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Anderson Cooper Refuses To Linger On Star Jones' Bigotry!

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The Silver Fox said his piece and now he's done!

Anderson Cooper wants no part of a (ratings-friendly) celebrity feud with Star Jones, he's just here to report the news!

And maybe the well-being of Colonel Meow!

Remember when the former View co-host publicly offered up the absurd notion that Anderson came out of the closet for the ratings boost?

As if announcing his sexual orientation while on assignment in Africa whilst his show was on hiatus would be the way anyone might go about manufacturing a ratings boost!!

We remember, but the handsome hunk of foxiness would just as soon forget!

Anderson Cooper SLAMS Star Jones For Calling Coming Out A Ratings Ploy

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Snap, snap! We're lovin' the sassier side of Anderson Cooper!

Not sure if you all recall, but Star Jones accused the journalist of coming out for the sake of ratings last July — and now he's FINALLY responding.

During Thursday's episode of Anderson Live, the host revealed (above) he was "annoyed" by the insensitive remarks made on national television and pointed out the absurdity of her allegation that he generated "information for ratings."

First of all, he wasn't on television when all of this went down — he was in Africa. Secondly, he "gave no interviews about it", "never talked about" and "wasn't even on the air for days afterward."

As he continued his completely justified rant, he calls out the former View host for repeatedly mentioning her wedding on the air "to get free products."

Damn! Did Star just get served?

We think so … and rightfully so!

Star Jones Said What!?! Her Controversial Statement On Anderson Cooper's Coming Out!

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star jones anderson cooper coming out of the closet

Oh, Star! Oh… STAR!!!

Thursday, on national television, Star Jones made a statement regarding Anderson Cooper's recent coming out.

And it is shocking!

According to Star, Anderson probably came out just to get a ratings' boost… kinda like when Oprah admitted to smoking crack!

Or if you want it verbatim, she said:

Rosie O'Donnell Is Coming Back To TV…With STAR JONES!

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Well, THIS is certainly an inneresting next step!

Rosie O'Donnell has a lot more free time these days, now that Rosie, her talk show with Oprah Winfrey's network has been canned, but it appears now that she's landed a new gig…with a surprising castmate!

The talk show host will be appearing as a panelist on The Professionals during the 8am hour of The Today Show alongside the woman whom she replaced as a co-host on The View co-host - Star Jones!

A source reveals:

Jon Stewart BASHES Sarah Palin's Today Show Appearance

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LOL! Oh geez.

Much like Star Jones, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart isn't happy with Sarah Palin's appearance on the Today show.

Not that we're surprised, but the comedian devoted an entire segment to pick apart her performance as a guest host and it is HIGHlarious!

Although Stewart called Sarah

Star Jones Is Pissed At Sarah Palin

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Star Sarah

Star Jones is NOT happy with Sarah Palin and her co-hosting duties.

Apparently Star was watching the whole time Sarah Palin kept saying "lamestream media" (clever!!!!!!!!!!!) and was LIVID that she's be so disrespectful to all the people around her.

And the fact that she was a part of the "lamestream" media the whole time by co-hosting to begin with… and that Matt Lauer didn't go after her for it.

Here's what an insider saw:

Star Jones Doesn't Have Beef With The View Ladies … Anymore

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Star Jones dropped by her old stomping grounds in early February and when the subject changed to her departure, that stirred up a heap of BUZZ!

The former View gurl said she wasn't surprised by the tone of the questions, stating that she "was on The View for nine years" so she knows the deal!

In particular, some thought Babs was going below the belt when she fired questions at Star, but Jones has brushed it all off, saying the following after Walters visited her American Heart Association event: