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New Greyson Chance!

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That's our boy!

Check out the latest music video from cutie Greyson Chance, Unfriend You! (above)


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La Coacha Does The MTV Movie Awards!!!


We are soooo mortified!

We sent our protege, La Coacha, to cover the MTV Movie Awards for us and….

Well, you MUST watch (above) to see what happened!!!!

P.S. Thanks to Selena Gomez, Dave Grohl, Tom Felton, Steve-O and Greyson Chance for being such good sports!

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Greyson Chance Wants To Be On Glee!

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Listen up, Ryan Murphy! For the most part, we think this is a good idea!

Our favorite kid to catapult himself to stardom off the Internet, Greyson Chance, is interested in doing something more than just music. In a new interview with MTV, Grey revealed that he's hopeful he might land a guest-spot on the hit show Glee!

In fact, he's taking the Anne Hathaway approach and revealed he's already got a character mapped out for himself!

Check out his special message to Ryan in the video (above)!

Okay, two things:

One: YES! Ryan, get this kid on the show NOW! He'd fit in perfectly at McKinley! Embrace the talent that is he!

Two: Don't go with his idea. No offense to Greyson, but the love child and the parent abandonment storyline has been done. We want you to play, like, a whimpy freshman that the Gleeks take under their wing! Sure, maybe it isn't as dramatic…but maybe it would lead to a more reoccurring role!

Huh! Huh! Always thinking!

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New Greyson Chance!

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Check out the piano-playing teen phenom's just-released music video for his debut single, Waiting Outside The Lines (above)!

Great job, Greyson!

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The Most Watched YouTube Videos Of The Year Are…

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Here for you to enjoy!

YouTube has just released their top ten list of most watched YouTube videos from the past year. Among the winners are Greyson Chance singing Lady GaGa's Paparazzi, The Old Spice Man's first commercial, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer, Double RAINBOWS!!!, and of course, the #1 video of the year… The Bed Intruder Song!

Enjoy Antoine Dodson in all is glory in the video above and CLICK HERE to see which other videos made the list.

So, which video did U watch on YouTube to waste a minute or 60?

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