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Anne Hathaway Calls Out James Franco For Criticizing Her Oscar Personality

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Remember the Oscars this year? Yeah, we try to block them out too, but humor us and venture back for a tick. Remember how stoned James Franco was and how mad-crazy excited Anne Hathaway was? And do you remember how people said they were like the worst Oscar hosts in the history of the gig? Okay, great, stay with us on this.

Not too long after that, James was on Late Night with Letterman and confessed that the reason he looked so down was because Anne was so up. He compared her to "Tasmanian devil" and suggested her wild performance was what made his look so bland. In essence, he blamed her high-energy performance for making him look bad.

When asked about this in the new Harper's Bazaar, Anne reveals that she wasn't too pleased that Franco took a jab at her and she let him know that right away. She explains:

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Smurfette Goes High Fashion In Harper's Bazaar

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smurfette-harpers-bazaar-august-2011-1.jpg smurfette-harpers-bazaar-august-2011-2.jpg

Anne Hathaway may have gotten the cover, but Smurfette is werking it like no one's business inside the August issue of Harper's Bazaar.

The blue diva strikes a pose in some of the hottest accessories for fall from Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, and Louis Vuitton.

They should let her out of the village more often.

[Images courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.]

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Anne Hathaway Opens Up In Harper's Bazaar

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A Gucci-clad Anne Hathaway is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar's August issue and like always, she looks amazing!

Along with the super fab photo shoot, the 28-year-old opens up about her life, career, fashion and more.

Here are some HIGHlights:

On nude scenes:

"I don't get hung up on nudity. To me, it was just an extension of who she [the character] was. It was real."

On playing Emma Morley in the upcoming movie One Day:

"Every girl feels she's Emma Morley. There's so much growth that happens in your 20s. To me, the character felt very authentic to that experience."

On being a people pleaser:

"There's something very addictive about people pleasing. It's a thought pattern and a habit that feels really, really good until it becomes desperate. It's one of the reasons that relationship ended. I wasn't able to grow or foster anything. I think a lot of girls have that story. It's a big moment when you step away from that and say, 'I'm going to be exactly who I am. And I'm going to be brave enough to only be with someone who wants me the way I am.'"

On fashion:

"I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I get to wear all these glamorous clothes. [Off the red carpet,] I’ve become a lot more specific about what I love and why I’m doing it."

We're LOVING that shot of Annie on the double decker bus wearing Alexander McQueen. So major!

[Images courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.]

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Anne Hathaway Has Another Dark Knight Rises Incident!

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Anne Hathaway Ripped Her Pants

Anne Hathaway just can't win a day without incident on the set of the Dark Knight Rises!

First, she accidentally pistol whipped an actor during a fight scene, giving him a HUGE black eye!

While we feel like it's definitely within Cat Woman's character to give someone a black eye, we don't think it's totally within her character to be fighting so hard that she rips her pants — split right up the backside!

“Anne was filming a very similar fight scene when her costume split right open right on her bottom. She’s putting everything into this role both physically and emotionally and the wardrobe department is paying the price. She must have gone through a dozen costume changes due to Anne throwing herself around.”

Gurl, it's awesome that you're giving the character your all, but you GOTTA watch out!

Wait — it says they were filming when this happened… did Nolan capture this on IMAX film?? Can we please see this after the credits??

Anne! We hope you weren't hurt by this, and can have a good laugh about it!

Hope filming is going well!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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Anne Hathaway Accidentally Pistol Whips Dark Knight Rises Actor!

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Anne Hathaway Femme Fatale

Talk about an oopsie!

Reports have surfaced that Anne Hathaway, playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, accidentally struck an actor with the butt of a gun during a fight scene.

Now THAT'S some serious method acting! Ha!

A source told newspapers:

"Anne got a bit carried away during a fight scene and mistakenly shoved the butt of the gun right into the actor's eye socket. He came away with a massive black eye—Anne was mortified."

Aww! At least he's got a great story to tell his grandchildren one day.

Anne felt so terrible about it that she gave him a little gift to make up for the bruise. As part of her apology, she presented the actor with a silver pen engraved with words reading, "Remember no one packs a punch like Anne."

Ha! That's pretty awesome way to apologize. She can pistol whip us any day!

On second thought, we'd rather just have the pen. LOLz!

Are U excited to watch Anne Hathaway play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises?

[Image via WENN.]

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Natalie Portman And Baby Daddy Support Marriage Equality!

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Portman Supports Equality


Natalie Portman and her soon-to-be-husband have joined the ranks of the 100k+ supporters for the Freedom to Marry’s Say, “I Do” campaign!

Here's what the president of Freedom to Marry had to say:

“Natalie Portman and her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, are in love, and believe all loving couples should be able to share in the freedom to marry without discrimination. That is why they are joining the more than 100,000 people on Freedom to Marry’s Say, “I Do” Open Letter calling on President to do the right think and become part of America’s majority for marriage.”

They aren't the only celebs signing either, including Anne Hathaway, Jane Lynch, Eric McCormack, and Martin Sheen! That's just a small portion of the list, which would make this post super long, but you can check it all out here.

This is awesome! We are so glad to see so many people banding together to support this cause!

Equality For All!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Anne Hathaway Gives A British Accent A Try In One Day

| Filed under: Film FlickersAnne Hathaway

We've heard better…we've heard worse.

Judge for yourself!

Check out the trailer (above) for Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess' (YUM!) new movie, One Day!


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