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Amanda Bynes Too 'Mentally Unfit' To Stand Trial In DUI Case

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amanda bynes dui mug shot  opt

Amanda Bynes couldn't make her WeHo court appearance today, because her lawyer says she is too unfit mentally to "understand the nature of the legal proceedings" surrounding her DUI case.

With concern, the judge has transferred the case to a mental health court, where another judge will determine Amanda's mental competency.

As you know, Manda is currently under treatment while doctors continue their best to guide her through whatever ailment hinders her mental well-being.

We hope for the best, and for her thorough recovery.

[Image via WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes' Medical Costs Are So Ridiculously High, You Won't Believe It!

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amanda bynes learning medical bills gif

Then again, we are talking about Amanda Bynes.

So maybe you will!

While the troubled actress deals with Twitter hacks and record negotiations inside the UCLA medical center, her bills are stacking themselves to the sky!

We've just discovered the insane price for sane stability — $3,500 a day!!! « —- whoaaaaaaaaa.

That crazy price covers treatment and living expenses… and hopefully a lifetime supply of wigs as the judge said it was A-OK to keep her locked up for a full year if doctors deem necessary!

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Amanda Bynes Could Spend Another Full Year Locked Away! Judge OKs Mental Health Facility's Long-Term Hold!!

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amanda bynes judge approves long term hold ucla medical center mental health

Oh dear!!

Thanks to the judge's latest ruling, Amanda Bynes' doctors now have the authority to keep the struggling starlet locked away in a mental health facility for up to a whole year!


Wow! The judge green-lit the docs' requests for a long-term hold, and now the She's the Man actress could be camping out at UCLA Medical Center for much longer than any of us originally anticipated.

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Amanda Bynes Negotiating Record Deal From Psych Ward!

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amanda bynes mustache gif

We gotta give it to her.

She may very well be one of the most determined troubled starlets out there.

Despite her stay in a mental hospital, Amanda Bynes has been making calls to discuss business plans concerning her record deal.

As you know, MandaPanda wants to be something like the next Lil' Kim and will clearly stop at nothing to ensure her success.

Chinga Chang Records' Daniel Herman has been speaking with the wiggy woman and he's even upped his advance offer on her deal from $200,000 to $250,000 to help with her legal and medical bills.

Danny Boy says:

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Amanda Bynes May Be In Psychiatric Hospital For The Rest Of The Year!

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amanda bynes long stay psychiatric hospital

We're so glad Amanda Bynes is getting the help she needs. And it sounds like it couldn't have come soon enough!

Amanda was recently moved to UCLA's psychiatric unit, where doctors are doing everything they can to regulate her schizophrenia symptoms.

But it isn't easy. An inside source says Amanda has a long way yet to go. The source says:

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