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Enter The Void And Never Return! Courtney Stodden Does Toddlers & Tiaras…As Anna Nicole Smith?

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What's scarier than the exploitation and sexualization of a 17 year old girl through her marriage to a 51 year old man being publicized for entertainment value?

A sexualized and exploited 17-year-old girl pretending to be a sexualized and exploited 7 year old on Toddlers & Tiaras, also pretending to be a and overtly sexual and exploited now-deceased former pin-up who died from a terrible pill addiction!

Yeah. Try to wrap your heads around THAT!

Or you can just watch the

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Anna Nicole Smith STILL Owes The IRS Almost $300K!

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Anna Nicole Smith owes tax money

Anna Nicole Smith tragically passed away in 2007, but that's not stopping the IRS from going after her for back taxes!

The troubled star who died from a drug overdose reportedly owes the Internal Revenue Service $289,123.48!

The government organization has filed several liens against her estate since the year 2000, but say:

"No part of said debt has been paid, and the same is now due and payable in the office of the District Director of Internal Revenue…Said debt has priority must be paid in full advance of distribution to creditors as and to the extent provided by laws."

Uncle Sam is basically taking candy from a baby because Anna's daughter Danielynn, who is being raised by Larry Birkhead, is the sole heir to the estate.

Hopefully they sort this mess out so and there is at least enough money left to pay for Danielynn's college education!

[Image via WENN.]

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Nancy Grace Adds Fuel To The Fire: Claims Whitney's Death…Was Murder!

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Nancy Grace isn't buying Whitney Houston's accidental death…at least not without speculation.

The talk show and DWTS alum drew comparisons to other tragic deaths such as Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson.

So…was Whitney murdered?! Nancy said the following to build her case:

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Courtney Stodden’s Mom Declares That Her Daughter Is The Next Anna Nicole Smith

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Why she thinks that is a compliment, we're not sure, but we're going to make a declaration of our own:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the next Dina Lohan!

Mothers are supposed to want all the best in life for their daughters. They should want them to grow up to be strong, independent world leaders or doctors or hell, even just good mothers like themselves. Women who will make the world a better place with generosity and drive. Instead of these things, Courtney Stodden's "momager" wants her kid to be a "star." No, not like Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon.

Like freakin' Anna Nicole Smith!

Krista Keller is stepping forward to the press (shocking!) to explain her standpoint on her daughter's rash life decision to marry at 16 and what she hopes for Courtney in the future. As for her daughter's premature marriage to Doug Hutchinson, Krista says:

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Anna Nicole Loses Court Case Today

| Filed under: Anna Nicole SmithLegal Matters

Anna Nicole Smith Loses Court Case Posthumously

Before Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007, she was locked in a complicated legal battle over money supposedly left (or not left) to her by her late husband's estate.

Her husband had died in the first year of marriage and his will made no mention of her. Upset by this, Anna took the estate to court saying that her late husband had promised her $300 million dollars to be left to her in the event that he should pass away.

Today, in a case that's strangely between to deceased people, the court has ruled

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Judge Grants Howard K. Stern Title To Occupied Home

| Filed under: Anna Nicole SmithLegal Matters

Stern Awarded Title To House

Legal messes surround Anna Nicole's estate are still on-going, but one is seemingly coming to a close.

The one that's drawing towards an end is Howard K. Stern's insistence that he should be given the title to the home that Dannielynn Smith and Larry Birkhead currently live in, as executor of Smith's estate!

And it has now been granted by the judge.

It's unknown as to what will happen to the home, if he'll immediately sell it or work out some kind of understanding with Anna's daughter and biological father, but there has been no objections to Howard's petition.

If anything, everybody should be looking out for Dannielnn and making sure she'll be okay before any decisions are made!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Legal Action Against Anna Nicole Opera

| Filed under: Anna Nicole SmithLegal Matters

Anna Nicoles Mom Says Not Cool

So if you weren't aware, there is an opera going on right now in London based on Anna Nicole Smith's life!

Apparently, how she's being portrayed is not sitting well with the rest of Anna Nicole's estate, and they're taking legal action against the show.

How are they portraying her? With a very large woman with huge ta-tas who kinda looks like her!

The producers of it didn't even get permission from them to go ahead with it!

Sounds like the do have some grounds, but we haven't seen the show so we can't vouch personally for the portrayal and whether or not it's as offensive as they claim.

Has anyone seen it?

What do U think about this??

[Image via WENN.]

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