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Tom Cruise DEMANDED Mickey The Baboon's Appearance In Rock Of Ages

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And what Tom Cruise wants….Tom Cruise gets!

The real star of Rock of Ages, Mickey the Baboon, was the brainchild of Cruise and his interpretation of Stacee Jaxx, an out-of-control 80's rocker.

In the opening scene, Stacee demands his manager (Paul Giamatti) get him a pet monkey and - enter the baboon.

But instead of using CGI, Tom and director Adam Shankman needed the real deal, and that has made a few conservationists and animal advocates upset.

Primal Patrol is even asking for a boycott of the flick, stating:

Please avoid contributing to the box office receipts for ‘Rock of Ages’ – don’t go see it! Monkeys used for entertainment are taken from their mothers when they are young, and when they become to old or too big to handle are often discarded at shoddy roadside zoos or pseudo ‘sanctuaries.’

They are highly social beings and life in the entertainment industry completely disregards the need that they have for adequate exercise, natural nourishing diets, and valuable interaction with other primates. Primates are afflicted by loneliness, boredom, and depression from the loss of freedom they experience in the entertainment industry.

We'll see if Tom and co. made the right choice for 10 minutes of video.

[Image via WENN and Twitter.]

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Baboons Are Learning How To Read!

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Next stop, Planet of The Apes Baboons!

Scientists are discovering that baboons can pick up on the first steps of reading, determining four letter combos as real words or made up mumbo jumbo.

The study was done in France but the words the primates used were in English. The study shows that the baboons got an average of 75 percent of the four letter words correct, giving clues to how humans process reading at a young age.

The key to the success is that the baboons pick up on patterns. They recognize what letters normally form words (i.e. SH) and what combinations don't (i.e. FX).

The best part of the experiment for the primates? FREE FOOD!

The baboons aren't forced into the test, but they are allowed to choose when they want to perform the task instead.

Some baboons perform the test 3,000 a day! On the low end, a measly 400! HA!

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