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Amanda Bynes Reportedly Displaying Signs Of Schizophrenia; Officials To Seek 5150 Extension

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amanda bynes schizophrenia

This does not sound good.

While one source has revealed that Amanda Bynes has been “doing well” throughout her 5150 hold and “knows when to…act normal,” it seems that might not actually be the case.

Following the troubled actress’ run-in with the law — from bong-throwing to her latest fire-on-lawn incident — medical officials will reportedly seek a two week extension on her evaluation as Amanda is allegedly believed to be displaying symptoms of schizophrenia.

We only hope that Amanda gets the help she needs. What with this evaluation and her parents’ request for conservatorship, this might just be what she needs.

As long as all parties act in her best interest.

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes' Meltdown Means Up To Two Weeks On Psychiatric Hold!

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amanda bynes psychiatric hold two weeks

Amanda Bynes is FINALLY getting some help!

After a long, lonnnng string of bizarre episodes from New York to El Lay, Amanda's 5150 psychiatric hold could legally last up to two weeks if mental health experts think it's necessary.

Bong-tossing and hit-and-running aside, between Sunday's alleged trespassing and supposed makeshift gas bomb building, we're guessing there is a good chance they'll want to keep her under their care for as long as possible.

In fact, we think authorities would be wrong not to because if dousing your dog with toxic gasoline doesn't prove you're a danger to others AND yourself, then we don't know what would!

Then again, what do we know???! LOLz!

We just know some sort of forced intervention NEEDED TO HAPPEN.

Here's to hoping this is just the beginning of Amanda's recovery.

[Image via Twitter.]

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Amanda Bynes Was 'Out Of NYC Options' When She Moved Back To SoCal!

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amanda bynes too broke for nyc

Was anyone wondering why Amanda Bynes fled New York City??

If so, ponder no more!

Apparently it was cuz she was broke, broke, broke!!

Without money for Big Apple living, sources say Amanda had no choice but to come back to California, explaining her decision:

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Amanda Bynes' Messy Hair Evolution!

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amanda bynes hair evolution

Here's hoping her time in psychiatric hold will do her mind and her scalp some good!

Amanda Bynes has basically become the poster child for Twitter rants and legal dramz, but what about her hair???

We can't forget about that ever-changing hair of hers!

Since her days on The Amanda Show up until her court hearing this month, Amanda has made over her pretty little head more times than she's called people "ugly" (well, almost)!

See her hair-volution for yourself…

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Amanda Bynes' Messy Hair Evolution"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Amanda Bynes' Messy Hair Evolution"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Amanda Bynes' Messy Hair Evolution"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Amanda Bynes' Messy Hair Evolution"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Amanda Bynes' Messy Hair Evolution"

[Image via WENN/Splash News.]

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Amanda Bynes' 911 Caller Reveals He Witnessed A Makeshift Gas Bomb In The Works!

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amanda bynes basically created bomb at driveway

Yamma mamma!

We already thought it was freakin' cray cray to hear Amanda Bynes was lighting a fire in someone's driveway, but now we hear it was far more dangerous than that!

The 911 call from a witness has been released, and it reveals just how terrible the event could have been.

While the caller was describing the fire, he revealed the

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