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Brooke Shields News Archive


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Spotted: After a stage mishap during rehearsal for her upcoming Los Angeles show, Brooke Shields was seen around town wearing a cast on her right hand.

Her rep confirmed, "Brooke broke her hand during rehearsal for the musical Leap of Faith. The cast will be off before previews on Sept. 11. It was a minor break and did not affect the production schedule."

Ouchie! Get better, bb!

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Brooke Shields Is Going Back To Broadway!!

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After the offensively shiteous Furry Vengeance, we could see why she would want a change of pace!

Sources close to Brooke Shields are reporting that the actress is planning to start rehearsals for an as-of-yet unspecified Broadway show after the summer!

Girlfriend is no stranger to the stage - she's been in various revivals, including Chicago, Grease, and Cabaret - so we're sure she'll bring it!

What do U think?? Are U excited to hear Brooke is returning to Broadway??

[Image via WENN.]

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PETA Is Pissed At Brooke Shields!

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They want her to take back her mink and FAST!

PETA got word today that Brooke Shields lived out her "little girl's dream" and went to Denmark last March to design a mink coat. If Brooke's little trip didn't set them off, the comments she made to the press sure as hell did, as Brooke proudly boasted her love of fur and exclaimed she would "advocate" for younger generations to wear fur too.

It took a little bit longer than we would have expected for PETA to respond, but when they did, it was pretty biting! On their website, the animal-rights organization posted this message:

"When I was a little girl, I dreamed about growing up to be a rock star. Or maybe a veterinarian. Or a roller derby queen. I didn't dream about anally electrocuting animals on fur farms, but apparently Brooke Shields did…We understand that when some actors' careers begin to fade, they'll do just about anything to stay in the limelight, including appearing in eyelash-growing commercials and starring in short-lived TV shows. But Brooke, did you really want the world to remember you as a 'fur pimp' who stares agog at rows of animal skins?"


Response, Miz Fur Pimp?

[Image via WENN.]

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Brooke's Neighbors Are Getting Annoyed

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Bad news for Brooke Shields as her neighbors aren't too happy with all the noise she's been causing.

Shields has been having some renovations done on the $5.6 million townhouse she bought back in 2008.

But while the construction is going on, it's the neighbors who are suffering. According to a nearby tenant:

"They start construction at 6 a.m. every morning, and people are outraged. This has been going on for months, and people in surrounding buildings are threatening their property managers that they'll move out if it doesn't stop."

Brooke reportedly moved into the neighborhood after her former Lipstick Jungle co-star Lindsay Price suggested it to her.

Say another neighbor:

"A lot of people around here were happy that those two were in the neighborhood. It's a pretty close-knit environment around here, and it's always nice to see a famous face.

Now people definitely have strong feelings about Brooke disrupting the normally peaceful atmosphere."

As for Brooke, she's doing it all by the books, has a legal permit, and adds that the construction is "up to code every step of the way."

With her rep adding that "They truly apologize about the noise or any inconvenience and hope more than anybody to have it finished as soon as possible."

How about starting the construction later in the morning?

[Image via WENN.]

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Brooke Breaks Her Shields Around Her Marriage To Andre Agassi In A New Book

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There are two sides to every story and Brooke Shields is ready to share hers on what went down in her marriage to retired tennis champ Andre Agassi.

Brooke is ready to let it all go in a memoir to shed some light on their two-year marriage since Andre has already revealed some of their intimate details in his tell-all book.

One of the moments she wishes to address in her memoir is her ex-husband's account of an incident on the set of Friends, when Brooke was a guest-star. Andre revealed in his book that after watching Brooke lick Matt Le Blanc's hand in a scene, he threw a huge tantrum, drove home and smashed all his tennis awards. However, Brooke saw this bizarre meltdown a little differently, saying:

"Does he mention I spent the next three years replicating those trophies? He doesn’t say that, does he? Of course not. That’ll be in my book!"

We don't believe he did mention that, but we'll surely love to read all about it in your book, bb!

What other juicy deets do you have in store for us?

[Image via WENN.]

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Meth Made Andre Agassi A Big Fat Liar!

| Filed under: DrugsZportzBrooke Shields


The details of tennis pro Andre Agassi's meth use are continuing to trickle out!

In Agassi's upcoming autobiography, Open, the former Wimbledon champ reveals for the first time the tale of his crystal meth abuse, to which Agassi says he's "excited about telling the world the whole story."


We love it.

Agassi recounts his first time trying the drug back in '97 with his former assistant (while the tennis player was still married to Brooke Shields):

"Slim dumps a small pile of powder on the coffee table. He cuts it, snorts it. He cuts it again. I snort some. I ease back on the couch and consider the Rubicon I've just crossed.

There is a moment of regret, followed by vast sadness. Then comes a tidal wave of euphoria that sweeps away every negative thought in my head. I've never felt so alive, so hopeful - and I've never felt such energy.

I'm seized by a desperate desire to clean. I go tearing around my house, cleaning it from top to bottom. I dust the furniture. I scour the tub. I make the beds."

So cracked out!

Later that year, Agassi almost destroyed his tennis career when the former champ failed a routine drug test administered by the ATP!

"My name, my career, everything is now on the line. Whatever I've achieved, whatever I've worked for, might soon mean nothing," Agassi recounts.

Andre came up with a plan - place the blame on someone else!

He composed a short letter to the ATP, throwing his former assistant, Slim, under the bus!

Writes Agassi:

"I say Slim, whom I've since fired, is a known drug user, and that he often spikes his sodas with meth - which is true. Then I come to the central lie of the letter. I say that recently I drank accidentally from one of Slim's spiked sodas, unwittingly ingesting his drugs. I ask for understanding and leniency and hastily sign it: Sincerely.

Agassi goes onto say writing the lie-telling letter, ultimately getting him out of a 3-month-ban, caused the former tennis champ to feel "ashamed" and this was "the end of [his drug use]"."

Lesson learned?

Don't do drugs, kids!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Andre Agassi Was A Meth User During Part Of Tennis Career, He Admits!

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Tennis great Andre Agassi admits in his upcoming autobiography, Open, that he used crystal meth during his career in 1997.

A Sports Illustrated employee broke the news early before the book's release on November 9th via his Twitter, but it has since been deleted:

"Book excerpt from Andre Agassi in the forthcoming SI: He admits to taking crystal meth during his career."

Agassi's rep confirmed the revelation.

We wonder if Brooke Shields knew about this? They were still married in 1997.

Shady, shady!

[Image via AP Images.]

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