. paHA!

  34. NDGuy says – reply to this


    What an idiot. She just lost herself a shit ton of fans. She should keep her mouth shut. Loser. Maybe if she knew how to put out a cohesive album that stayed relevant for longer than one song, she wouldn't be jealous of Gaga's success. MIA wishes that she had Gaga's vocal ability and artistic vision. MIA's career is over. I'm sure the gay community will pull any support they could have given her.

  35. 235

    M.I.A. sucks ass,.

  36. 236

    I love lady gaga but i wholeheartedly agree with m.i.a. absolutely. lady gaga really isn't the most original, because everytime i see what she's done i see Madonna , just with an attempt to be edgier. Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy it, but yeah people get so caught up in the glare of her flashiness, they refuse to see that it's…. really been done before. and it seems a little coerced. but like i said before i love her because of her natural talent, girl can sing!

  37. 237

    MIA sounds a bit like a sore loser.
    Gaga's talent wont be fully realized until we have an opportunity to look back. she is revolutionizing video just as madonna did 25 years ago.
    And her product pracement is very warholesque. That puts it on a whole other level

  38. 238

    Couldn't agree with her more. Rihanna said the same exact thing too. Not sure if it was directed at Gaga and Beyonce though.

  39. 239

    hell yeah sistah! she's 100% right

    go girl!

  40. Pisky says – reply to this


    Finally someone with sense, Gaga tries SOOO hard to project this "different" and "unique" look, i think she can sing for sure, though i don't like her music, i can tell she at least has a voice. But people who try SOO hard to convey and project something they clearly aren't, just bothers me, it's just fake. And MIA hit it on the head, they try to make her look different yet her music isn't unique in the least. She has a great voice like i said earlier, but great voice doesn't automatically translate into great music.

  41. 241

    Re: Gary78 – You're the one who's stupid. Madonna started everything. Gaga is just a copycat.

  42. NDGuy says – reply to this


    Re: Starlit – First off, a person can't be validate… You shouldn't remark on how smart someone else is when you are obviously an idiot.

    Second, I would like to say that I cannot personally defend the lobster on Gaga's head, but her label doesn't decide what she wears. It's laughable to even mention it. However, I can defend her Kermit the Frog outfit, which was her way of speaking out against wearing fur, since it is basically putting a dead animal (in this case Muppet) on your body.

    So please, get your facts straight before you start defending people like M.I.A., who obviously has an ego, which is much too big for her own good. Maybe, if she and her music were still relevant, she would be allowed to make judgements on actual artists.

  43. 243

    she is ssooooo right.

  44. 244

    Re: fiona1978 – I'm sorry but you're talking crap. Rihanna has never called Gaga a sell-out. She even wants to do a collabo with Gaga. Spend your time wisely and stop spreading lies. Such a hater.

  45. 245

    she's got a point…but i still like gaga's music better. oh well. MIA's right about the industry FOR SURE. i feel like the industry is trying to put a leash on gaga…jump on the crazy train…make some wierd stuff even weirder for shock value and what not. unfortunately, they're gonna have to think of a new way to shock us, or else they'll need to get off gaga's ass, let her be crazy in her own right, and keep things moving in new directions.

  46. 246

    Re: Maartje12345 – You are so wrong. Nothing about "Telephone" is original at all. She used product placement because her label didn't want to throw money at it because no one makes money from music anymore. The label signed deals with Miracle Whip, Virgin Mobile, Chanel and countless other stuff so they could get bigger returns on the sales, views etc. Lady Gaga is a SELLOUT and even Rihanna of all people said so too. She's saying this makes music too commercial and takes away from the art of music video. She has a very valid point about Gaga's music too. It sounds the exact same as stuff that was around 20 years ago. She's not original and not Madonna.

  47. 247

    I couldn't agree more.. she didn't say she was a terrible artist, but she is absolutely 100 percent correct. Gaga is NOT original, nothing she's force feeding is… she is a mix of a bunch of shit that's been done before… she's a MImic.
    Kick ass and take names MIA, you're a genuine artist, and a creative genius.

  48. 248

    i don't even know who the fuck this bitch is…..

  49. 249

    Wow, jealous much?

    This is all I'm gonna say…Gaga didn't have to jump up on stage during someone else's performance at an awards show to prove to people that she's still relevant. And MIA…oh yeah, she did.

  50. 250

    Love Gaga, but gotta say that MIA's comments are refreshingly candid and awesome. LOLs

  51. 251

    She´s just jealous, Gaga is THE BEST without question!!

  52. 252

    Of course the Perez family don't agree with M.I.A. Anything else would have been a sensation. Perezhilton .com has been a part of the Lady GaGa public relation network for a long time already.

  53. 253

    "None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music"


  54. 254

    I agree.

  55. 255

    AHHAHAHA, J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Reeks of it MIA!

  56. 256

    They're my two favorite artists of the last decade….It's disappointing. But…they are extremely different yet similar. GaGa, is indeed more open to following a formula(in her own way)…M.I.A would never comprehend or allow any type of formula to sink in. They're both my heart. STOP! :)

  57. 257

    m.i.a. is right. lady gaga is not avant garde she is kitsch

  58. 258

    m.i.a. is right! lady gaga is not avant garde she is kitsch

  59. 259

    Suck it up Perez - you know she's right… MIA's not trashin' GaGa by any means - just saying it the way it is. If you're going to be a Corporate Marketing Whore at least be the best one you can possibly be…

  60. 260

    YES. YES. YES.

  61. 261

    i love gaga and i am a diehard little monster but i'm starting to think the same thing. i'm a smart girl, art history major, but when i watch gagas videos i just don't get it. i don't really buy that her shallow pop songs are anything but shallow pop songs. (and don't get me wrong i go ape shit dancing to that amazingness!) but i just don't believe that they have some deep underlying social commentary. she says it's all ironic and that the joke is our obsession with fame but she enforces fame and stupidity and ignorance and she says things like "i dress like this all the time, it's not a costume, it's who i am". if that is the case than it's not all some big satiric show of our culture, it's just mindless jibber jabber and extravagant clothes!

    the thing is i know gaga is extremely intelligent and that if she wanted to, she could become the female robert plant and do some really prophetic, influential, beautiful things with her talents, but for some reason she doesn't. i don't know i'm really on the fence about her whole shtick lately. still love her, i just don't know if i buy that she's making this profound impact on music.

  62. 262

    Re: DanielDax – EXACTLY !! These Madonna freaks think Madonna is/was so innovative. If they used a lil of thier time to look things up they would see that all the negative shit they say about Lady Gaga(she copies, is a thief and isn't innovative) is true about Madonna.. Madonna fans are threatened by any talented woman like Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Tina Aretha, Patti, Cher, Gaga, Kylie, Bjork, etc. because in contrast to them she looks like the lame "artist" that she really is.

  63. @v@ says – reply to this


    M.I.A. sounds smart and like she places a lot of stock on being independent. I just think that Gaga might like working within the industry as a collaborative player and with all that support; she's able to focus on building a body of work. She can go rogue later if that's her thing. To each his own. M.I.A.'s opinion on another artist's work is neither here nor there, because music is audio art, and is therefore subjective. Musically, whatever Gaga is doing is working, as people are buying and booking her. I agree with M.I.A. on the future prospectus of the industry; IF they're unable to evolve.

  64. 264

    Re: gabigalaxy

    Gaga has only had two number ones on the Billboards top 100(Just Dance and Poker Face), not six, what are you people smoking?

  65. 265

    Re: I DON"T HAVE GOOD TASTE – Post # 241 …… No kunt, you're stupid and you just proved it by saying "Madonna started everything". If you are so stupid to beleive that Madonna started the music industry and that her predecessors( so many I could name but won't cause you won't take the time to check the facts) had nothing to do with what she did and how she did then you're truly nuts. She has don nothing but copy past and current artists her entire career. She calls her thieving "reinvetion", what a nice way to say "I'm a thief" !

  66. 266

    um TEAM GAGA

    i can tell you right now why MIA is saying this. she is getting no publicity, she had what? one hit song? her carreer is over and she is trying to use Gaga's fame (currently on her 7th single, by the way) to get some sort of attention.

    MIA, shut up.

  67. 267

    Re: DamnYankee – well said!

  68. 268

    mia who lol that ugly black bitch is just mad cuz she has no game its like bitch dont u got things 2 do like music y spend your 5 mins of fame talking about the queen of fame no 1 even cares about u lady gaga has opened peoples eyes on gay people that they r all like us we r all 1 she shows us that its ok 2 love y would u think of bringing 1 with so much greatness down mmm let me c cuz your a hater we dont need hate we need love and lady gaga and more people like her 2 stand 4 us as 1

  69. 269

    wow that's classy to talk shit about other artist's in your industry. very classy M.I.A. fact 1- your music and gaga's music WILL never be on the same level fact 2- she WILL always be more known and widely loved than you fact 3- gaga would NEVER hate on another artist to the public, she's a CLASSY lady fact 4- you'll NEVER be as successful as her…
    so bottom line watch what you say, or sooner or later your label is gonna drop you

  70. 270

    I love GaGa but I'm not a delusional 21 year old that thinks she's the greatest thing ever. Madonna has done EVERYTHING GaGa does now 20 years ago when it really mattered. GaGa is talented but Madonna is an original, a better artist, a better visonary and a far better songwriter.

  71. 271

    TEAM M.I.A.!!!! shes absolutely right! listen to the song "Chillin" wale f/ GaGa..she shounds EXACTLY like M.I.A…shes (gaga) so manufactured its ridiculous

  72. 272

    Re: Gary78 – shut the fuck up you delusional troll. Forget to take your meds again so ranting about how much you love Mariah and hate Madonna…YAWN…this game is getting old twink

  73. 273

    Re: giorgio85 – hmm. try telling that to the millions of little monsters that love/support Lady GaGa. you sir, would be one threatened man. we love gaga because we identify with her and her work liberates so many people. calling ourselves monsters is one way we identify with another. so shut up about something you know nothing about.

  74. 274

    Re: giorgio85 – um she had six consecutive number ones on the pop billboard chart. and six consecutive top 10's on the hot 100 billboard chart. you get your facts straight.

  75. 275

    Re: dfacta – EXACTLY. so this bitch has to hate on the one artist who is the biggest in the world right now in order to get back in to the publicity spotlight. what a tool

  76. 276

    yeeeah M.I.A..!! go on giirl lol gaga's not even relevant to the music world singing bout pokerface's, lovegames, and bad romances gaga can shut the fuk up at least m.i.a raps bout shit thats reaal..!!

  77. 277

    She took the words right out of my mouth!!

  78. 278

    M.i.a…. she sounds ignorant, jealous, and like a shit talker with nothing to back it up. Funny thing is, I don't even know who she is. I guess that speaks for itself. Let's just hope she stays true to her name and does go m.i.a

  79. 279

    oooooooommmmmmmmggggggggg! look this bitch M.I.A up on youtube u cant find much on her but watch her live sssssshhhhhhhhheeeeeeee fuckin sucks soooooooo bad then look up lady gaga live u will c that LADY GAGA is the real deal shes just so fucking way cool and this M.I.A/U.G.L.Y bitch is so jealous of R QUEEN GAGA just look them up thats all im going 2 say

  80. Brtt says – reply to this


    Re: jp1988
    I remember when Madonna first arrived on the scene, and the very comments you see here were the same or similar said about Madonna (except we didn't have the internet to read all of them back then). It was, "Oh, another white girl trying to sing Black music..she's trying to be Teena Marie." "Oh, those funky clothes..she's trying to copy Bananarama, Cyndi Lauper, etc." The platinum hair: "Oh, Deborah Harry did it better." "Oh, she's dancing in her videos…yeah, it was cool when Toni Basil did it." Everyone thought "Holiday" sounded like Shannon's "Let The Music Play." "Material Girl" sounded like a song Cyndi Lauper rejected.
    Even other artists joined in on the criticism. Mick Jagger said she sounded like Minnie Mouse on helium. Joni Mitchell felt Madonna took what it meant to be talented and threw it out the window.
    My point is, without trying to get into a divas war, is a) no one is really original b) even if you think they are, someone's going to think differently c) never write off someone or say they're not going to last..after all, that's what's been said about M way too many times in her career.

  81. 281

    if m.i.a. was more vocally pro-gay, i would totally be more inclined to possibly concur with her statements. but otherwise im team gaga.
    m.i.a. has waaaaaay better music though

  82. 282

    Fuck MIA! Lady gaga is the shit….and really? MIA doesn't seem to like gaga, but why does she know so much about her? like every thing with "the haus"? well i dont blame her, she had to do some research on why her music sucks so much, right? so, in closing, MIA really needs to stop slamming on gaga, when gaga can come up with music that people really seem to like unlike the shit she has been making.

  83. 283

    I like both artists. Ironicly,they are 2 opposites spectrum of the same Industry(USED TO CALL IT ART).
    I doubt dat M.I.A is hating on GAGA,she is merely pointing a symptomatic fact about the music business. Where artist are just a support to sell products, instead of making u go wild,fall in love,think,inspire u…

    For Gaga defense the woman erm THE LADY has manage to get more messages of empowerment, respect&tolerance than most politicians abusing ur taxes, and M.I.A. too as it is.

    Those 2 should just meet,argue,kiss,make up(HOT) and make a kick ass colab that our mind,body&soul will remember till THE END.

  84. 284

    Finally somebody to call this hack of an artist out.. She is just a rip off of Madonna and Grace Jones both in looks and with the music. Truth hurts huh monsters?

  85. 285

    Here's what I have to say. M - I - WHO?!?

  86. 286

    Sounds like she's pretty intimidated by GaGa! I'm sure she'll come to regret messing with a future legend!

  87. 287

    she makes many points…….i guess it's kinda poser how gaga is so out of the box with her style and so soo imbedded inside the corners of the box with her music. Life's a bitch. of course most of the music industry is about selling a product and making money blah blah blah. there are much worse schemes cooked up in the world to focus on. actually……I guess if her music was any weirder or original than it is….she probably wouldn't get air time! her music HAS to be mediocre and pop-sounding. otherwise, no one would care!

  88. 288

    Re: Roccomagoo

    A heck of a lot more respected by the music community then gagaloo

  89. 289

    Re: Starlit – u're spot on about lady gaga…. and Perez is a hypocrite, if someone else like Kesha was to say the same thing perez would be hurling abuse at them

  90. 290

    Team MIA all the way baby!!

  91. 291

    Team Gaga all the wayy :D
    M.I.A is a nobody when it comes to the pop charts, she might be a humanitarian and all, but that side of her isn't visible right now that shes talking smack about gaga! Gaga rules the pop charts and if it wasnt for Paper Planes, nobody would know who the hell M.I.A is. So before she wants to toot her own horn nd say shes unique but shes not. Nobody has compared Gaga nd M.I.A. They are complete opposites, but M.I.A is clearly afraid of compettion, shes afraid that gaga shows individuatlity and is the ruling pop queen right now. M.i.a could jump off a cliff for all I care….she's just jealous :P

  92. 292

    JEALOUS MUCH??? I think so…. GAGA ALL DAY ANY DAY :)

  93. 293


  94. 294

    Is she on drugs?? Just because she's not half as famous as Gaga doesn't mean she needs to hate. I thought she was better than that. I smell jealousy.

  95. 295

    She is 100% right.
    Lady Gaga, as interesting as she is in terms of creating a persona and playing with her image in a very creative way, makes SHIT music. Nothing new, it could be Britney singing those songs, or any other girl.
    Her music stinks big time.

  96. 296

    Team Mia…. She is pretty spot on with what she said!

  97. 297

    Re: Brtt – Don't try to talk intelligent to JP1988 she is a stupid KUNT ! She loves sucking cumm outta used condoms.. She is one dumb ass slitch !

  98. 298

    Re: jp has sucked STD infested cock since 1988 – I hope your man gives you a dirty sanchez & three eyed turtle tonight you fuckin slitch ! Talk about a troll that would be your idol Trolldonna !

  99. 299

    I don't get the hatred for GaGa. If you don't buy the hype, like her music, or hate her sense of style, that's fine, but why so much hatred toward a person who has never even so much issued a hateful statement herself toward anyone? She openly acknowledges her influences and idols, including Madonna, and she never trashes other artists in interviews.
    The whole "I'm so over this music corporate bullshit" spewed by M.I.A. is so tired and played out, and has been said before, mostly by people who didn't last long in the business. She really isn't all that special either. M.I.A.'s opinion is what it is: her opinion.

  100. 300

    Re: gagafannn

    Are you dense? MIA isnt going for the pop charts. She never has.. she just makes great music. You kids drive me nuts.. pop charts are completely arbitrary

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