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Candy Spelling Says New Book Will NOT Trash Tori

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Candy Spelling Mama Drama

That's a relief!

It would be such a shame if rumors were true that Candy Spelling's new book she is busy shopping around trashed her own daughter, Tori Spelling.

Luckily, Candy is insisting these allegations are "simply not true."

Instead of dishing on her rocky relationship with Tori, Candy said:

"It's about me starting to work for the first time after I turned 60 and my husband passed away."

The core of the book seems to be about her yearning for accomplishment, as she said:

"Everyone in my family has done something. My husband Aaron was the most prolific TV producer of all time, and my daughter is the queen of reality shows. So I thought I would really like to dabble in producing musicals and then I got so hooked."

Dabble she did! Candy is producing the Broadway revival of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliffe!

While discussing the rampant rumors about her troubled relationship with Tori, she explained:

"It's very hurtful when people say mean things about my daughter and me. There was a time when things were rocky between us, and we worked that out, and I'm going to be on her reality show."

Good! We're happy to hear you two have patched things up and hope you continue to grow closer!

Are U innerested in reading Candy Spelling's new book?

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Candy Spelling Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

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He must be sick! Why would she have a stalker?!

Candy Spelling has been granted her restraining order against 38-year-old Diyahml Farrakhan Muhammad, her "mentally ill stalker."

He was arrested on August 31st outside her home and placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. Candy claims he has been outside the mansion at least nine times.

Muhammad must stay 100 yards away from Candy until 2013.


[Image via WENN.]

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Candy Spelling's Mega Mansion On The Market!!

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Empty out your pockets and break open your piggy banks!!

Candy Spelling has finally put her huge mega mansion in Holmby Hills, CA on the market!

The 56,500 square feet house sits on a 4.69 acre lot and has 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, and boasts a billiards room, arcade, tennis courts, bowling alley, pool, servants quarters, and the extremely necessary flower cutting room.

And what's the asking price for this gigantic monstrosity??

$150 Million, which makes it the most expensive house on the market in the U.S.!!

Meanwhile Candy's daughter Tori Spelling continues to whore herself out on a reality show for chump change.

And who says we're in a recession??

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Candy Spelling Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

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Sometimes opportunity comes knocking at your door. Other times, an insane man who believes he communicates to actors through the television not only knocks on your door, but attempts to live in your house!

That’s what’s happening at the Spelling household, reports Candy Spelling. Apparently, a “mentally ill stalker” believes that he not only personally knows the Spelling’s, but that he lives in their mansion. He has trespassed onto the property at least nine times.

Diyahmi Farrakhan Muhammad is the name of the stalker, and according to legal papers believes that TV icon Aaron Spelling contacted him “through the television” and told him that he could live in his home.

Yikes. Thank goodness Spelling has finally gotten a restraining order against this nutcase!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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Candy & Tori Spend Mother's Day Together

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Yesterday was a big day for Tori Spelling.

After years and years, she finally had to reconcile with her mother to keep her reality show afloat played nice with her mother for the sake of the family.

Yesterday, Tori was seen bringing her little ones to the Four Seasons Hotel so that they could all spend the afternoon with Candy Spelling for Mother's Day.

Expect to see this episode the next time there are sweeps. It'll be the one following Tori and Dean renewing their vows.

Hope you'll had a nice day!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Tori Spelling Nurses Husband AND Her Mother Back To Health!

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We're glad to see this family worked it out!

Tori Spelling had double nurse duty recently to both her husband Dean McDermott and her mother Candy Spelling. Candy explains:

"I recently had surgery on my neck. [McDermott] got in an accident when he was doing the motorcyles last week at the races…he smashed his left shoulder."

She says that her recently reconciled relationship with Tori is "absolutely great" and that they are "terrific!" Candy is also making up for lost time with her grandchildren Stella and Liam.

We're happy for Tori. It's important to have your mom around when you're raising kids of your own.

And we hope Candy and Dean heal up soon!

[Image via Nikki Nelson / WENN.]

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