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Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Duck Out On Cops After Her Dog Allegedly Bites Little Girl In Restaurant?

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UPDATE 8/6 3:22 P.M. EST: A source tells PerezHilton.com that once Kendall knew the girl was okay, she got up while the bill was being paid. Our source insists no one 'vanished.' No Police or EMT came to the scene, as the source says the dog never bit the girl.

UPDATE 8/6 3:04 P.M. EST: According to TMZ, "a source close to Kendall" says the dog, while startled by the child, never made contact with the girl. The source goes on to assert that Kendall didn't leave until it was clear there was no physical injury.

Nothing worse than bad dog owners — and it's almost never the dog's fault, but always the oblivious/obtuse/un-aware owner who is the one causing problems.

To wit: Kendall Jenner is in some hot water right now after her Doberman Pinscher allegedly bit a little girl at an El Lay restaurant on Sunday morning.

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Kendall was at the Beverly Glen Deli with NBA star boyfriend Ben Simmons, and the dog, when the canine reportedly

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Mother Orca Whale Who Went Viral After Mourning Calf's Death By Carrying Baby Whale's Body For Over A Week Is Now Getting Help From Family

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So, so sad…

Last month, the baby of an orca whale, known as J-35, died half an hour after its birth, according to the New York Times.

According to the CBC, the mother had been sparking worry that she might tire herself out after carrying her dead baby's body for over a week. Now, members of her pod are taking turns balancing the baby killer whale's carcass on their noses near San Juan Island, Washington.

The mother is currently on her tenth day of mourning.

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Jenny Atkinson, director of the Whale Museum on San Juan Island, said:

"We do know her family is sharing the responsibility of caring for this calf, that she's not always the one carrying it."

Atkinson believes this could be the orcas' version of a human wake or funeral.

"Ceremonies can go on for days to honor and mourn the loss of a loved one… I think that what you're seeing is the depth of importance of this calf and the grief of the mother and the family."

Unfortunately, the calf isn't the only member of the 75-member family who is enduring a hardship.

According to ABC News, a 4-year-old female orca — known as J-50 — is so emaciated that federal biologists are now

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Rhino Poachers Were Eaten By A Pack Of Lions After Breaking Into South African Animal Reserve

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A group of rhino poachers were reportedly eaten by lions after allegedly breaking into a South African animal reserve, according to the facility.

On Thursday, Nick Fox — owner of the Sibuya Game Reserve — told BuzzFeed News that a staff member spotted human remains near a pride of six lions on Tuesday.

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After a police forensic unit and the reserve's anti-poaching unit conducted an investigation, Fox said they found "the axe, various pieces of clothing, [and] shoes" and that "everything was very spread out."

Although it is unclear how many poachers were eaten, the crew believes there were at least 3 victims given the amount of shoes and gloves found.

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Celebs Who Have Been Accused Of Animal Abuse, Neglect, & Mistreatment!

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It's hard enough for celebrities to look after themselves, let alone the furry friends they take in on a whim!

That might be why so many stars have been called out for alleged animal mistreatment over the years.

Take Kylie Jenner, for example. The reality star was investigated by animal control in 2015 after fans noticed her Italian greyhound Bambi was looking alarmingly thin in her Snapchat videos.

Thankfully, Kylie was cleared of any neglect or mistreatment. But for some of these other celebs, things got kind of ruff…

CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Accused Of Animal Mistreatment!"

CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Accused Of Animal Mistreatment!"

CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Accused Of Animal Mistreatment!"

CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Accused Of Animal Mistreatment!"

CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Accused Of Animal Mistreatment!"

[Image via kyliejenner.com.]

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