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Matt Dillon Wants His Crash $$$!

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Word to the wise - pay your actors, because when you don't they get all bitchy and then you have to put up with this garbage.

In 2004, Matt Dillon got the extreme honor of starring in an Oscar winning movie, Crash. Thing is, Matt says he was cheated out of $100,000 in profits.

Say what? You weren't in the movie that long? How can you be worth that much?

Apparently, Dillon's accountants discovered the oversight during a 2006 audit of the company's finances. Now, Dillon wants to get paid, so he is suing the producers for his share.

Um, if you are in the middle of an audit, you might want to think about dealing with that shiz first, before trying to get more money! Or perhaps you need this money to pay back on something else?

Ah, now we get it!

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Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted out in New York City embracing his new bachelor status for a guys' night at the Smyth Tribeca Hotel.

Jakey spent the event, which benefited HIV/AIDS charity God's Love We Deliver, chatting and laughing with fellow actor Matt Dillon.

We bet quite a few ladies stopped by to see how Jake was doing, too!

Matt Dillon Still Says He's Not Guilty

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As we previously mentioned, actor Matt Dillon was arrested at the end of December for speeding - going 106 mph! - in Vermont.

The actor plead Not Guilty last month. You know, cuz the car sped itself up to over 100 mph!

Yesterday, Dillon's attorney, Mark Kaplan, appeared in a Vermont court on his behalf. According to Orange County District Court officials, Dillon has been offered a plea deal.

The details of the current deal are not clear and Dillon has yet to accept it.

A court date has been scheduled for next month.

If Dillon is convicted, he could face up to a year in jail and be fined $1,000.