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Bret Michaels Involved In ANOTHER Lawsuit…This Time With A Cruise Ship Company

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bret michaels sues cruise ship company

The legal drama continues!

Back in March, Bret Michaels was pursuing legal action against CBS and the Tony Awards for a head injury he sustained from a fall during the 2009 Tonys.

Now, he's got a new lawsuit in the works against a cruise ship company.

Last month,

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How Bret Michaels Keeps That Six-Pack

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Just by looking at this picture, you would never know that a year ago, Bret Michaels suffered from a brain hemorrhage and underwent heart surgery 7 months ago.

Clearly, this guy's a fighter and he's working hard to stay fit and healthy, EVEN when he's on the road.

It's no easy work though. Bret explains his fitness regimen to get that smokin' bod while touring:

"It’s not been a joyride for me. Strength training is key so I can keep up my energy on stage, so I literally bring my gym with me. I have my own gym that we carry behind the tour bus."

And when's off the tour bus, Bret says:

"I go mountain biking [and] running. Whenever I can get off the bus, I take full advantage. I do sit-ups. A lot of sit-ups.

As a lifelong diabetic, every day is a battle. You have to accept that you have diabetes because it is the card you’ve been dealt. I work to enjoy my life like a regular human being while keeping my blood sugar levels as decent as possible. It’s a fine line, a catch-22, a balancing act."

You're obviously doing it though, Bret. Just make sure that even though you're physically fit, you take time out of yourself and try to be as stress-free as possible. You seem to be doing everything right, though.

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Bret Michaels Has A Six-Pack…The Good Kind

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Holy shiz!!

Can you believe that this guy had a brain hemorrhage a year ago?? After a crazy year of being in and out of hospitals, Bret Michaels has definitely bounced back, looking better than ever.

Getting ready back stage between songs, Bret posed in front of a mirror showing off his shiny abs. We can see that he's definitely been working hard to stay fit during his summer tour.

You're an inspiration, Bret! Looks like you're healthier than ever.

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Bret Michaels' Super Cruise Canceled!

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Bret Michaels Cruise Canceled

Sorry fans!

No Rock of Love: Boat Edition for you!

Bret Michaels' "Super Cruise" has officially been canceled.

Bret promised to hang out with his fans for the 4 day voyage, but they were let down when the cancellation letters came in the mail citing "lack of participation."

Bret blames it all on the promoter and feels very sorry for his fans, stating:

I want to reassure everyone that I have went out of my way to try and make this the best fan cruise on the high seas. Know that I am working hard to right this wrong. All money will be refunded to you.

Dude, Bret, just talk to VH1 and get them to pay for it! Duh!

[Image via DJDM/WENN.]

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Quote Of The Day

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"I wish they would bring back the really short minskirts and baby-doll socks with high heels."

- Bret Michaels to People on what trend he wants to come back

[Image via WENN.]

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Bret Michaels NOT Happy With Jerry Seinfeld Too!

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Bret Is Against Jerry Too

Bret Michaels is also speaking out against Jerry Seinfeld for pulling out of a charity event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because he didn't want to be associated with Trump's ever focused mission to get Barack Obama to show his birth certificate.

While we agree with Bret that nothing should get in the way of helping kids who need it, absolutely, we feel that if Jerry deemed it necessary to back down that he did it in a very proper way — by making contributions to both the charity and the hospital!

If it HAS to be done, making sure to help the kids in some way will always be the best course of action. There is no need for all this animosity!

Here's what Bret said:

“Donald Trump and his family have been wonderful to me and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital is one of my favorite charities, so I’m honored to have been asked by Eric and the rest of the Trump family to be a part of this event and help raise money for such an admirable cause. We should never allow the spirit generosity to be overshadowed by divisive political beliefs — and when it comes to saving the life of a child, there is absolutely no room for political rhetoric and red tape. Regardless of political views, the only thing that should matter is the lives of these children and their families, so I’m eager to offer my assistance to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in any way that I can.”

That was actually really well said, Bret, but we can't still but help to feel that because of his contributions in his stead that everyone shouldn't be all that mad at him. He could have been a waaaay bigger jerk about it!

Maybe that's just us!

How do U feel about this situation??

[Image via WENN.]

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Trump Is NOT Happy With Jerry Seinfeld

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Trump Complaining About Jerry

This is pretty harsh, Donald, just because Jerry doesn't want to align himself with this obsession you have with Obama's birth certificate!

So Jerry Seinfeld was scheduled to perform at a benefit headed up by Donald's son Eric Trump. It was for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, but he canceled.

The thing is, we'd be upset too if he let down a bunch of sick kids, but Seinfeld respectfully pulled out of the gig and is donating to the cause in place of performing. That sounds like the classy way to do it, especially if you're not keen with Trump's political missions.

But this pissed Donald off, and here's what he said:

"I just learned you canceled a show for my son's charity because of the fact that I am being very aggressive with respect to President Obama, who is doing an absolutely terrible job as our leader.

"We don't care that you broke your commitment even though the children of St. Jude are very disappointed, and despite the fact that your manager clearly stated you are 'truly a man of his word.' What I do feel badly about is that I agreed to do, and did, your failed show, 'The Marriage Ref,' even though I thought it was absolutely terrible . . . Despite its poor ratings, I didn't cancel on you like you canceled on my son and St. Jude. I only wish I did.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Come on, Donald, that's not very mature. Especially if you actually think you're going to have a bid in this next Presidential election.

Bret Michaels will be taking Jerry's place, and we're sure it'll all end up being just fine!

Do U think Donald crossed a line??

[Image via WENN.]

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