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Spencer Pratt News Archive

Anderson Cooper Is Calling You Out, Speidi!

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If we didn't love Anderson Cooper before, we sure as hell do now!

Last night on AC360, Anderson inducted Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag onto his RidicuList. We couldn't even begin to be as clever as he was with his schtick, so rather than even try, we'll just share it with you so you can join in on the laughs!

Watch as Anderson SLAMS Speidi in the clip (above).

There really is nothing seksier than a man who in the same breathe an argue the war in Iraq and the downfall of fake celebrities.

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According To The Internet: The Most Liked And Disliked Celebrities

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Nathan Fillion Should Advertise For YOU

This is pret-ty damn interesting, we have to say!

It's a useful set of information to have when you're in the business of hiring celebrities to advertise or help promote things, or to decide who you wanna cast in your next flick: a list of most liked and disliked celebrities according to the internet.

Check out the "most appealing" in other words:

White, Bullock and Smith get survey scores of 55, 52 and 49, respectively, when the average celeb can only muster 19 on a scale of 1-100. E-Poll continuously asks thousands of consumers to rank stars and icons on a seemingly endless list of attributes and then slices and dices that info based on the demographics of the respondents.

The “least-appealing” celebrity list is somewhat surprising: Spencer Pratt comes out on top, beating killer and convicted robber O.J. Simpson.

Ouch! Bummer, Spence!

But it's nice to see our secret love for Captain Mal Nathan Fillion (pictured above) be recognized:

Biggest recent gainers in likability are skier Lindsey Vonn, Betty White (again, following her stint on Saturday Night Live), and Nathan Fillion. If you said “who?” to that last one, it’s because you don’t watch ABC’s Castle, but you would recognize him if he appeared in a commercial. That’s the sort of metric that makes him perfect as an adman.

Mel Gibson had the biggest decline in appeal following his domestic abuse/anti-semitism scandals. But pity poor Susan Boyle and Dennis Haysbert – both were big decliners following months out of the spotlight. And Hayes has been all but displaced from the AllState campaign by the newly popular Mayhem.

It makes total sense for use that Mel Gibson is on the decline. That's pretty much a no-brainer. It is shame to see SuBo on the decline, though!

Still, it's a fascinating bunch of information! We're sure people are already looking to use it for their advantage.

So what Celebs do U like to see more often — and which ones could U not care less about??

[Image via WENN.]

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Stephanie Pratt Plans To Return To Television

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We didn’t see this one coming.

Turns out Stephanie Pratt might soon be making a television comeback.

During a charity event last night, Pratt revealed sh landed a deal with Bunim-Murray, a reality TV production company.

The concept for the new gig? Most likely another reality show, however the format has yet to be confirmed.

No further details have been released yet, but we have a feeling Spencer or Heidi might try to hit her up for a cameo.

[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi Montag To Join The Cast Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

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We KNEW that they couldn't stay away from the cameras for that long!

Granted, this is TOO good, so we can't say we blame them!

With the news that Camille Grammer and Kim Richards may not be returning for the second season of the mega-successful Bravo series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there have been quite a few potential names being thrown around as replacements - most recently including Courtney Hanson and Jeanie Buss - but this certainly takes the botoxed cake!

Heidi Montag is reportedly meeting with producers about filling one of the potentially vacant positions in the cast!

Her husband, Spencer Pratt, explains:

“We would move to Beverly Hills in a heartbeat. We would be psyched if this happened for us.”

Well, she might not be the same age as the rest of the ladies, but she certainly has just as much - actually, most likely more - plastic surgery as them, so she'll fit right in!

Oh man.

We know that we'll regret saying this, but good lord, please let them join this show. Just think about all of the crazy that will come with them! Ratings GOLD!


What do U think?? Should Heidi become one of the Real Housewives??

[Image via WENN.]

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Back To School For Spencer Pratt!

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Oh, these two! Is it bad that we sort of find this charming?!


Spencer Pratt has made no secret of his dream to join the FBI, but it sounds as though he's actually doing everything in his power to actually achieve it - because he's announced that he's given up reality television, and has re-enrolled at USC to finish his college degree!

He explains:

"I want to be an FBI agent, or work in homeland security or intelligence. What really made me decide to do it, was those ads that pop up every time you sign onto the computer that say, 'Do you want to work for the FBI, all you need is a college degree.' I was like, I don't have that. I came so close to getting my degree, that I can't believe I didn't finish. It's going to be really weird to be at school again. I know it will be hard to blend in. Just going to the college store with Heidi (Montag) to get my books for summer school was a challenge. I am ready to get my degree, I've given up reality TV, and I would love to be an FBI agent. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to work for the government, so I've wanted to be an FBI agent for like 20 years, it's an honorable job. Heidi is going to come to all my classes with me because she doesn't want any funny business. I was diagnosed with ADHD, and if I sign up early, I can take tests separately and be given more time. But in class, Heidi will take my notes for me because of my ADHD. I am finishing my two General Education science classes and Spanish and a writing class and I'll get my degree. We are so excited to learn Spanish together so I can speak to the chef at my favorite restaurant."

Ha! Well, it certainly sounds as though you're on your way, bb!

But doesn't Heidi want to get her own degree, too? Seems like a lot of class time and hard work - and with nothing to show for it at the end of the day!

Either way - we're just glad you two have found interests beyond seeking publicity The Hills!

Keep up the good work!

[Image via WENN.]

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Spencer Pratt Releases Even More "Music"

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Oh, Spencer Pratt! The former Hills star seems really serious about a post-reality TV career as a rapper. He should seriously reconsider that! Check out his latest offering, the song Get To Work, above!

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Spencer Pratt - Rapping!

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You've been warned!

If you think you can stomach it, check out the former Hills star attempting his best MC above on Ain't No Thang (But A Chicken Wing).

Dear Lord!

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