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Bobcat News Archive

Norway's New Baby Lynx Cubs Are The Cat's Meow!

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If you live in Norway - you need to get to the Kristiansand Zoo as soon as possible!

Because in late May two Eurasian Lynx cubs were born there, and at least one of them is just the cutest little thing that we've ever seen!

The cub in these pictures is a male while its other sibling was too shy to come out for its check-up, and was hiding in the bushes. Which is doubly cute!

But this brave little soul was totally willing to have itself checked out, and came in at about three and a half pounds!

Seems healthy to us!!!

Some species of the Eurasian Lynx are totally endangered, and we're very happy to hear that more and more cubs are popping out of their mommies.

Take care of yourselves, you two!!

Check out more pictures down (below) !!!

[Image via Kristiansand Zoo.]

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Scottish Wildcat Only Months Away From EXTINCTION!

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Sad….a proud species is slowly fading away…

The Scottish wildcat, one of the last remnants of native cats in Britain, is a scary few months away from extinction. Scientists expect there are fewer than 35 purebreds out in the wild.

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Baby Bobcat Tumbles Into House!

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Awww…poor kitty!

It's raining bobcats for one particular family in Arizona!

The tiny tyke was playing where she shouldn't have been and all of sudden, hse was washed down the water spout.

Wait…that was the itsy bitsy spider…our mistake! She lives in people's ears now

Snow birds dwelled in the home and the babe just couldn't resist.

Luckily, she was taken to the Forever Wild Rehabilitation Clinic in Tucson, where the staff and her foster mother Bebe will keep her feral enough to be released back into the wild.

She is NOT happy about being caught though!

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Lynx Trio Are Oh So Cutez At Whipsnade Zoo!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberAnglophiliaCuteness!ZooAwwwwwBobcat

Check out these foxy ladies…er…lynx-y ladies!

A trio of European lynx babes, all female, are roaming the grounds of the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England.

And they looks absolutely FANTABULOUS!

Born blind and helpless in June, the kittens are now able to venture out on their own.

Check out one of the cutiez (above) to see one of Europe's largest and rarest predators in action!

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House Cats And Wild Bobcat Share A Moment Together

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Awwwww…this moment has to be turned into a birthday card, a romance flick, or something…STAT!

In Arizona, two housecats, Pima and Mogie, met a new furry friend outside their home…

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