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He Never Disappoints!

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CLICK HERE to watch the new music video for Bulgaria's #1 transvestite pop star, Azis!

New Azis!

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'Twas a good weekend!

First, we got a new video from the talented Kristina Chen.

And, now, we're graced with a new clip from our favorite Bulgarian pop star, Azis.

The tranny hot mess does a duet with a singer named Malina - she's like the Paulina Rubio of Bulgaria - on the song Nai Krasivata.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

This Is Not A Joke

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Perez appeared live via satellite on Azis's TV show this week.

The Gossip Gangstar in Bulgaria!

International, bbs. Internacional.

CLICK HERE to check out a clip from our chat!

New Azis!

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How we've missed him!!!!!

Our favorite tranny Bulgarian pop star is back, y'all.

CLICK HERE to check out the newest video from Azis.

Separated At Birth

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Left: Jack Black. Right: Bulgarian pop star, transvestite and singer Azis.