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Amber Heard Source Says Money Is 'The Lowest Priority' In The Actress' Fight For A Permanent Restraining Order!

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The controversial case continues...

Amber Heard's close confidantes say she's not in this legal battle for the money.

Sources close to the blonde say that her request for a permanent restraining order against Johnny Depp is only about protecting herself from her estranged husband, who she claims has been violent throughout their relationship.

In fact, insiders insist that money is "the lowest priority" for the 30-year-old, as lawyers on both sides go toe-to-toe over the upcoming hearing.

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However, the eccentric actor's attorney had previously argued that Miz Heard's allegations of abuse are just a way for her to "secure a premature financial resolution" to their divorce.

And, the exes' legal reps had reportedly been in settlement discussions on Friday,

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Johnny Depp Flees To His Private Island — The SAME Place Where He Wed Amber Heard!

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We're not surprised Johnny Depp needs some R&R!

Following a contentious court hearing on Friday, People Magazine revealed the actor fled to his private island in the Bahamas. The slice of paradise is the same place where he married Amber Heard in February of 2015.

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Hmm… this sounds like a potentially awkward trip. We imagine the vacation spot might bring up some bad memories for Johnny.

On the other hand, J.D. did cough up $3.6 million dollars for his tropical playground so we imagine he'd want to take advantage of it. It also makes sense since the actor just completed an intense leg of his tour with the Hollywood Vampires.

Per the source, the 54-year-old will spend a few days on the island before he goes to the United States to complete his tour commitment. The father of two will then attend a court hearing on June 17 to determine whether or not he'll be hit with a permanent restraining order.

Well, we guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in this complicated case!

[Image via WENN.]

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Amber Heard's Lawyers May Call Johnny Depp To The Stand As An Adverse Witness

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Johnny Depp

As we told you, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's legal teams duked it out in court on Friday arguing over whether Amber should have to be present for an upcoming June 17 court date to determine if a permanent restraining order should be placed on the actor.

So far, the actress has been unavailable for a deposition as she is traveling on the east coast and then off to London for a costume fitting. Now we learn Heard's reps intend to call the 53-year-old actor to the stand next week as an adverse witness.

In case you are unfamiliar, this type of witness is defined as someone whose story directly conflicts with the legal position of the party who called the witness. Sounds like Johnny!

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Heard's lawyer Joseph Koenig told The Daily News:

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Amber Heard & Johnny Depp's Lawyers Duke It Out In Court! All The Details!

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UPDATE 2:20 P.M. EST: A new report claims Amber won't be available for a deposition because she'll be in London for a three-day Justice League costume fitting. Apparently she won't be back until hours before the trial. Sources on Johnny's side are scoffing at this excuse since nobody mentioned the fitting until Friday's court hearing. Sources are calling this a lame attempt to avoid answering hard questions about her own allegations. Also, both teams are reportedly in settlement discussions as Johnny is willing to hand over some money, but Amber wants way more than what he's offering.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's teams are at each other's throats!

At a Friday court hearing, Amber and Johnny's lawyers battled it out over an upcoming June 17 court date to determine whether a permanent restraining order should be placed on the actor.

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Following a report that Heard is trying to avoid giving a deposition in the case, Depp's lawyer Laura Wasser became frustrated when the blonde's legal rep argued to have the hearing pushed back even further. Apparently A.H.'s rep feels like she needs more time to prepare her side of the case.

In response to the actress's plea for more time, Ms. Wasser shot back that

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Seems Like Amber Heard Is Avoiding A Deposition In Her Case Involving Johnny Depp

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Laura Wasser is NOT here for Amber Heard's shenanigans!

According to the top divorce lawyer in El Lay, Amber is doing everything she can to avoid giving a deposition in her restraining order case against Johnny Depp. Ms. Heard originally filed her request for a permanent restraining order just two days after she filed for divorce from the actor on May 25.

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Now that the hearing for transitioning Heard's temporary order into a permanent one is coming up on June 19, Ms. Wasser wants to sit A.H. down for her depo ASAP.

Unfortunately for Johnny's team, however, the actress claims she doesn't have any free time prior to the next court date. The blonde even went on to argue that her best friend, Raquel Pennington, also isn't available to chat with Laura.

What's particularly interesting about the beauty's claims is that she and her team had made tentative plans to meet with Wasser on June 10 to discuss a potential settlement. Considering the 30-year-old was free and clear to meet then, it's confusing as to why she suddenly is too busy to give her testimony.

In a statement to TMZ, L.W. slammed Amb's excuses, saying:

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Johnny Depp Auctioning Pricey Jean-Michel Basquiat Art Collection Amid Divorce Drama With Amber Heard!

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johnny depp selling art

Are those legal fees getting too high?

As revealed in Thursday's statement from Christie's in London, Johnny Depp is planning to sell his pricey Jean-Michel Basquiat art collection later this month. Well, well!

The auction house confirmed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is planning to part with nine pieces from the famous 20th century artist, which will easily be worth millions. It's said Depp has been collecting Basquiat's work for almost 25 years as most of the pieces are from the 1980s.

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In a press release, Depp explained:

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Source Claims Johnny Depp Never Abused Amber Heard While Sober — 'His Addictions Got The Best Of Him'

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Whether sober or not, abuse is still abuse!

In the seemingly never ending saga of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard, a source has come out to claim that the actor never hit his ex while he was sober. It's just one of the many anecdotes to assert that Depp's alleged struggle with alcohol and drugs has turned him into a violent and unpredictable person.

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An insider close to Amber told E! News that the actress hesitated to come forward with her claims because she believed the abuse would eventually "stop". The confidante also went on to claim once J.D.'s violent episodes ended, he would make proclamations that he would change.

The source revealed:

"Amber didn't want to come forward about the abuse because she had faith he'd get better and that it would stop. Whenever there was an incident he'd apologize profusely and she'd forgive him. Until now."

Well, whether you believe Ambs or not, it's clear that no one should stay in an abusive relationship because they hope the abuser will change one day!

The pal, who also claims the blonde is suffering from "severe emotional trauma", went on to add:

"She's now realized that his addictions got the best of him and that she couldn't continue living this way."

How sad. The Depp we're hearing about now sounds SO different than the loving person portrayed by ex Vanessa Paradis and his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp.

Despite all the heartache and drama, the actress is still determined to make sure Johnny gets the help he needs:

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