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Adrianne Curry’s Run-In With Molester At Star Wars Convention

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Adrianne Curry, former America's Next Top Model winner, was looking sexy and having fun at the Star Wars Convention until a drunk man reached up her skirt outside of the Convention hotel.

Apparently, this man had been lying in the bushes in front of the hotel trying to fight several people who were standing outside. After he “molested” Curry, she called the cops, but it took them more than an hour to arrive at the scene.

Later that morning, Curry tweeted,

“cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car…going to bed … i cannot believe last night happened….love starwars…but ready to leave.”

Poor Adrianne! We hope he’s locked up for a long time.

[Image via WENN.]

Adrianne Curry Is Weeping!

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Sources report that California state police have arrested 100 people in the past three weeks in connection with growing/selling marijuana. It was also reported that over 432,000 marijuana plants worth $1.7 billion in the Sierra Nevada Mountains were completely destroy!

What…a waste!

Hey Arnie! We bet selling off a little of that would have done wonders for the state's $19 billion budget deficit! If Adrianne Curry was in office, this soooo would not have happened!

We can't wait to read her tangled-web of jibber-jabber on the subject in the next edition of Kush magazine.

[Image via AP Images.]

Attention Stoner!

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We think you are hitting the bong too hard, bb!

Adrianne Curry was spotted shopping for some new accessories yesterday in El Lay. The Matron of Marijuana seems to have forgotten what articles of clothing go where. Or perhaps she was just putting on a show for the awaiting photogs.

Either way, a few things Adrianne:

First of all, it's not that funny. Lose the insanity on your face.

And second of all, who are you trying to kid - your tittays are not that big!

Paging Peter Brady! You let your crazy lady out of her cage! Please come collect her!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

Bangin' Bod, Adrianne!

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Damn, girl!

When did Adrianne Curry become such a beefed up chica????

This Top Model alum puts the stoner stereotype to shame!

Curry flexed and contorted much to the satisfaction of the followers of her official Twitter the other day.

We likey!