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Bai Ling News Archive

When Celebrities Blog

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Bai Ling is speaking out again about her little shoplifting arrest a few weeks ago and the lucky break she got yesterday.

The "actress" just posted the following message on her official blog:

"Good news

I just got the good news and I am relieved that the prosecutor has decided not to file misdemeanor charges against me and to treat this matter as an infraction. What happened was an innocent mistake on my part and I am confident that the truth will be told since I never had any intention of taking items without paying for them.

I appreciate the support of the public and especially my friends and my fans.

Thank you!"

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When Celebrities Blog

| Filed under: Bai LingWhen Celebrities Blog


Bai Ling is speaking out about her shoplifting arrest!

The "actress" just posted the following entry on her official blog:

"Thursday, February 14, 2008
No matter what happens, today is a Valentines day, I still want to wish all the loved ones are together sharing love and smile and a tender kiss under the beautiful sky

Here I am in Albuquerque with my heart feeling sad, and my emotions are running through me like a wild river, tears come from the lake of my heart hurt my eyes. Life happens to you either you liked it or not, sometimes I feel you have to be so brave to stand in front of the World, and just hope that people will have a tender heart toward you. Right now I just walked from the set to My trailer, cold, but the evening brightness on the sky is just so beautiful in Albuquerque, so beautiful, it takes my breath away like a bralliant lover, nature is my gift, no matter what happens it always there to confort me give me wisdom and love, how lucky I am to have it and recognise its beauty and power. So beautiful here in Albuquerque, the desert the wild endless land, the stars and the moon so up high there quietly singing a Valentines song. Many many friends called me today but I can not talk because I am shooting, I want to thank all my friends and the people that I don't even know out there cared for me and send me love. Its a gift and I am lucky to have you. Thankful with all my heart to all of you and send my Valentines love smile to you, with my sweet sad heart.

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Bai Ling's mug shot!

The "actress" was arrested Wednesday for shoplifting two magazines and some batteries, totaling $16.

Poor thing. She looks so sad in the eyes!

Maybe it was just all a big miscommunication???

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| Filed under: Bai LingBusted!


Bai Ling was arrested Wednesday for shoplifting.

What people will do these days to get attention!

The F-list actress was busted at Los Angeles International airport yesterday for allegedly stealing two celeb magazines and a pack of batteries from one of the terminal gift shops.

Bai walked into the store around 4:30 P.M. yesterday and walked right out without paying. Total value of her items? $16.

She was placed under citizen's arrest by a shop employee.

Maybe she just forgot to pay? She was probably too pilled out to realize!

Also, why didn't the shop employee just ask for the money instead of placing her under a citizen's arrest????

Publicity stunt!

A "cooperative but crying" Ling was taken by Airport Police to the station where she was booked for theft.

We need to see her mug shot ASAP!

[Image via JPI Studios.]

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No, that's not Bai Ling at a photo shoot.

The "actress" and transgender activist* was spotted by the paparazzi at a coffee shop in LA on Tuesday.

She decided to put on a little show for them!

Most people would be embarrassed, but not our Bai.

*We kid.

[Image via WENN.]

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Separated At Birth

| Filed under: Bai LingSeparated At BirthKatie Holmes


Left: Katie Holmes with her new 'do. Right: Bai Ling with her signature look.

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Fashion Roadkill

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Who let her on the catwalk?????

LA fashion weeks sucks. It sucks hard and doesn't even suck well.

Designers have to resort to gimmicks here, such as letting Bai Ling walk in their shows, as she did in the Yves Castaldi Spring/Summer '08 collection on Sunday.

She barely wears clothes. And when she does, she is a hot mess. That's why we love her. But Bai Ling shouldn't be on the runway, unless it's for Victoria's Secret!

[Image by Howard Wise via JPI Studios.]

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