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Rabid Bat Bites Little Girl After Dumb Adult Says It's OK To Touch

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Dumb…dumb…and more dumb.

JoJo Keefe, a 10 year old, was enjoying a picnic with friends and family in Spencer, MA when a bat fell out a tree.

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Bat Has Tongue Longer Than Its Body!

| Filed under: Science!Batty BatCrazzzzyWildlife

This shiz is cray-cray! The tube-lipped nectar bat is truly a magnificent creature!

What makes this particular type of bat (found in Ecuador) extra special?

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Snakes Bat Breaks Loose On A Plane!

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This plane went bat-shiz crazzzzzy!

A US Airways flight from Madison, WI to Hotlanta got an unexpected passenger on board.

A BAT! Not a baseball bat…but a winged bat!

The bat flew and flew through the cabin until

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Lil' Drac The Orphaned Bat Is All Grown Up!

| Filed under: Cuteness!Batty BatAmazing

A while back, we posted about Lil' Drac, the orphaned bat who was nursed by Bat World Sanctuary.

Well now Lil' Drac is all grown up!!

Watch as he matures through all the different stages of growing up as he tries solid food for the first time, learns to fly and then finally joins all the other bats in their free flying cage.

So amazing.

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Lil Drac The Bat Taken In By Sanctuary

| Filed under: Baby BlabberRescueBatty Bat

Lil Drac, the cutest baby bat, was abandoned by his mama.

So he was taken in by the Bat World Sanctuary.

They hand raised him, cleaning him and feeding him, and falling head over heels for the cute little guy.

Check him out in the above video.

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Wendy Williams And Halloween Animals

| Filed under: Wendy WilliamsScary!InsectsBatty BatFrog

Wendy Williams put on her brave face and handled some "scary" Halloween animals.

She had the creepy, crawly creatures on her show to show that even though many animals are labeled scary, they aren't naturally evil.

You'll be shocked to see what creatures she actually picks up and holds.

Check out the above video for some creppy creatures on The Wendy Williams Show.

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Just Like True Blood! Man Dies Of A Vampire Bite In Louisiana

| Filed under: R.I.P.Scary!Batty Bat


Guyz! It's happening!!

U.S. health authorities have announced the first death by a vampire in the US.

Was it Vampire Bill or Viking Vampire Eric?? Don't kid yourself, Bill and Eric are to smart to do something so public. Our guess is it was one of the Twilight.

BUT, our sources claim the bite was from a rabid "vampire bat." The rumor is the 19-year-old man was bitten by a vampire bat in Michoacan, Mexico, then traveled to Sookie Stackhouse's home state to work on a farm and He died shortly after arriving.

This sounds like a cover-up to us! Vampire bats don't live in the United States. Was he really bitten in Mexico? Come on!

We still think it was Edward Cullen.

[Image via WENN.]

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