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Daniel Radcliffe News Archive

Watch DanRad Succeed In Dancing Into Our Hearts!

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Wow! We really didn't know he had this in him! We're pretty impressed!

Friday night, Daniel Radcliffe and the cast of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying stopped by Letterman to promote the show. The crew performed Brotherhood Of Man and DanRad proved that his singing is getting better - and that his dancing is outstanding!

Check out the video (above) to marvel at Dan's Broadway skills!


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Completely Gratuitous

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Well, helloooooo, Harry Potter!

On Friday, Daniel Radcliffe was on hand for the Drama League Awards ceremony and luncheon at the Marriot Marquis in New York. Dapper DanRad presented the award for Distinguished Production of a Musical, looking exceptionally handsome and not at all peeved that he didn't receive a nomination.

We kid, we kid. He's got to clock a few more hours on the Great White Way before that happens. Still, he has promise…and he's such a little stud!

What needs to happen now is that after Business is over, he needs to star in a new movie that requires him to bulk up a little bit. Then, UGH, he'll be unstoppable!!!

Loves him!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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DanRad Is A Gentleman About Tony Snub

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Dan Rad Has Class About The Tonys

It's a shame that he wasn't nominated for a Tony as the headliner for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, but if anyone has ever taken a snub in stride and with a lot of class, it's Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe.

Quite a few people were left wondering why, and many just wanted to make sure he wasn't too hurt by it. In any way, though, he has gotten more feedback from not being nominated than he ever expected. And besides, getting an award is not why he does it anyway:

“The thing that shocked me was everybody else’s reaction to me, and how they started treating me — because it was like I lost a relative. In my opinion, it was sweet, but over the top. People would ask me, ‘Are you OK?’ And I’d go, ‘I’m really OK!' I think I speak for 99 percent of actors when I say that the reason we do this job, while it’s lovely to get recognized by your peers, it’s not the reason why we do it. The people that do this job for awards and recognition are kind of worshiping at the wrong altar, and I’m not really quite sure if I want to know those people.”

We think that's spot on, for sure. People who are in theater just to win awards are in it for the the wrong reason! It's all about the love and passion for the show and craft.

Dan, we're super proud of you for reacting this way. We'll be honest though, we would never guess you would act any other way but proper!

Maybe next year!

[Image via WENN.]

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Watch DanRad Live Out His Stand-Up Comedian Dream!

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Don't quit your day job!

We kid, we kid! He did a fine job!

Check out the video above to see Daniel Danny Radcliffe make is stand-up comedy debut, a personal dream of his, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Truth: he isn't terrible

More truth: he should have done a Harry Potter joke. That would've KILLED!

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He's Over It! DanRad Doesn't Want To Star In Anymore Harry Potter Movies!

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But you're saying to yourself, "Hang on a tick! There aren't anymore movies to be in as there aren't anymore books to make into movies."

In the immortal words of Justin Bieber, never say never!

Back in October, Daniel Radcliffe admits he had himself a legit panic attack with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling mentioned to Oprah that she might write another Harry Potter book, or two. She insisted that she thought she was "done, but you never know!"

To which DanRad, upon hearing this revelation, immediately started breathing into a brown paper bag and texted her to clarify her comments. Unfortunately, he would not divulge what she said back to him.

Whether she does or she doesn't, it won't really have an effect on him. He's moving on, big Broadway man now. Should she decide to write another, he may prove to be too old for the lightening scar anyway.

Let's not get excited worry until there is really something to worry about, eh? But just out of curiosity…

Are U holding on hope that there will be another Harry Potter book/movie in the future???

[Image via WENN.]

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DanRad Is The Only Brit NOT Watching The Royal Wedding On Friday

| Filed under: Royals RoyceDaniel Radcliffe


Okay, maybe not the only one, but the only one worth mentioning, for sure.

As Daniel Radcliffe is quite busy these days strutting his stuff at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre and preparing for his final media tour as the boy who lived, he's had to prioritize his life a bit. Living in New York City means that it will be 4am his time with Kate Middleton rides her carriage through London on her way to her wedding to Prince William and DanRad's just not game to wake up that early to see the nuptials go down live. He explained:

“I won’t be getting up at 4AM to watch the wedding. I’ll catch the highlights on CNN because they’ll be running something 24/7. But back home apparently everyone is most excited for the four day weekend, not the wedding.”

Perhaps it's a little bit of both, eh?

Still, regardless of the fact that he won't be glued to his TV set like the rest of the British nation, he did have a message to share with his future King and Princess. He said:

“I am very happy for them. I wish them all the happiness in the world."

As do we, for them and for you, DanRad! Keep up all the good work you're doing on The Great White Way!

P.S. Be sure to watch Perez as he hosts with Nene Leakes "Will + Kate Forever," the only royal wedding special worth seeing, airing Friday, April 29th at 7pm/6c on Wedding Central and also at 9pm/8c on WE tv.

[Image via WENN.]

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