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Amber Rose And Baby Kinda Swim With The Fishies!

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Amber Rose loves her baby Sebastian so much, and her nickname for him is priceless!

It's Bash!

The model mommy took her little sweetheart and her lil' bro to the aquarium the other day, and it looked like they had a flip-floppin' good time!

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Man Installs Beautiful Aquarium Fence Around His House!

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This is fish-tastic!!!

A man from Turkey has created one of the most intriguing aquariums we've ever seen!

The fish loving dude installed an aquarium fence around his entire house, and it is definitely something you have to see to believe!

Apparently there are over a thousand fish in this innovative aquarium, and the tank itself is 164 feet long!


Check out the aquatic incredibleness by watching the video (above) !!!

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Fish Tips: What To Do If You Go Out Of Town

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Chris from Aquatic Central is back with some more great fish tips.

This holiday season, some people may be asking:

What can we do if we're going out of town for the holidays?

Well, Chris has your answer:

Ideally you will never leave your fish tank for more than 2 days; just kidding. This really should be no problem. Every system should be more or less predictable in it's upkeep.

That is, you should know exactly what it needs and at what frequency. The best way to figure out how to fine tune your husbandry regimen is to take notes and monitor your system. This way, when the times comes that are not around to care for the tank, you may impart some of the knowledge you have acquired on to some lesser being who is not yet an aquarist.

The simplest and best approach to doing this is to make very clear and detailed instructions and to assume that the person doing the work knows absolutely nothing about aquariums.

So just make sure to have some easy to follow instructions to leave your fish-sitter and everyone will be happy.

Especially your fishies!

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Fish Tips: What Fish NOT To Get

| Filed under: FishTipsAquatic Central


If you want a pet fish, it's best to just walk into the fish section of a pet store, close your eyes, hold out your finger, spin in a circle and buy which ever fish you end up pointing at, right?


Aquatic Central has some tips on what kinds of fish you DO NOT want as a pet:

There are actually quite a few that fall under this category, and unfortunately it is many of the fish that we are exposed to most. A few would be seahorses, cuttlefish, sharks, octopus, jellyfish, scorpion/stonefish, non-photosynthetic corals, terrestrial plants, etc.

While all of these are managable for dedicated aquarists - in fact I have customers who keep all of the aformentioned - they are not for the beginner or even average aquarist. That is why I do not display or stock any of these in my store, and as a consumer, you should be weary of any store that does.

These animals will often require "species systems", meaning the system has been designed specifically to house that species, in addition with having other special requirements. Please do your homework before making any purchase of livestock; I typically will not even allow a sale based on impulse on the consumers part.

Sounds like great advice when thinking about getting a fishy friend.

People may assume that taking care of fish are nothing compared to a dog or cat but, depending on the type of fish, that just might not be true.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Fish Tips: How To Clean A Fish Tank

| Filed under: FishTipsAquatic Central

Dirty Tank

Fish are great because you don't have to walk them or clean up after them, right?

Wrong! While you may not need to walk them, you DO need to clean up after them, unless you want a wall of algae between you and several unhealthy fish.

Aquatic Central has some tips on how to clean a fish tank:

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Fish Tips: How To Buy A Fish Tank

| Filed under: FishTipsAquatic Central

fish tank

So you want to get a fish?

Well, first you'll need to get a tank. (Or else you won't have a fish for very long. LOLz!)

So Aquatic Central has tips on how to purchase a fish tank:

"I would highly recommend making a transaction of this type in a store as opposed to online. It is much more likely that you will receive all of, if not simply much more of, the pertinent information you will need. Also, often times my customers will look around for hours at my displays as they consider what they would more rather have in their home.

When they see a system or style they prefer I will show it to them more in depth, including the filration, components. I find people have much more success when they have a deeper understanding of how a system will look and be serviced, from the beginning."

So now that you have a tank, all you need are some fishies!

[Image via WENN.]

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Fish Tip From Aquatic Central

| Filed under: PetsFishTipsAquatic Central


When thinking about pet ownership, if the choice is to get a fish, the first qusetion on many people's minds is probably:

What fish should I get?

Aquatic Central answers:

"I usually recommend for my customers to consider space, time, and budget when deciding what kind of fish or system to purchase. Aside from having aquariums with just fish, planted and reef aquariums are becoming more and more popular due to their ease and lesser requirement of time.

When actually deciding which fish or aquatic animal to purchase, there are also a plethera of considerations; what size will it get, what is it compatible with, what type of water chemistry and environment does it require, what is the ease of care and does it have special needs (which many actually do)."

So keep all that in mind the next time you go fish shopping!

[Image via WENN.]

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